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  1. In Topic: 14 inch J&J Barrel

    09 September 2008 - 08:15 PM

    J&J are great barrels at a very reasonable price!
  2. In Topic: legality issues

    02 September 2008 - 10:17 PM

    What exactly are you doing when you modify it?

    You should really talk to an attorney in the jurisdiction that you live in...what works and is true in one state may be totally wrong in another.
  3. In Topic: Just Got My Stuff, Any Tips?

    24 May 2008 - 05:13 PM

    If/When you get hit...check to see if the ball breaks. Don't call yourself out prematurely.

    Also...drink LOTS of water!

    Have fun!
  4. In Topic: Apex barrel question

    25 April 2008 - 11:27 PM

    Just to be sure I understand you....you are talking about the plastic tip, right?

    If that's the case...its pretty easy..you should see 4 screws that hold the thing secure onto your barrel and hold the rubber thing inside. Just loosen those and the thing just comes off. Easy as pie! :)
  5. In Topic: buying first paintball gun, lots of questions

    24 April 2008 - 12:48 AM

    View Postsneaky sneak, on Apr 23 2008, 09:09 PM, said:

    Barrel - for a barrel i want some good range and awesome accuracy i have noticed the 18" interceptor barrel has had some good reviews
    Stock - i plan on getting just a $35-40 dollar stock
    Hopper - im not really sure an amazing hopper is needed for what im planning but i dont want the paintballs to get chopped up but that may be a problem with the markar so no clue on that
    Bipod - i planned on getting one to help steady my shot but if you guys find them usless let me know
    Paintballs - not really sure which are the best so let me know on them
    Harness - i found a nice back one that holds a Co2 conister and 2 refill pods that is camo
    Remote - setting up a remote from my gun to back harness for my Co2 to make the gun lighter and easier to handle
    Co2 vs. N2 - no clue on these let me know which you guys think is better
    Regulator - read that it helps make your shots more consistant, so should i invest in one?
    Scope - dont need anything too top of the line or with a huge zoom most of the enemies will be within 60-70 feet

    let me know what you guys think or if you have any advice at all, like i said these are just some of the things i have been looking at not sure on any of it. and if there is anything else i need or should look in to, thanks.

    I'm a noob, but here's my 2 cents worth.

    1) Go with the A5...comes with the built in Cyclone hopper so you don't have to buy an aftermarket hopper. If price is an issue...Craigslist is where its at. I just saw a A5 with response trigger and a folding stock for $180.00
    2) Get a GOOD MASK! Having the best gear is worthless if you can't see anything. Out of everything THIS is your most important piece of gear. Everything else comes in at a distant second.
    3) Stock....depends....most stocks just get in the way of your mask. You generally can't sight down a paintball gun unless you have offset sights or risers. The best stock IMO is the SpecialOps/Tippmann Dogleg stock. Lets you put your noggin in the right place to sight down your gun. The downside is that the stock is kinda pricey. I would try out how you like your set up before buying a stock....or when you are out on the field again ask someone if you can get the feel of their gun with the stock on and a mask on your face.
    4) Barrel...most of the research I found states that first 8-10" of the barrel gets the paintball to the desired speed and then the 2-4" for guidance. Longer barrels cause unneeded friction and eat more gas. Plus, that 18" barrel you might find is unwieldly as you run around the woods. IMO, a good barrel is J&J barrel.
    5) Bipods - Never used them. Looks cool...but IMO they appear to be something that would get caught on things as you move through the woods.
    6) Paint, if you go to Walmart...open the box and make sure the paint is ok. I would recommend Visible Impact and for gawds sake stay away from Monster Balls.
    7) Harness I find ride down as you run. If you can run without it falling GREAT! If not...well an easy fix IMO is just a pair of black suspenders to keep the thing from sliding down.
    8) Remote---I use a remote...but it does restrict your movement. You can't easily switch hands to attack on the left side of tree for example if you are right handed. It does balance out the gun though. Some people like having the tank on the gun...even use it as a stock. I would try it before you go remote.
    9) CO2 or N2...I would say N2...simply because everyone states that CO2 is hard on your internals, fluctuates depending on the ambient temperature, and can't be "topped off" like N2. Of course...CO2 is generally way cheaper, but for a $60.00 or so you can get a nice steel N2 tank. Yes, steel tanks are heavy...but its not that bad. If anything its only 5lbs or so at most.
    10) Regulator - depends if you go with CO2 or not. I don't have one...so I will leave that to more experienced players.
    11) Scopes.....first...kinda hard to use with a mask IMO. Second...a paintball isn't a real gun its not going to fire as far you can see. IMO...the best thing to get is just a simple red dot sight. Make sure you are zero'd in and let fly.


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