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23 years old
January 7, 1991
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stone county-missouri/ arkansas border (middle of nowhere)
Paintball, my Fiance, paintball, videogames, paintball, studing tactics used by great generals in history(yeah i know i'm a dork), oh and paintball

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  1. Halo B broken shell

    24 December 2009 - 12:15 AM

    hey been gone for a coon's age and had a question.....

    have a Halo B (older one) with the Rip drive and a aftermarket board i think.... shell is royally FUBAR and needs to be replaced, ran into a bunch of cheap Empire reloader B shells on ebay, can i gut my halo and dump it into a reloader shell? if not where can i find a cheap shell? if anyone had one lying around i'd be very grateful

    as a quick recap i played paintball weekly for about a year or so and frequented this forum... that was a few months ago and since then i injured my knee and cant play anymore, so i got into motors and hotrods... now i'm lookin to start playing this summer and did a check on all my gear, while doing so i ran into a few probs lol
  2. spent cartidges

    12 June 2008 - 12:41 PM

    ok i have about 80-90 pounds of spent cartidges, ranging form 30-30 to 30-06 to 25-06 even a few 7.62... we have several walmart bags full of .45 auto casings and we are interested in selling them. they are all spent and at worse case scenairo we will melt down the brass and sell that. but are they worth more as shells? and who wants to buy them?
    EDIT: also have 223 rounds 30 carbine
  3. am i crazy

    27 April 2008 - 11:16 PM

    ok call me crazy but i have 2 a-5s and run either on either hpa or c02.... i was having leaking problems and consistancy issues with both guns, one night i got angry :evil: and took off asa valve from gun and plugged in tank directly into the gun, would provide pics but having issues with camera. after i did this my gun not only shoots better but also quieter and less of a vapor cloud when using c02. my leaking problem has also mysteriously dissapeared :unsure: ... did i just "bump" something and now this happened or does this actually help my marker????? :wacko: :wacko:



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