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  1. Unknown's Gear Bag o' Funk

    19 August 2010 - 07:25 AM

    OK, going through my closet and found a ton of stuff in the back that I'd love to share with all of you. I want to get rid of it cheap, so pay the shipping and it is practically yours. Here is what I got:

    1 x 200 rnd. 7.62 Ammo Can: dimensions are: 10” x 3.5” x 6.75”. This item was used, so expect minor wear, but everything functions as it is supposed to.
    2 x Military canteens, one with pistol belt (3" wide, adjustable). These are olive drab canteens that are equipped for biological warfare and can be used normally or fixed to run a tube to your mouth/mask. Canteens come with cases with additional pouch - very nice. Just like this, but with black top.
    1 x Pistol belt, 1.5" wide, black, adjustable.
    1 x ESS ballistic goggles. Look like skiing goggles but are used in law enforcement/military applications.
    1 x Kevlar/ballistic helmet cover, woodland camo. - SOLD!
    1 x Hot weather cap/cover, military style, woodland camo - 7 3/4 size.
    1 x Neoprene lower face cover, black, covers nose (opening for ventilation)
    1 x Military adjustable belt, 1.5 wide.
    1 x German military flecktarn camo field jacket, A5OG patch on arm, great for winter wear - adult sized.
    1 x US military woodland camo field jacket, great for winter wear - adult sized.
    1 x German military flecktarn camo weather-proof light field jacket, great for fall/wet wear - adult sized.
    1 x US military woodland camo weather-proof light field jacket, great for fall/wet wear - adult sized.
    1 x Specter sling, black in color - great for markers!
    1 x Tactical vest, black, will fit a tank or hydration bladder in back and 6 short pods in the front. MOLLE all over - take it from me cheap!
    1 x Knee pads, lightly worn, black, tactical - not some work pads.
    1 x Rapid Dominance CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) cap - unworn - as seen here.

    1 x Grenade holsters (2) used on Broadsword vest, links up with MOLLE, black.
    1 x Extreme Rage soft lens bag, black.
    1 x Fill station, unused, condition unknown.
    1 x Remote line - 32 Degrees - without connector.
    1 x Braided line hose, 12" long (i.e. OAL), stainless steel.
    4 x Dye pods, smoke in color, the ribbed type that "pop" when you hit the button.

    Team Item:
    Large Quality Vinyl Banner (3’ x 15’) with support poles. I bought this off of eBay a long time ago hoping to use it for my old paintball team, but that team has taken a dive and now I am stuck with it.

    This is a thick vinyl banner; it has the two layer vinyl with internal lining so it will not tear. Total size is 3’ x 15’, with metal grommets present about every 1.5 feet along the outside. There is foam wrapped poles – standing 5 feet each – on each side that can be removed for a hanging banner; the poles serve more for a standing display. The grommets permit the user to be able to use this banner for parades (horizontal, long pole across the top), long hanging (vertical), and however you want.

    This banner was used by a police shooting club – or something like that – and the previous adhesive/glue for their lettering is still on the banner – not the print. With some anti-adhesive it will come right off. When I first bought it, I used a little bit of Goo-Gone and it came right off; any really non-abrasive anti-adhesive should work. However, please note that there is sticky areas on the banner. I paid $250 for this banner awhile back, but now you can have it for much cheaper.

    More to come! Make a reasonable/cheap offer, pay the shipping, and its yours! I haven't used this forum in awhile - as you can see - and I cannot switch my Email address around. So please Email me directly at schurker@gmail.com.


    I got a bunch of games here. First off, I'm an honorable gamer, no clan or nothing of that sort. All of these games come with serial numbers and the online keys that are of good standing in all servers. I have the manuals for all games, but no boxes, they will come in a single box. You know the games, now it is time to play them. I will even enclose an additional CD with all of the patches for these games, therefore, no long standing in server download lines to get all the patches - they come with the set!
    Here is the list:

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon w/ Desert Siege and Jungle Fury Expansion Packs (2 CDs, no CD keys needed)
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter I (4 CDs, CD key on manual - enclosed)
    Battlefield 2 w/ Special Forces Expansion Pack (5 CDs, CD keys on manual - enclosed)
    Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six Vegas (1 DVD, game key on manual - enclosed)
    Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six Vegas 2 (1 DVD, game key on manual - enclosed)
    Call of Duty 4 Modern Warface (1 DVD, game key on manual - enclosed)



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    Ghostwolf GRU 

    08 Jul 2007 - 22:45
    This guy has skillz. Fearless, sometimes reckless, in-your-face kinda skillz. He can run with my crew anytime he wants.
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