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Paintball? Writing, woodworking and metalworking, drawing/ art, 70's and 80's rock, Classical Orchestra, firearms and marksmanship, tactics, RPG's, I kind of keep my distance from Furries for lack of local venue - but they're good people I find, reading, strength and fitness/ exercise, my rebuilt '87 F-150, medieval pageantry and medieval (Western) martial arts, armoring, Counter Strike Source, electric guitar and bass...that's pretty definitive, but I like a lot of stuff. :)

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  1. X7 Modular Air-thru Stock (Regulators!)

    13 April 2008 - 04:46 PM

    The X-7 is a great marker, though one of it's primary shortcomings is the lack of easy-to-incorporate regulator ergonomics. Regulators are a seriously important element in the performance of just about any marker, so it doesn't make sense that the X-7 wouldn't have a good system for allowing players to enjoy this performance benefit.

    'CONCEPT A' I've dreamed up has us starting with a standard X-7 Air-through stock. As we take of the back plate or 'recoil pad,' there would a little compartment there with an ASA ready to go. The catch would be that this compartment would have to be large enough to accommodate threading a regulator into the ASA with a 90 degree elbow attached to the regulator. Of course, when threading the regulator in one would have their steel braid hose or macroline attached to the 90 degree elbow already, which would eliminate the need for 'access ports' and what not. From here, getting the regulator to hook up to the quick disconnect nipple that the remote would hook onto could be accomplished by either threading the hose from the regulator into it, or by another quick-disconnect fitting.

    'CONCEPT B' is essentially the same, but would be a little more work to fabricate. The stock would have a whole panel that opens up via the side to access the regulator compartment instead of taking off the backplate. This would be a little more user friendly, as well as offhandedly, accommodate those regulator users that just have to have a gauge on their regulators (being able to eyeball it and drill through the stock for that conveniently placed gauge fitting). Of course - having a 360 degree swiveling ASA like on some regulators' input lines would make this the cat's meow, as it would be able to accommodate any and every regulator out there.

    An M4 concept could be done, though not without a bit of serious forethought. I've tried to think my way around it, and nothing user friendly is coming to mind that you wouldn't have to completely re-engineer any and all 6 position stock components to get.



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