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  1. 98C tune- up

    01 July 2012 - 10:50 PM

    Hey Guys,

    So it's been a while since I've been on here ( and even longer since I've been on the field)but I come seeking answers I probably should know, but don't.

    I'll be coming home from my second sea tour shortly and the first thing my little brother wants to do is play some paintball. I have an old RT'd 98C in the closet that he can use, but it comes with a slight problem; the last time I used it, it chopped paint like a blender. right now it has a Cyclone sitting on it, but I have an old Halo v35 I could mount to it if that would fix it. Does this mean the guns is out of tune? I would thing the cyclone would feed it fast enough, but I could be wrong. Probably wouldn't hurt to replace the detent in it too, someone mentioned that to me. I want to give it a good little tune- up befpre we hit the field so he can enjoy the day, any suggestions?


  2. Early birthday present

    08 February 2010 - 04:27 PM

    Theres always estate sells goin on down here, and you can almost always find a good deal on a good gun. Picked up a excellent condition DTI carbine last saturday. All but new, probably no more than a couple mags put through it. Ill get pics up soo, but its a bone stock 16 inch Carbine. Not an M4, but heavy barreled. I have yet to shoot it, will get to that just as soon as i can get my hands on some more ammunition :(

    Anyone know any affordable optics i can mount on it? I plan to hunt with it, but i dont want a HUGE scope hanging off of it.

    DTI-15 Carbine.
    CAA detatchable carry handle
    Cammenga easymag.

    Just thought id make it known that I FINALLY HAVE AN AR :tdn:
  3. Senior Project- Rifle Build

    10 January 2010 - 12:28 PM

    Its been forever since ive been actice on these Forums, but im back again with an open discussion. Im starting my Senior graduation project for High School, and my topic was Custom Rifle Building. My product is going to be building a working rifle from the ground up. Ive already got an idea about what materials i want to use, but i figured you guys on here would have some good insight into other options.

    Im pretty much decided on using a Remington 700 action, but everything else is still pretty much open. I want a heavy contour fluted barrel and some form of a Varmint or "Sniper Rifle" style stock. I had looked at Krieger and Shilen barrels, and Bell & Carlson and Mcmillan stocks. I had also found the Knoxx/ Blackhawk Axiom TH stock and varios Carbon Fiber barrels, namely Whack & Stack. Im undeceided on Triggers, ill use pretty much anything that breks clean and wont creep. Im open as far as reccomendations, these are just materials ive looked at so far. If ive missed anything, let me know. I probably just forgot to mention it as im in a bit of a stressed out mood today...

    For any "get a stock that fits your build" comments, im about 5 foot 6 inches, 114 lbs. Ive shot Monte Carlo and various vintage military stocked guns most of my life, and i can make just about anything work for me as long as it dosent feel cheap in my hands. Thats always been a pet peeve, cheap plastics.

    So, i guess what im saying is if anyone has any reccomendations, comments, or advice on materials or ways to acquire them, let me know. I need all the help I can get.
  4. Mini 14 questions

    20 June 2009 - 01:09 PM

    OK, heres the deal. I have a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, and i have hunted with the thing since i was old enough to use it. Its a great gun, proved to be very accurate out to whatever distances i needed it to be. But, now that im entering the Tactical Carbine era, I have a few questions before i try and give it a facelift.

    1. Will putting a replacement stock on it hurt its accuracy in any way? im very skittish about doing so, mainly becasue im afraid it will mess something up.

    2. What are some reccomended Magazines? I want 30rd mags, but i cant find consistent reviews on good manufacturers. Rger Factory would be preffered, but they are quite expensive. And, im not sure they make 30 rds, all i have seen are 20 rd.

    3. What replacent stocks, if any, are ressomended? i had looked at a Houge overmolded for some time, especially one of the Ghillie Green models. But, i had seen where RamLine had a similar product. Any other decently priced stocks i should know about? It has a factory Walnur Ranch Rifle sstock on it now, and i have to say, its durable, but the guns a bit on the heavy side. Would a synthetic stock cut down on weight that much?

    Im sure i will have more questins and requests for reccomendations, but im drawing a blank right now. Any help is appreciated, and please, no flaming or bashing my gun or what im asking for.

    EDIT: forgot to add the order of importance:

    2. Stock
    3. Anything im missing

    At the moment, it has a Leapers 3-9X50mm scope, with red and green illuminated reticule, A UTG mount with a side rail, and two 30rd mags of unknown manufacture.
  5. Accuracy: what really makes a difference?

    11 May 2009 - 06:00 PM

    OK, this is gonna sound real......newbish, but its been killing me to know. What makes one gun so much better than the other? People bash Tippmann and BT because their guns are "innacurate" or "cuz they suck". So, what makes accuracy, and what makes a gun "Not suck"?

    Im being serious. I want to know how i can make a Tippmann A5 with Barrel A shoot like an EGO with the same barrel. Or 98C with barrel C shoot like a Closer with the same barrel on it

    What makes one gun so much more accurate than the other, if they have the same barrel?


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