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I play at "Camp X" paintball and "Next" indoor field, if you happen to find yourself on your way give me a shout. I will gladly join you.

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  1. Citrus Connection's Troll Face Contest!

    02 May 2012 - 04:30 PM

    Hey guys, This is where I started. So show my team Yall have the most bad ass Paintballing faces EVER.

    The Citrus Connection is doing a "Troll Face" Contest.

    I put the Details in the thread, You can also read them here:




    Well folks, I think it's time to have a fun contest. So we present to you the Citrus Connection Epic Troll Face Contest!

    What do you have to do? Take a picture of yourself doing your best troll face and submit it within this thread.

    How do you win? First in order to qualify you must Like the Citrus Connection team page. From there the 5 troll face pictures with the most Likes on them will move on to a final round of voting with those 5 being announced on May 16th. We will repost the top 5 pics, the 2 with the most Likes will face off for the final prize as decided by the members of Citrus Connection.

    What is the prize? We will be giving away a new set of solid black VForce Grillz with a FANZ quick disconnect kit already installed with 9 volt battery and all. Also included will be a Citrus Connection/Erin's Army Tshirt and an orange Erin's Army/Fight Cancer dog tag as well as various stickers from Citrus Connection, TechPB, FANZ, CQB Paintball and others.

    So, be sure to Like the page, your favourite submissions, share with your friends and if you're submitting a pic get as many of your friends to vote for you as you can so you can take home the prize!
    Posted Image

  2. 2 years of news in one topic:

    18 February 2012 - 02:26 PM

    Alrighty Spec ops. YALL been asleep for awhile

    first, the PSP is getting new bunkers


    PSP released a few days ago that they would be making changes to the layout of the fields and bunkers.

    And since the cat is out of the bag... here are the pics of those bunkers, so you don't have to go elsewhere...

    "For the past 10 years, the Snake on an Sup'AirBall field has been pretty much the same. The Giant Beams, much wider and taller than their Hyperball predecessors, have been keeping front players safe from cross field lanes. Large knuckles, such as Cakes, Baby Bricks even Temples, protecting them from getting shot by their mirrors.
    This Era has ended. The Snake will be technical again.

    The 2012 season brings the Snake back to life with the addition of 2 new bunkers:
    A shorter and more narrow version of the Giant Beam, the "Snake Beam" and a L shaped bunker, the "Elbow", will be the new components of the spectator side of the field.
    Though there is still plenty of space to hide behind, tighter play and better timing will be required."
    -Snake Beam bunker
    -Elbow bunker
    Posted Image

    "On the PSP or the Millennium field, those 2012 bunkers not only bring a renewed interest on playing the Snake but also bring 2 extra bunkers to the set. The 6 Giant Beams from the previous seasons are replaced by 4 Snake Beams and 4 Elbows, which will increase the options for field layouts' designs.

    The combination of Snake Beams and Elbows also frees up bunkers normally used as knuckles. Those extra bunkers will allow for shorter moves elsewhere on the field and a wider range of play options."


    the 2012 PSP Galveston Field.
    Posted Image

    HK army Barrel condoms are now on sale:
    Posted Image

    the NEW Macdev Clone GT


    "Just like to let peple know we have been hard at work in the secret underground lair on new products, we happy to announce there will be a new Clone coming out in march called the Clone GT.........Check out top pro teams Rusian legion, Explicit Syndicate, and Uprising who will be rocking this gun in your favourite format.

    Posted Image

    CPX Sports Hires Sean Scott



    Joliet, IL, February 14, 2012, CPX Sports. CPX Sports hires Sean Scott as Director of Strategic Operations.

    CPX Sports is proud to announce that it has hired industry insider Sean Scott as its new Director of Strategic Operations. Sean most recently served as an International Sales rep for Procaps Direct and more prominently at Smart Parts as Promotions and Public Relations Manager while helping to create the formidable Smart Corps initiative.

    Paul Dagnino, VP of Sales and Marketing at CPX Sports said, "We couldn’t be more excited to be bring Sean on to the CPX team full-time. I’ve known Sean since we worked together to create Living Legends and every collaboration since has been incredibly successful. This move will provide CPX with another valuable asset to help facilitate the growth of our ever expanding brand.”

    CPX President, Ray Dagnino, observed, “This is a competitive sport and a dynamic business. By adding Sean, it will allow us to more aggressively pursue our vision. We will draw upon his expertise to help shape our future plans and to ensure that CPX Sports remains firmly posted on the top spot.”

    Sean Scott, newly appointed Director of Strategic Operations said “I have been working with CPX Sports for over 5 years and they have become family to me. I am incredibly excited to be joining the team full-time so we can begin to implement our strategies that will propel us far beyond what was previously thought possible. CPX Sports is not just the world’s premiere paintball facility, it is a brand that is synonymous with prestige and we look forward to putting that on display in 2012 and beyond”

    CPX Sports’ world-famous paintball field located in the Chicago suburb of Joliet is internationally recognized as one the best the sport has to offer. Situated on 143 acres of land with construction costs totaling over $7M, the 24-field industry leader is host of the NPPL Chicago Open, PSP Chicago Open, and Living Legends.

    For more information about CPX Sports visit them online at www.cpxsports.com

    For more information about Living Legends 5 visit http://www.livingleg...fpaintball.com/

    Connect with CPX Sports on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

    Counterfeit Zodiac ZR1's are now floating into the market keep your eyes peeled


    Directly from Zodiac's facebook page:


    Zodiac Paintball, creators of the ZR1 paintball marker, have recently become aware that there may be several hundred UNAUTHORIZED COPIES of their paintball gun – including proprietary components – entering the paintball market in the United States.

    Zodiac Paintball would like consumers to be aware of the presence of these markers, methods to identify them and its policies regarding them.

    In late 2010, Zodiac Paintball contracted with a Taiwan-based manufacturing company – Qi Jiang Technologies LTD/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball, (the company has had numerous name changes) owned by Michael Spurlock, Wu Chin Min, Tsao Ying-Tse, Yeng Chen Wen – to perform manufacturing services for producing the ZR1 paintball gun and associated force-feed loader. That manufacturing agreement included the specifications for the gun and the terms under which Zodiac would pay for the markers, the manufacturer's responsibility for meeting the required specifications and the methods by which Zodiac and the manufacturer would resolve disputes.

    It was additionally agreed that Zodiac Paintball would provide the manufacturer with certain components supplied by third parties to incorporate into the marker. Those components supplied by third parties included proprietary electronics.

    Without getting into laborious detail: Zodiac subsequently refused to accept delivery of nearly 300 guns due to repeated failures on the manufacturer's part to correct machining errors. (A partial list of the contracted specifications and what was actually produced by Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball, is available upon request.) Zodiac initiated proceedings that invoked non-delivery penalties on Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball and ultimately requested the return of third-party components.

    Following numerous delays, it became apparent that Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball was not returning the components and was not going to correct the manufacturing errors, forcing Zodiac Paintball to, among other things, begin filing claims for stolen property as well as other actions designed to protect their design and property.

    While this was on-going (through 2011 and into the beginning of 2012), individuals associated with Zodiac Paintball were made aware of an offer from individuals associated with Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball to supply several hundred electronic paintball guns for re-sale. Based on the proprietary nature of the gun being offered and subsequent investigation, it became apparent that the guns being offered were the same as those Zodiac Paintball had refused to take delivery of.

    Finally; Zodiac Paintball has learned that several other individuals in various locations in the United States were also offered these guns for sale and that one or more of those individuals may have made arrangements to accept delivery of them.

    The non-working, non-specification copies of the ZR1 paintball gun that Zodiac Paintball refused to accept delivery of from Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball are not the property of Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball and are not theirs to re-sell. Not only do they remain the property of Zodiac Paintball, but they contain several patent-pending, proprietary components (critical to proper functioning) that either remain the sole property of Zodiac Paintball or were licensed by Zodiac Paintball for their ZR1 markers and not for use with anyone else's markers.

    Due to all of the foregoing, Zodiac Paintball feels it has a responsibility and an obligation to the paintball industry and paintball consumers to take the following steps:

    1. Zodiac Paintball requests that all current owners of ZR1 paintball markers contact the company to obtain upgraded components. The upgrades will correct certain manufacturer's flaws (errors Qi Liang Technologies/NY/Machine Paintball failed to correct during initial manufacturing) and, at the same time, insure that AUTHORIZED ZR1s are easily distinguishable from UNAUTHORIZED copies.
    2. Zodiac Paintball will not be responsible for repairs, replacements, maintenance work or upgrades for UNAUTHORIZED copies of ZR1s. Any unauthorized copies of the gun received by Zodiac Paintball, its distributors or retail dealers will be confiscated as stolen property.
    3. Representatives of Zodiac Paintball have contacted various league organizations and have requested that they enforce the in-house rules and regulations against the use, sale and distribution of product that infringes on intellectual property at their own events: this may very well result in banning the use of and/or the confiscation of UNAUTHORIZED ZR1s.
    4. Because Zodiac Paintball ZR1 paintball markers contain patented and patent-pending technologies, any and all individuals involved in the distribution, sale and use of UNAUTHORIZED ZR1 paintball guns could be subject to legal penalties for patent infringement.

    Zodiac Paintball regrets that it finds it necessary to make this announcement. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: ONLY purchase a ZR1 paintball marker – the only paintball marker with a wireless connection between the marker and the loader –Zodiac Paintball or its authorized dealers and distributors.

    A complete list of those authorized to re-sell ZR1 markers is provided on the Zodiac Paintball website. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a paintball gun branded as the ZR1 – contact Zodiac Paintball.


    Immediately contact Zodiac Paintball to insure that your product is registered properly*
    Make arrangements to have your marker up-graded with in-spec parts
    Contact fellow players who have ZR-1s and inform them of the current situation
    Keep an eye out for counterfeits


    Contact Zodiac Paintball for a complete list of authorized dealers & re-sellers BEFORE making your purchase
    ASK your supplier where they obtained the marker (if it is not on the list, contact Zodiac Paintball)

    Preferred contact information here:
    Zodiac Paintball Inc.
    Chris Cole- President

    Something which should have been done Before the NT's were even released
    Posted Image

    The new Valken Proton

    CCM is coming out with a NEW PUMP!
    Posted Image

    And so has Empire paintball

    And So did Bob long
    Posted Image

    And the Lapco Tightstick has been released http://lapcopaintbal...?tag=tightstick

    Tippmann sports buys Angel


    According to Pro Paintball insiders, Tippman Sports has purchased ANGEL Paintball Sports (APS). A few weeks ago we learned that APS had ceased operations. Jay from Angel Paintball Sports mentioned that a further update would be made available by APS office in the UK.

    While some details about the transaction have yet to emerge, Tippmann is rumored to have acquired both the intellectual property surrounding the Angel markers and rights to the Angel Eye goggle system. Formerly vaporware, this oft-discussed but never delivered goggle system will hopefully make it to the market sometime next year; our insiders report that the mask experienced significant functionality and performance issues that rendered it incapable of passing ASTM testing.

    The acquisition of Angel Paintball Sports / WDP marks yet another key pickup for Tippmann, following the recent purchase of NXe last year, and the attempted purchase of ProCaps LP just last week. Tippmann Sports itself is no stranger to the merits of corporate buyouts–having been purchased in 2004 by investment giant, Summit Partners.

    The addition of yet another tournament brand to the Tipmmann stable (in addition to WAS/Wicked Air Sportz and NXe) spells an interesting future for Tippmann–are we seeing early indicators of an entry to the tournament market? Are high-end paintball guns in Tippmann’s future?

    PPS released a 12 gram Stabilizer bucket changer thingy, sounds awesomtastic

    Posted Image

    Tippy released new X7


    Tippmann is pleased to announce the introduction of a new, fully modded X7 Phenom Assault Edition marker that features the X7 Phenom electro-pneumatic marker packaged with the Assault edition tactical mods including the Assault stock, two sights, foregrip and curved mag. Sold separately, the value of this limited edition kit is over $518, but will be available for only $449.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    and a New PSP team is being formed with some awesome names


    We just received exclusive word from team rep, Chad “Yaya” Bouchez, of the new Pro team joining the PSP for the 2012 season. Houston Heat. Read below for the official statement. Will Houston Heat be a instant contender given their line up? Stay tuned for more breaking news on the team.

    PSP Competition Heats Up in 2012 as New Pro Team Comes in Hot from Houston

    Houston, TX – Wednesday, January 25, 2012 – Randy “Sarge” Smith announces the creation of a new professional paintball team that will join PSP Events for the 2012 season. The team, HOUSTON HEAT, is based out of his hometown, Houston, Texas.

    With a very successful year in 2011 – CXBL Richmond Cup, D2 PSP World Cup and NPPL Las Vegas Championships – I knew our blend of experienced veterans and young guns had the talent, the passion, the determination and the commitment to take us to the next level – a new professional team,” says Smith. “Our new team, HOUSTON HEAT, has added even more formidable pro experience to that mix and I am confident that together, we have what it takes to make 2012 another memorable year in PSP tournament play.”

    The following players make up the 2012 HOUSTON HEAT roster:

    Chad “Yaya” Bouchez
    Ronnie Dizon
    Konstantin Fedorov
    Mishka Kniazev
    Sam Monville
    Nick Slowiak
    Ryan Smith
    Sergei Solnishkov
    Jon “LJ” Woodley

    While still maintaining a grassroots Midwest flavor of paintball, HOUSTON HEAT is building on Distortion’s solid foundation and is helping a group of players achieve their goals of competing at the professional level against some of the best teams in the world and with some of the best players by their side. Distortion will still live on under that name in PSP D1 in 2012.

    “It’s not just about putting a great team of players together, we also need to have the right tools to get the job done,” says Smith. “This is why we’re so thankful to have amazing quality sponsors like G.I. Sportz, Style Supply and DLX, manufacture of Luxe paintball markers as part of the HOUSTON HEAT family for the 2012 season. All of these sponsors have a rich heritage of providing world-class paintball supplies and equipment.”

    HOUSTON HEAT is the first “factory” G.I. Sportz sponsored team and is fully backed by Luxe Markers. Style Supply will be making sure HOUSTON HEAT looks their best while out grinding and winning with style. Additional sponsors will be announced prior to the
    first event in Galveston, Texas, in March.

    KM Pro Spine hopper thingy
    Posted Image

    Tampa Bay Damage is playing millennium series


    After a very successful 2011 and some amazing off the field moves in the 2012 preseason, Tampa Bay Damage has now announced they will play the Millennium Series European paintball league in 2012.

    Rumors began circulating earlier today about the teams move into the European league. This certainly changes things in the Preseason Paintball Power Rankings. This makes three professional paintball leagues that the team will be playing (PSP, NPPL, MS). Very few teams play all three professional paintball circuits.

    “Damage is very excited to be apart of the Millennium Series. We’re looking forward to competing in all MS events this year,” said Joey Blute, Tampa Bay Damage Team Manager.

    Social Paintball wishes Damage nothing but success in the upcoming year. This is a good opportunity to see the strengths in cross-series play.

    Expect the formal announcement from the team soon, right here on Social

    Also - Retro 7 pistols are released, Falcons should be coming in the fall.
    - PE released the Geo 2 and 2.1 and a bunch of other pajama ball markers.
    - other???
  3. cool story

    08 October 2011 - 04:29 PM

    Warning, Graphic story with some naughty language. Kids ask your mom or dad.

  4. Custom Stock Class harness

    22 June 2011 - 03:31 PM

    Basically I have this idea for a Stock class harness which I think would be REALLY cool.
    it is sort of a combination of a pack and a harness.

    basic layout is a Harness with the waist and shoulder straps
    Posted Image

    And on the back would be a Capeless Tube pack
    Posted ImagePosted Image

    The Left hip side would have a Dump pouch attached to the waist,
    The right side could have more of the loops to put stuff :P

    I want to have 10 round tubes ALL OVER ME... (gross?)
    I'd like to be able to put about 350-400 paintballs on my person with about 17-20 Twelve grams, I already have a leg harness so I can could 10 tubes and 4 Twelvies out.

    If possible would this be able to be done in a Dark Purple. Like... all material in this purple.
    And On the front Waist section. Where that buckle is for the harness to get an idea:

    Please in your nice bright orange could you put
    feel free to put the Spec Ops logo right beside it.

    If you feel like you want to write shenanigans on the inside of the harness or the waist go for it :P

    Can this be done?
  5. New Paintball Manufacturer

    09 June 2011 - 08:07 PM

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    Pretty cool, they want to make a titanium marker and have a Dual trigger system with two activation micro switches to the solenoid.


    as pointed on another forum, this REALLY doesnt sound like a selling point to me... at all, I think if they really want to make a splash they are going to need a marker which is reliable, durable, consistent and legal in your tournament scene.

    Posted Image


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    Sorry for the DP. My compy's being retarded. Anyway, that doesn't account for the "'". Let me see... ' ... ' ... ''' Hmm, looks like strawberry seeds. Jelly, strawberry seed... I GET IT!!! You want me to get you a pint of strawberry jelly for Christmas! Did I get it? :D
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