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February 1, 1991
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Lancashire, Northwest England!
I have too many interests.<br />Well, too many to afford anyway.<br />I like Biking, Paintballing, rugby, any general fitness, music - making or playing.

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  1. Anything to Declare?

    17 August 2008 - 12:40 PM

    Okay, so this is just an idea I had...
    I'm sure everyone has a lot to say. But sometimes it's not worth making a thread about it... (I've made a few uberspam threads recently. ^_^)

    This is where the "declaration thread" would come in handy. It's not so much a spam thread, as a thread where you post something worth talking about, but not worth opening a thread about.
    So say if you learned an important lesson today, or you saw something awesome but not awesome enough for it's own thread... It goes here.

    Acceptable: Current events, School life, Family life... Stuff like that.

    Not at all acceptable: Pointless comments like "I like turtles" or "frosted butts".

    Like I said... Just an idea. Is it worth making a declaration thread?

    My opinion is that it would give people a place to post general chat without messing up the lounge too much... But on the other hand maybe we have enough "official pie lovers thread"s and "Official official threads thread"?
  2. Dexy's Midnight Runners...

    16 August 2008 - 03:40 PM

    Ok sorry to make a thread about this; Second one in the hour, and most of you don't enjoy this Genre.


    I've been listening to Dexy's Midnight Runners for years, and never been able to find a similar band that matches it.
    (they sang Come On Eileen, Geno etc)

    Dexy's Midnight runners playing Geno - My favourite song by them.

    So... If anyone knows any bands similar to these guys, and is willing to share them, I'll kiss your feet, eat my hat etc... I really want more like this.
  3. Is there a Mr. Motivator in the house?

    16 August 2008 - 03:11 PM


    The Six Dales Walk has been held every year since 1957. A challenge for teams (min. 4, max. 7) of members of the Scout association, it traverses 42 miles of Yorkshire's countryside, from Ribblesdale to the Vale of York, with a 12hour maximum time limit, though a team may be timed out before the 12hr mark if they do not make it to checkpoints before designated times.

    I'm doing this race on the 28th of Sep again this year. And my team is going to win it, I'm confident of that.

    I need your help though... We've been asked to train a younger group of the local Scouts to take our place after we leave this year. About a month ago I took this potential team on a "hike" to test their navigation skills and what have you. In a word: Useless. In a sentence: "Wow, what a waste of time, they suck and have the attention span of a shoal of fish with ADHD."

    They have no motivation, and seem very nonchalant about representing our town. Their laissez-faire attitude will not get them anywhere if they are to succeed in the event. It's tough, and will need determination to get further than half way.

    This is where I need your help... I have no patience with them any more but need to try and motivate them. My thinking was that if they're not interested, they won't do it... But I need to try and get them into it really.
    So, any ideas (cash bribes are out) of ways to motivate them would be greatly appreciated, as I'm stumped.


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    10 Dec 2009 - 18:57
    Glad to see you back, bud!
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