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  1. In Topic: Knight Hawk Coalition

    09 December 2008 - 08:54 PM

    To bad you guys are out in NY. To far away for me. I like the idea of your team.
  2. In Topic: Best kind of barrel for the A5?

    08 December 2008 - 09:50 PM

    View PostAK TOTIN, on Dec 8 2008, 08:31 PM, said:

    They would be wrong, its been proven that after 16inches there is no increase in accuracy for barrel size and up form 14 is negligible.

    Its more like longer than 12" its negligible.

    A long barrel requires more air/co2 to propel the ball out of the end. Its just wasted air when you have a set FPS rule.

    Why shoot an ounce of co2 to launch a ball out of a ten foot barrel (exaggerated) at 280 fps. when you can use a fraction of an once to launch it out of a 12" at the same fps, and with similar accuracy. The more air/co2 used to launch a ball the longer the barrel needs to be to compensate, and stabilize the ball. Your basically fighting the greater force needed with a longer barrel to get the same accuracy at 280 fps.

    Think of it as when you pull the trigger the ball and air are trying to move up down side to side and out all at the same time. The barrel prevents this and only allows the ball and air to move forward. As it moves down the barrel the air behind it starts to move in the same direction (forward). forcing the ball to move forward and not in all the other directions. This is what make it accurate. The more force you use to move the ball the more time it needs for the air to move in the same direction. That's why if you take a 1" barrel and fire it at 280 fps, it most likely wont be very accurate.

    As for barrels OPSGEAR has some good barrels for under 50. I would get a highly micro polished interior barrel. 12 to 14 inches is all you need unless you want the look of a long barrel. Your just going to loose gas efficiency is all. I saw no difference between the Palmer brass and OPSGEAR m4, Just price, and the loudness of the OPSGEAR M4.

    One of the biggest things to look for when trying to make an accurate shot is paint to barrel match. You don't want paint that is to big or to small.

    Also you don't need spiraled rifling. I believe it to be a gimmick. I agree with Piller, to much porting is just a waste of gas. Although it does quiet the gun a bit. Unported is the most gas efficient.



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