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  1. In Topic: F.O.G. Sponsor Tippmann World Challange

    07 September 2010 - 03:35 PM

    At Tippmann world challenge this year, the world team is being driven by the F.O.G. We are Bringing friends like Paul Counsell from Underground Productz, Mike Paxson from Ironmen, Rocky Cagnoni from Dye.....not to mention the support of Angel, Full Clip, Dye, Underground Productz, Stiffi, Guerilla Air, GenX Global, Valken, CCM....the list keeps growing. 17 days away.....join the WORLD TEAM
  2. In Topic: TWC World Team Promo Video

    02 September 2010 - 04:48 PM

    CCM has joined the WORLD TEAM.............

    CCM is aguably the best manufacturer of pump guns hands down. Each pump marker is custom made for each order, and are not massed produced. As the order comes in, the gun is built and tested by the same tech....which in turn produces incredible qualitiy controll.

    We are very pleased to have CCM join the ranks of other manufactures to help bring victory to the World Team. Look for the CCM pump players mowing faces on the field and the great prizes in the givaway......

  3. In Topic: F.O.G. Sponsor Tippmann World Challange

    10 August 2010 - 11:43 AM

    AUG 10 2010

    The F.O.G. beleive that what happens off the field is as important as what happens on the field. The friendships and comraderie play are a huge reason many of us travel and spend so much time at these events. We will be having a social saturday evening after the first day of battle.....we invite players from both teams who will be camping to join us for good times. We have a little entertainment planned......so bring over your camp chair, a story or two and and maybe even a beverage and we'll have a meet and great while we watch some classic war movies on the big screen.

    See you in 45 days.......

  4. In Topic: F.O.G. Sponsor Tippmann World Challange

    04 August 2010 - 08:02 AM

    AUG 4 2010

    The Fraternity of Gunmen are very excited about Tippmann World Challenge this year. We have been planning and working hard with Dave Massey to help bring you a great event this year. Many have been asking who this years generals will be........this is indeed the largest yearly grudge match in paintball history so it only seems appropriate that we choose 2 of the best for this job.

    As each team has two Generals we were given the task to choose two worthy individuals.........

    George Moschgat will serve as our first general. George has years of field time and has sat in the command chair for many games and has yet to be defeated. In 2008 George was the general of the World team and served up a defeat to the Tippmann team. As a member of the GrassyKnoll Gunmen George is hardcore and will not quite until his job is done.

    Our second general is none other then Mike Paxson......Member of Team Ironmen. Mike has been playing professional paintball for 12 years with teams like Ironmen, Aftershock, LTZ, and the Bushwackers and has a World Cup championship under his belt. Over the past few years we have had the opportunity to spend time with Mike on and off the field at different events and we believe Mike is a World Team member that can help ensure a victory against Team Tippmann. Mike has generalled his fair share of games including Living Legends II where he served up Sean Scott's first defeat. Mike seems quite at home belly crawling through the mud.....so watch out.

    We look forward to hitting the field with our fellow team mates.......
  5. In Topic: MOATI's New Toy

    03 June 2010 - 07:41 PM

    Great pick up Mo.......CCM makes a kiiler pump and Mel and Rod are great people


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