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  1. 98 custom rear sight

    14 May 2009 - 04:49 PM

    hey guys,

    I need help bad. I saw little groves on the back sight of the 98 custom and wanted to see if it could be moved. unfortantly I accidently pulled it off and now I don't know how to put it back on. It still has those little points on each bottom end that look like little ears. thanks for the help and sorry I havn't been able to get it on myself.

  2. Need help picking a high end gun

    09 May 2009 - 07:38 AM

    Hey guys,

    I have been looking at buying a high end gun for sometime now and so far i've been confused the whole time. I'm new to the high high end markers, but really want to get one. I was looking at one model 09 ego and this is what it said:

    Off-Set Lower Bores – Reduces off-axis forces
    • Low Pressure operation – 160psi @ 290fps
    • Air Efficient – 1700+ shots from 68/45
    • Ultra High Performance Solenoid Valve
    • Direct Porting System for Solenoid Inlet and Exhaust Pathways
    • 2.5 x Larger Air Flow from LPR to Solenoid
    • Zick Rammer Assembly
    • 30% Increase in Valve Chamber Volume
    • Cure2 Bolt
    • Integrated LPR Assembly

    • BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
    • Black-On-White Transflective LCD Module
    • Def-Tek Offset Feed
    • C-Lever Clamping Feedneck
    • Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches
    • Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return
    • Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
    • Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
    • All Major Tournament Presets
    • 9 Preset Debounce Modes
    • 5-Point Adjustable Trigger
    • T-Rail Mounting System
    • OOPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System
    • S3 Self-Purging In-Line Regulator
    • 14” Shaft3 2-Piece 0.693” Barrel

    Unfortunately I have no idea what 3/4s of that means. If someone could explain some of that or at least help me get a good high end gun that I will enjoy please comment. I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. ADG Tac-One (Gonna add Longbow Kit)

    02 May 2009 - 11:22 AM

    Hi guys and gals,

    Just wondering if the AGD Tac-one with the longbow kit is worth it? I am going to be using it strictly for woodsball, but I don't want to invest all that money into it if there is a better longbow gun that is cheaper. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I hope I didn't confuse anyone to much.


    W4r Hawk
  4. Brand New Guy Here

    02 May 2009 - 09:40 AM

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Bobby here. Just wanted to say hello and ask how everyone is doing? I recently started paintball, (although I made this profile two years ago) and was just wondering if I could ask some questions?

    I have a Tippmann 98 Custom, and I really want to get either the smart parts Ion with a longbow kit or that new deal they have with the T9 and get a longbow kit for that. I want to get the Ion Longbow kit because it's cheaper, but the T9 does look good.

    I really don't know what gear to get to play a sniper hybrid. I have a ghillie suit, but I also want to be able to just wear a vest and play with that on. I was thinking about just getting one of those belts that wrap around and hold a couple pods and your tank or I was thinking of getting the harness that has that except the shoulder straps that you can add stuff to. Any help with that would be great.

    Finally, I live in South Eastern Pennsylvania about 40mins from Philly (Quakertown). If anyone lives around there and wants to play paintball, just give me a yell and I'll come play.

    Thanks again and safe travels,

    Bobby, AKA: W4R HAWK


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