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  1. In Topic: leaving your pods?

    13 April 2008 - 09:39 AM

    I usually DONT put empty pods back in my vest for a few reasons:
    1) As a broadsword, its my job to lay down insane ammounts of covering fire. If I'm fiddleing with my vest, I'm not suppressing and that puts my sabers at a greater risk. At the field I play, we dont have much of a theft problem so at the end of the round, I almost always find all my pods and put them near our flag. I do not put them back in my vest, this leads me to...
    2) With no empty pods in my vest, I always know how much ammo I have. Additionally, I never have the bane of pulling out a pod while laying down some proper ropes only to find.... And empty pod.

    The attrition on my pods are usually 1 to 2 per day (to to being lost or dammaged). I use inexpensive pods and keep a healthy reserve in my bag, for both myself and my squadmates. (the pod I load them may be the pod they save our butts with.)

    For Fast Movers (Sabers, Daggers, Ect...), by casting your pods aside rather than stowing them, you gain the advantange of faster bounding assults (a rapid and relentless advance is an essential component to a successful advance on an enemy position. After the firefight is complete and the enemy position is occupied, send a player or two out at a time to recover their pods and bring them back to your new position to quick recovery after the round. I would still advise not putting empty pods in your vest for reason #2 above.

    Ultimately, It comes down to cost vs. performace. I have seen a few ideas in this topic on how to find a balance between the two. I like the sticker Idea. Custom (i.e. your Squads Logo and Name) stickers are available on the net and a fairly inexpensive if everyone on your squad chips in a little.

    I hope this helps out,



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