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  1. In Topic: How did this weekend go????

    16 October 2008 - 02:29 PM

    View PostLomarandil, on Oct 16 2008, 03:58 PM, said:

    While I maintain a high level of respect for GTF and BigJeezy, I feel obliged to state that this narrative of events does not match up with what I saw and heard at the time of the incident.

    I'm sorry to hear this incident has driven you from the league.


    Then share what you did see and hear, because I have to take my player and friend of 3 years at his word until someone proves to me that he is lying. Also, this incident has absolutely no bearing on us leaving the league. I am not going to state our reasons for leaving unless directly asked by someone and at that point will do it privately not on an open public forum for everyone to see.
  2. In Topic: How did this weekend go????

    16 October 2008 - 12:28 PM

    I do not usually post on the forums because I usually do not have much to say that I have not already said in person, but I feel that I must in this situation.

    What happened this past weekend with our player Skip was unfortunate, but even more unfortunate is that people who saw the end of a horrible situation will get on a forum and blast the person or people involved without knowing what trully went down. I will give you my side of the story as well as Skip's, whom I spoke with both at the time and again today after I saw all of the posts regarding his behavior at the finals.

    How did it all begin and how did it get so escalated that is easy to explain. Skip was inside the swing base on the APE field, I was out front behind a bunker snapping with a player on the opposite side of the wall from Skip. I was pretty sure that I hit the player, a ref came in to check him then another. The conversation Skip heard through the wall went something along the lines of, player is that an old hit...yes it is...ref called back to dead box to ask...ref in dead box said it was...player is clean. Now Skip knew that atleast in our deadbox we couldn't mark hits because the board was too wet to write on and had been for the last few games, so he felt that something was up. Skip came out of the backside of the swing and wrapped it to try and shoot out the player which he did and at the same time he got shot as well...1 for 1 right...nope Curtis stepped in and called the player clean and said the Skip blind fired. Skip said under his breath, 'That was a ***** call', Curtis asked him what he said and THIS IS WHERE SKIP MESSED UP, he repeated his statement to Curtis. Curtis told him to give him his players card, so Skip started to pull it out and in the process pulled his own mask off Curtis told him in a stern voice to put his mask back on so Skip yanked his players card off his mask and threw it on the ground and told Curtis in not such a nice way to pick it up himself. Curtis told Skip to leave the field which Skip started to do and THIS IS WHERE CURTIS MESSED UP, Curtis grabed Skip by the shoulder to escort Skip off the field. Skip told Curtis to keep his ***** hands off of him that he was not a kid and knew where the exit was to the field. Curtis followed Skip off the field and again grabbed Skip by the shoulder at this point Skip blew his top, which consequently is what everyone saw including myself. Curtis informed me and the deadbox ref of the penalty then turned to Skip again who was putting his gear in the back of his 4-wheeler trailer and told him to leave the feild again. Skip told him in a flurry of cuss words that he was leaving and that if Curtis ever put his hands on him again He would beat his Fat ***, all the whie bowing up his chest and pumping his fists...then Skip walked off the field.

    Now how did he continue to play, which I have no problem letting you know he did through the rest of the tournament. I went up to get Skip's players card back since he felt he paid for it it was his to keep whether he was playing or not, or to get back his money for the card either one did not matter to me or Skip. This is when I was informed that Skip had to leave the event by Dan from APE. I told Dan if he goes we all go. Skip walked up we all talked about what happened. Dan said that Curtis' version was different, Skip said then let's go talk to Curtis right now. Dan said not a good idea because Curtis' was hot and needed to calm down. Curtis was not only hot at Skip, but hot at other teams for questioning his decisions. This is when I said so you have a PERTURBED off ref who just kicked my player out of an event after twice putting his hands on him when being asked not to. Dan agreed that maybe Skip had been the straw that broke the camel's back and Skip agreed that he should not have acted the way he did and apologized to Dan for his reactions. The problem was resolved enough to say that both the ref and the player overreacted, both did something they shouldn't have, but neither of them should be told to leave the game or the event.

    Now here is what I have to say about all of it. Skip shouldn't have lost his temper, but if a referee put his hands on me I cannot honestly say that I would have responded in any other manner. Skip has been actively involved in 2 sportsmanship awards, gave his part of our prize package away to the 4th place rookie team in TN without hesitation, Oh and by the way while he was supposed to getting ready for the game in which he got ejected from he was fixing one of the compressors that was supplying air for the event. Did he do something that should have gotten him ejected from the game sure, but in my opinion he was somewhat provoked into his actions.

    As for the comments regarding Skip being ejected from the league, you do not have to worry about that, and I speak for the Masters team alone, we will not play in the SPPL going forward. I am not going to list the many reasons for this as I think that they are painfully obvious and have been mentioned not only on this forum, but on others as well. We have had a great time playing with most of the teams in the SPPL, as well as hanging out with them. Look forward to running into you guys at other venues. Congratulations to all those who played, placed and won. Thanks Billy for an outstanding venue to have the finals and to all of the staff that made most of it go over well.
  3. In Topic: Tennessee Qualifier @ Bear Claw

    07 September 2008 - 03:04 PM

    View PostSplatter, on Sep 5 2008, 07:28 PM, said:

    Did I miss a post? Are any of the Rookie teams that played in the Georgia qualifier going to Tennessee? What about GTF-B?

    Rookies will not be making the trip as a whole, but their will be a couple filling in for some missing masters players. Can't wait until this weekend looking forward to the 9 1/2 hr drive....better than 21 hr to Michigan and 23 hr to OK last year.



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