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  1. I'm back, then I'm gone again

    22 July 2011 - 04:44 AM

    Yo guys. I'm back on the forums again, but soon I will be leaving for basic at Ft. Jackson in SC, then I go off to AIT in Ft. Leonard Wood. I am in the Army Reserves as a 88m(motor transpiration). I leave for basic on August 8th. So if anyone has any tips, that would be great.
  2. ALLIES ION 2010

    04 May 2010 - 12:07 PM

    So people... I'm alive and kicking to go back to skirmish for d-day. But sadly I will be breaking my awesome 3 year veteran streak on the boats and instead will be dropping behind enemy lines with the Airborne. For those people who are coming to this event and going allies(you better, or your a democrat. js) I have the allied forum right here so you can get the latest info that you need. http://www.merrybandofbrothers.com/ION_All...ewforum.php?f=3
  3. Story game

    20 March 2010 - 06:47 PM

    Its quite easy to understand this. To play, the person that posted ahead of you will put down 5-10 words. You will have to put 5-10 more words to complete a sentence or to continue it. So its a continuing story with no end. This will make a great book someday.

    Example: 1st user, "Today is a nice day," 2nd user, " to go bash some squirrels with lollipops." And so on. I'll start...

    Today was a extra ordinary day...
  4. I'm back!

    07 March 2010 - 07:51 PM

    Well, its been to long since I've been on here! I think its been about a year I think. Well, I think its time for a story on what happened. About a year ago, my best friend left for Army basic to train to be infantryman. Me and him paintballed together all the time. We were suppose to through basic together with the buddy system. So we would be on the company. But a difficultly come between me and the Army life and we couldnt go together. So I got left behind while he had all the fun. My life went down hill from there cause I was fixed on joining the Army that I quit my computer job. Running out of money was getting closer and closer. I kept looking for a job and couldnt find anything that I could do. Heart broken cause my entire life was set for the military, I set to playing war games on my PC. All the new war games I got. I guess you can say I was addicted to it. It was my way of getting closer to the battlefield and getting my fix of fake adrenaline. Depressed when I watch the military channel to see soldiers fighting to protect freedom. Then my mom brought me the newspaper to show me a job she saw. It was a computer job, nut didnt give enough info on the add, so I was suspicious on it. She told me to email them. I did. Found out it was a training program for Century link. Went to the interview and found myself at home with them. Got the official, "YOU GOT IT!" in the mail. Now I can look for a apartment that I found a while ago. Life is really starting to look up again. And now I can afford to do some balling again. Which makes me even more ready to go. And now your all up to date with my life. By the way. My best friend that went to the Army is Quip from the forums. Some of you might know him maybe not. But he was my respect for what he has done.

  5. ION D-day funny store

    19 July 2009 - 06:15 PM

    Okay... On Friday night at Skirmish D-day, the krauts pushed us to our base. We pushed them back past the sword. So there I was, dress up in a shirt and some pants that I got quickly to help the allies push the germans back. Handling only a tpx pistol that I got a day before. I tried to make a couple mad rushes behind the sword boat. No successful. So I ran back and re-inserted. Ran back to sword beach and saw a hole bunch of guys standing behind a prop tank. I ran in front of them and yelled, "If a run, will you run with me!" They said in unison, "YES!" I said, " Okay, in 3,2,1 GO!" I ran in front of the pack, but sadly not all of them ran with me. I was hugging the tape line while running. And remember, its dark out. The sun has just gone under the trees. Continuing on with the story. There I was, in full sprint to get to a spot which is near impossible to get to with the german fire. But it wasnt the german fire that stopped me... It was a pole..... Waist high.... I guess you can see what I'm about to say. So, I ran into this pull in full sprint, waist high. The sudden stop was not fun. I just learned over the pole for a good 6 seconds. All i hear from the sideline is a gasp and oooooooohsss. I fall on my back. While falling, the pole caught my pants and shirt and ripped them in a certain spot. The ref runs to my aid and asks if I'm okay. But after he says that he starts laughing. All I said was, "I'm okay!! Am I safe? Did anything break on me? Can I keep going!?!" The ref looks back and the majority of them are german's just node and said yes! So I get back up and start bolting again for the boat. Under the applause of the crowd, I pushed harder dove and made it!! While I was behind the boat, the ref that helped me just gave me a orange skirmish logo wipe. He just kept saying I deserved it. So I took it and put it around my head so people would know its me. I also heard people call me the "Nut Cracker" after that.

    Most of you know last year I almost lost my life, do to a reball accident to this event. This year, I think became a little more.... whats the word? personal.

    Dont worry! I'm okay! Really! I plan to have many children later in life.


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    07 Apr 2008 - 07:11
    hey whats up. this is kody from wanna play. nice post! can't wait to play again and go to the sppl.
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    16 Feb 2008 - 19:49
    so were all set for the scenario. and your coming down by yourself right? or is your dad coming along? what car are you driving? and whos driving? do you want me to drive?
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    30 Nov 2007 - 13:57
    Can I assume your part of qups team? If so, I'll add you onto my friends list as well.
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