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  1. Michigan results and chat

    25 August 2008 - 07:51 AM

    The Elite div. was won by Smart Corps and the Great Lakes Rangers took second

    The masters div. was won by Failure to Flatline who played FTF2 (failure to flatline 2) for the final. Heretics took a hard faught 3rd place ( first place caliber team )!!!

    The ref crew out there did AMAZING!!!! We all can't thank you guys enough for doing such great job!!!!!

    The 9 team field was split into 2 brackets. Bracket 1 had Smart Corps, GLR (Great Lakes Rangers), Failure to Flatline, Heretics, and Malignant Force.

    Bracket 2 - Delta Ops, FTF2, Gideon Force, and Achilles (sp?)

    My hat is off to all teams! Very few penalties, all had a great sportsmanship, everybody played their butts off!

    On a personal note about teams:
    Smart Corps- You guys seem to get better every year! How that is possible, I have no idea! All of us using Smart Parts guns always thank you guys for showing up and fixing our guns when needed and being a good group of examples for future great players and teams!

    GLR - You guys are always a fun group! You're a well put together team and it shows! I hope you guys can keep it coming in years to come. There is a great possibility for greatness there and hope you guys find it!

    Heretics - GREAT TEAM, GREAT GUYS! In my opinion your third place finish does not give your teams skill level enough justice! We always have a blast playing you guys! I cant say enough about these guys! They always are a great group of guys and gals! You guys are my sleeper pick for a great finish in finals!

    Malignant force - You guys seem to always have so much fun out there! You play hard and are improving every year! Looking forward to bumping into you guys in the future!

    Gideon force - You cant help but to like these guys! A very young team getting a ton of experience this year! This is there second year in the sppl (i could be wrong). Always 100% from these guys and NEVER quit! Keep it up!

    Delta ops - 3rd year sppl team! Always a threat! Always a good group to hang out with in between games! We hope to see you again in the future! Keep up the good work guys!

    Achilles - A new team to the sppl who seem to have a bright future. They showed up short handed on day too and even came up w/ a win!!!!! Keep plugging away guys! Once you get acclimated with the format, I can definitely see you guys future winners of your div!

    FTF2 - You misfit guys ( and grandpa ) that showed up the play w/ these guys did amazing! If you guys had a chance to even practice as a whole team...... look out sppl!

    Failure to Flatline - I am a member of this team and want to thank everybody for voting for us for the sportsmanship award! My team analysis..... NOOBS =) OH - IO

    Thanks the Shloob and his staff for another great event!
    Thanks to all the SPPL sponsors for all you do!

    FOZ - Failure to flatline



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