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  1. Sighting in your optic

    29 January 2012 - 01:45 PM

    Make sure any sight you buy with magnification has at least 3" of eye relief, and that you have the necessary raised sight rail or whatever you need to ensure you can comfortably and quickly bring your marker to bare and utilize your sight.

    Sighting in your optic for First Strikes or regular paint?

    For regular paint:
    First, set your velocity at the maimum your field allows with your chosen brand of paintball and barrel combo. I would suggest starting around 30 feet, or your minimum engagement range. You should be using a red dot or even better an Occluded Eye Gunsight. If you are using anything with magnification, 2X is the most you will need. Set a mask on a post, tree, etc. Once you can put 10 balls on the mask, move back 10 feet and repeat. Remember that adjustable rails like the Killjoy are best used for First Strikes, because when you are using regular paint you are never out of range of opposing players who likely have you outgunned. You want the sight to be as low on the marker as possible, but high enough to use it comfortably and quickly with your mask on (dogleg and R.O.C. stocks are great for this). The quickly part comes in as this is paintball, a naturally fast paced sport where you will be forced to snapshoot and occasionally be caught off guard. Make sure you fire 10 rounds before making any adjustments, and once you get to the range where you are having trouble putting 10 balls on a mask, you have found your maximum engagement range. Remember that you are at a disadvantage playing a sniper/marksman role with regular paint, as you are ballistically even with your OPFOR who likely have more firepower than you.

    For First Strikes:
    First, set your velocity using the First Strikes at the maximum your field allows. The maximum magnifcation I would suggest would be 4X, with 2.5X and 3X being your best bet. I would suggest an adjustable sight rail like the Killjoy, for several reasons. First, they are tall enough to bring your chosen sight up high enough that you shouldn't have issues using the sight with your mask on. Second, they are great in the instance when you do have time to dial in a long range shot, and make the most of the advantages First Strikes offer in range and accuracy. I would start at 50 feet, and using regular paint to get your sight laterally dialed in will save you some valuable First Strikes. Pushing back 25 feet at a time, I would switch to First Strikes at 75 feet and get used to shooting them through your sight out to 75-100 feet without adjusting the rail. Put 5 First Strikes on the mask before pushing back. This will make emergency shots familar if you get engaged suddenly within regular paint range. Continue pushing back 25 feet at a time, marking down in a DOPE book how many ticks you see on the back of the adjustable rail for given distances. Practice sizing the mask at different ranges through your sight reticle to get a feel for quickly estimating range in-game. Once you see your group starting to spread out (usually after 200 feet), you can choose whether to continue pushing back to repeat the process or not. When you start close and push back, you save time and paint over starting at maximum ranges and dialing in back and forth.

    -Quoted from my website-
  2. Wow! First Strikes!

    12 June 2011 - 11:47 PM

    Well guys, I played operation endwar last year and because the crap4 guns were such a PITA I ended up running FS through the 8.1 and was amazed at the flat trajectory. Made multiple kills on running players just based on the improved flat trajectory. I even pulled a rambo and chased down and surrendered two snipers after it all with the pistol (mag was empty, what a story). Now since last year I am dealing with 5 lower body injuries since I left Army service in 2009 and am as of now 1 month out of my first surgery. Very limited in what I can do. Definitely not speedballing anytime soon. Anyway, on to the story.

    Today was the first time I have ever actually used FS in an actual sniping scenario. All I can say is WOW! Read on and you'll know why.

    Yesterday, my team, The Wild Rovers, began playing for mercenary status for the Milsim Corps (http://www.milsimcor...rcenaries.html)
    and ran three games. The results were that we learned that in a 15 minute game, against two guards, it wasn't going to be easy. No one completed the objective, but we are getting used to the whole "Kills" and "Solos" thing. Pretty neat actually.

    Today, I spent some paint and first strike and the practice range, again, set to 150 feet. Once I was happy with the spread, I ran both of my guys through the scenario as mercenary, each one borrowing my ghillie and rifle. Still. no one completed the objective. Playing at T.A.G. (http://www.800tag5150.com/) in Roland's marvelous trench field, with the VIP dummy and guards starting at an elevated central position, no one had even taken a shot at the dummy yet. My turn as merc came up and I realized how screwed I was that they could see me dash in any direction because they ran up a hill after the whistle. They were actually waving at me! I went middle right on a field probably 350 X 400 feet which includes deep trenches, 55 gallon drum bunkers, and plenty of vegetation. I was almost immediately engaged, but after I broke contact, I saw (unbeknownst to him) one of the guards dash to my right. Now like I said, these trenches are 6-7 feet deep at parts, so it's like an alleyway of tunnels. Now way I was going over the top of anything, even with my paintball bushrag. Here I am, running with a friend's T8 (I love my TPX but dammit it's back in the shop at Tippmann) and my sniper rifle slung across my back. It gets intense in the heat, watching the clock engaging 2 enemies.

    One thing I grasped immediately was to hug the inside of the trench while I moved so that my limited range and firepower with the pistol would diminish. Instantly I was engaged from my front right, high above. I ran at him towards the embankment underneath him, 4 rounds loosed after leveling the T8 and drawing a bead, the other hand readying the rifle. Low and behold I got him! Still in the game, 10 1/2 minutes left, and I am well hidden and clsoing in on my objective, and the other guard...

    I climbed up an embankment, and saw him casually patrolling the area! I carefully set up the rifle, and thanked my stars for putting the bipod on there, because I was shaking like mad from being so pumped. I thought, "Why risk getting engaged trying to locate the VIP when a shot here ends it and gets me my objective?". I realized by sizing his mask that he was a little further than the 150' I had the APR and scope set to. He was walking back and forth, still unaware of my exact location when I led him a hair, putting the reticle at his upper chest rather than torso, and instead of trying to adjust the APR. I was terribly worried that the Hollister CA wind would play hell on any shot at any distance across the open ground. I led him, and squeezed true. I heard the telltale first trike "zing". Then I heard the most beautiful "WHAP!" ever. It broke on his left knee!!!

    I jumped for joy! I have extensively tested the FS rounds, various paints as well as the new scenario dreams rounds at 150' and less and I have NEVER seen any kind paintball round fly that true for that far. I have compiled my own DOPE (Data on previous engagements) book for them all, and man am I glad I did. I have absolutely no doubts as to the role of paintball sniper since the advent of these rounds. I am going to go back and tape measure the distance (we marked it w cones) so I can know exactly how far I made a shot on a moving target.

    So last but not least, the specs on the rifle. I am actually waiting for more solid evidence before I jump on the Lapco/FSR barrel bandwagon. Besides, my real First Strike rifle is in it's final stages and this one is a temp. I give you, "Cindy".

    Posted Image

    Empire Trracer open breach
    -13 CI Hpa
    -12" Deadlywind Carbon Fibur w .684 insert (was .687 but they had rollouts w regular paint)
    -Killjoy Adjustable Picatinny Rail
    -P4 2.5-7 illuminated sniper scope
    -Folding heavy duty bipod
    -Vertical grip, rifle rag, and sling

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    I am going to do a how-to for a paintball bushrag soon.

    Anyone else have any crazy FS stories?
  3. Test: First Strike VS the new Scenario Dreams Sniper rounds

    30 May 2011 - 02:03 PM

    Ok, So over the last two weekends I have been testing and firing these rounds from a TM 15, muzzle-loaded into a 16" Cp .689 one piece on HPA with a Killjoy APR and 4x32 Crossbow scope sighted in at 150 feet. Bench mounted on sandbags at a distance of 150 feet and chronoed to 270 with plain field paint. I did not chrono the marker with FS rounds and fin rounds. That will be next weekend.

    I didnt test the Lapco rifled FS barrel because I don't have one. I'd love to test it. I do not owe any company any loyalty. I'm simply looking for the very best sniper equiptment.

    I believe in training as I fight, that means testing in the wind I can't eliminate under the conditions I have to play in.

    Rounds used were TA First Strike and TAG Field paint with the fins as well as some OLD Marbs with the fins

    These are last weekends results, the better test pics will be up[/B]

    However, intial tests last weekend gave us the following groups

    Posted Image

    As you can see, 2 of the 5 fin stabilized rounds went left of the board, but overall this procaps field paint had a tighter pattern than fin stabilized marbs

    Posted Image

    and the FS have a decidedly flatter trajectory and are much less affected by wind. Slightly tighter group with FS. 5 rounds fired. Both rounds had one flyer above the board

    The test range we fire along a hill so as to eliminate some of the Hollister CA wind

    Posted Image

    Photos of the test area, and yesterday's more extensive test will be up tomorrow in the AM.

    Let me say that initial tests confirm the following:

    -The fins are reusable (I recovered 3 out of every 5) with a couple cracking/splitting upon impact

    Posted Image

    -The fin stabilized rounds are decidedly more affected by crosswind. You will notice the "lob" more than FS rounds. In wind FS are just a touch more accurate

    -The fins are MUCH cheaper, and hell, reusable.

    -Fields are much more likely to allow the fin stabilized rounds, as it's their paint

    -You need to sit down the night before with a C clamp, superglue, and field paint and make these rounds slowly and deliberately before you get to the field

    -The flatter trajectory and slightly tighter group of FS rounds, but mainly the trajectory will be an asset in bushball

    -You will need an adjustable barrel system to keep muzzled loaded fin rounds
    from sliding out

    -Unlike FS, fin stabilized rounds cant be breech loaded in any gun I have

    Overall, for cost effective the fin stabilized rounds win out. I imagine the group with FS will only get tighter with the Lapco rifled barrel. If you are playing with out wind, I vote for the fin rounds. I plan on using fresh premium paint with the fins in the future.

    Last but not least, to save you all some paint, if you are shooting something akin to a tm15, at or near 270 FPS, with a barrel similar to a 16" .689 CP, then the following measurements will help you. Remember to use regular paint to get the windage set on your aiming device.

    -Looking at the back of the Killjoy APR, when you see the second line you are in the 150 feet neighborhood for first strike rounds. For fin stabilized rounds using paint that measures about .684, that is the third line I see from directly behind the APR.

    Last weekend's results

    Posted Image

    Here you have the first strike spread. You can see the sixth round on the botom right, under the pie pan

    Posted Image

    and here the TAG field paint (Procaps rec or something) with fins spread. You can count six rounds because there are two at the bottom. I will say this;
    In little to no wind, these rounds, despite the less flat trajectory, these rounds were dead on. As accurate as the FS. At least out to '150.

    Posted Image

    The test rifle

    Posted Image

    Testing grounds
  4. TA Riser, Hammerhead, Lapco, Rap4 BT FST

    25 May 2011 - 03:03 PM

    Hey all, large list here. My prices are firm and shipping in the US only. Please keep questions and comments to Pms or email.


    Posted Image

    Mamba 101 sling several slings in one fits collapsible and fixed buttstock! New never used $30 shipped

    Posted Image

    Shooting stick doubles as a compass and a cane extends to over 5 1/2 feet! Make and model coming Some use,
    perfect condition $30 shipped

    Posted Image

    BT RIP CLip, light use been in the gearbag includes the correct screws, manual, TM15 and TM7 adapters $55 shipped

    Posted Image

    Flasc A5 rip clip adapter $19 shipped

    Posted Image

    BT Apex First Gen custom Camo and comes with a Lapco/Hammerhead thread adapter $25 shipped

    Posted Image

    T68 comfy grip excellent grip been in the gear bag $20 shipped

    T9 side rails new $11 shipped

    Bob Long Torpedo small leak I believe it just needed more teflon tape on the output hole $20 shipped

    TPX stock barrel not even a scratch $15 shipped

    Walther tac light w picatinny mount no batteries $17 shipped

    A5 Hammerhead adapters .683 and .688 $12 shipped apiece

    Posted Image

    Bullpup singleshot chinese made .177 pellet rifle 700 fps $100 + shipping or local pickup


    Posted Image

    Hammerhead sharktooth (Not a scratch) kit w A5 backs .679, .683, and .688 and a Hammerhead ball sizer as well as the case $60 shipped

    Posted Image

    Lapco 8" .690 Bigshot spyder threaded light use, no scratches $35 shipped


    Posted Image

    Tan L/XL BT Merc Vest perfect condition $50 shipped

    Posted Image

    Rap4 Tac Strikeforce vest includes 2x 3 pod vest as well as a tank pouch in the back still has tags desert camo $30 shipped

    '99 cocker pump kit
    Custom Products cocker threaded barrel
    Lapco drop forward
    Empire relay reg
    JT Spectra Lenses!
    Perhaps other gear

    Please shoot any questions to thew1ldrover@yahoo.com

    Thanks for looking!
  5. My "Trade me your rf autococker body" thread! Tons inside&

    27 April 2011 - 10:03 PM

    Here we are! I'm building a custom sniper, so those parts are pretty much all I'm looking for. Shipping is continental US only. Other countries incur extra shipping charges.
    Please keep questions and comments to PMs. I'm posting prices because I have to, I am mainly interested in trades.

    Special Ops 17 round mag extension, near perfect shape, $60 shipped (This is just the extension and the spring, Magazine not included

    Posted Image DEAL PENDING

    12" Hammerhead recon barrel (old style) with .683 a5 threaded back $40 shipped some wear on the tip

    Posted Image

    Tiberius arms adjustable riser, painted OD $50 shipped

    Posted Image

    BT Merc Vest L/XL Been in the gear bag not used Coyote $55 shipped
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Trinity MP5 Foregrip painted OD $25 shipped/B]

    Posted Image

    New, never used Azodin Kaos double finger mech trigger. Taken off a a brand new kaos pump $22 shipped

    Walther tac light w RIS mount needs batteries $17 shipped

    Brand new never used .688 Hammerhead A5 threaded breech. Bought right before I got one in a trade, so $18 shipped

    Lapco 8" Spyder threaded .690 barrel $38 shipped

    Tac ten Rap 4 Strike force vest attachments brand new 3 JUNK or tank, $12 shipped each both for $20

    Stock Spyder Electra 09 reg, blown oring inside, otherwise great condition great for tinkering $11 shipped

    Machete bottomline asa nice angle to it $12 shipped

    Stock tpx barrel perfect condition $17 shipped

    [B]Like new Coyote hydration bladder carrier molle and has regular shoulder straps $20 shipped

    Posted Image

    My prices are firm and my feedback is great. PM any questions please. I wont add cash. For trades I'm looking for

    Dye Rotor!
    Proflexes! Any color condition
    Pump kit 99 autococker
    Lapco Drop forward
    High quality remote
    TPX parts and tru feed magazines
    BT Pro pants
    Thanks for looking!


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    13 Jun 2011 - 18:46
    In my sig, there is a link to a paintball sniper forum.
    I havent played with firstrikes yet, but realllly want to.
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