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well, obviously i wouldn't be on this site if i didn't enjoy playing paintball.. no it isn't my life like it used to be but i still like to go out every so often and play a few rounds. growing up is hectic and i am an adult now trying to figure out where i am going to go next in my life.. other wise i would play more often.. but i also love to hang out with my friends.. or chill with the family. go for a walk.. to a park and swing. i love to drive just to drive when i have the extra money of course. but other than that you will have to pm me to find out more.

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  1. this is crap ALL OF YOU

    14 October 2008 - 09:31 PM

    OK first of all.. YES i play paintball. SECOND i have been on here since 2005 and i shouldn't have to deal with this i have prolly been on here for longer than most of you that posted. THIRD just because i am a girl doesn't mean that i can't play or i don't have the brains. Forth if i get a warning for all you posting your ignorance on my last thread i will be PERTURBED. All i wanted to do was say hi to everyone. I know alot of the people i talk to don't go to spec ops any more but some of them do.. i am sure you all who i used to talk to remember the famous pics. either way. i am sorry i caused so much trouble that you all had nothing to do with your time that you had to harrass the other GOLLY GEE WILIKERS thread. i miss spec ops but if this is the bull that i am going to get jus because i wanted to say hi to you all then i don't want to come back. GIRLS get over yourself i used to own this lounge. i was the first and ill be the last girl that will be on spec ops so get over yourself.. <--only to the ones that posted and were jealous. Boys this is not what i meant for you all to post like your 2 years old. i am an adult not a child.. i am not in highschool so it wouldn't be highschool drama. either way. Puzuma shouldn't have had to delete that thread... there were some complications in my life that i had to get off for a while. needless to say i used to be on every day.. i have been away for like a year and this is how i am going to be treated just because i want to say hi. you don't deserve to say to yourselves that you have good sportsman ship. grow up and stop acting immature.

    PSSSS. i am under the offical picture thread at the top of the lounge page. page 6 fith one down
  2. so whats new

    13 October 2008 - 12:06 AM

    so i haven't been on here in like a year. i missed everyone even tho all 88 that i talk to from here are on my aim. but what have i missed. any new girls yet. Only asking cuz when i first started there was me and just me it got kinda lonely with all these boiz going through puberty. lolz. update me PLEASE... :wacko:


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