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  1. In Topic: Battlefront Band of Brothers Game

    14 September 2008 - 01:58 AM

    Well. It was freaking wet. But I think that was expected.

    Despite the downpour, over 260 people showed up, which I think was fantastic. Some people bailed early, but the remainder was mostly a core of serious paintball fanatics with good skills. The missions were hard fought, the game paced well, and aside from a few organizational issues and the problems caused by the rain, it was an all around excellent game.

    Got to meet a lot of folks up there too. There were players present from as far away as Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

    My only regret: I did not get to rock the Double Trouble that I was supposed to be playing with. The balls swelled in the hopper at a surprising pace, and the cyclone trying to feed them just made everything into a mess.

    Congrats to the German side on their victory. And thanks to Team First Strike and Battlefront for holding a great game.
  2. In Topic: Battlefront Band of Brothers Game

    31 August 2008 - 09:58 PM

    I've been tossing this up on threads for this game on a few different forums... Figured with the days counting down I'd throw this up here and try to drum up more interest, maybe get a few fence-sitters off the fence and firmly into "Play!" mode. (Pre-reg ends Sept. 10th! Do it! Do it NOW! - and plus you get $5 off. Win all around.)

    For those in east Ohio, west PA, or northern WV (or even farther afield) who have not been there before and are wondering if it's worth a drive to Battlefront, here's a bit of a taste...

    All photos were taken from Battlefront's photo sets on Photobucket, and happened at the World at War event earlier this year. The photos were all in the main "Town" area, but there's plenty of acreage of thick woods, a few smaller buildings, and plenty of other features to this field.

    Here's a good view of the western half of the town, from the top of the nearby hill "Mt. Suribachi."
    Posted Image

    The eastern half of the town, viewed from the exit of one of the roads
    Posted Image

    The northernmost defenses
    Posted Image

    A defender taking cover by the main building in town, the "Reichstag"
    Posted Image

    Back of the Reichstag
    Posted Image

    Inside the front room of the Reichstag
    Posted Image

    Yours truly about to lay down some cover fire from inside the town
    Posted Image

    And one of my favorite pictures from the 'Front, that of the Lighting Strike team tank rolling into town under smoke cover.
    Posted Image

    So I hope that piqued the interest of those into scenario play. :( See ya there, folks. ;)
  3. In Topic: Stolen X-7

    20 August 2008 - 10:36 AM

    The marker wasn't mine, only the barrel and stock. My friend was having some minor trouble with the sear not catching the bolt, so I was futzing with it for him, cleaning it up and stuff. The original owner still has the box (and all materials with it, including the registration card), which is where he got 0045426, which was marked on the box and matches the formatting for an X-7 serial. It is a fairly good idea to contact Tippmann on that though, because I think they have online marker registration too. So I'll have to let them know. Good idea, thank you.

    (And I have since marked all my own markers with full identifying information under parts not normally taken off, like the handgrips or such, and recorded all my serial numbers should this happen again. Plus, bought a locking metal cabinet for my stuff to go in between games.)

    The theft has already been reported to the police. I'm just trying to find out where it went so we can get it reclaimed.

    Thanks folks. Appreciate the advice and the extra eyes out there.



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