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  1. Tippmann 98 Custom with E-BOLT F/S/T

    28 February 2009 - 03:22 PM

    My Dad decided he wants to pick up something new for the 2009 season. Here is his good old Tippmann 98 Custom with an E-Bolt. Not an e-grip. An E-Bolt.

    He is hoping to get $100 Shipped OBO. He is also interested in trades for a decent electro, He can add if necessary. In the case of the trade you ship first.

    This Package will come with...

    Model 98 Custom
    Double Trigger
    Tippmann Pro Shop low pressure regulator (To feed air to the e-bolt.)
    Expansion Chamber
    Vertical Air Adapter
    Brand new E-Bolt Battery cover (Got the last one in stock at PBSports in Fort Wayne)
    2 Thread adapers
    *------- Autococker to 98 Thread Adapter
    *------- A-5 to 98 Thread Adapter
    Stock Barrel
    14 inch blue A-5 Dye Xcell Barrel
    Allen wrenches
    Manuals for Everything

    Extra Parts
    Hammer Assembly
    Hammer Spring
    Safety Button
    2 power tubes
    Single Trigger & Frame
    Feedneck Clip
    Front Sight Spring
    Sear Spring
    Rocket Cock 2 (And its appropriate hardware)

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  2. Shadow 1000 Pellet Rifle

    02 February 2009 - 05:58 PM

    Well, I have had this for long enough, and only used it 4 times. Its a great pellet rifle but I have no reason to keep it around, and I really want to either get the money out of it, or get something I want for paintball. It comes with everything that I received in the box. All the way down to the CD, and even the inspector card.

    First of all, I am not responsible for your laws in your area. Know your own laws, make sure that pellet rifles are legal in your area.


    Sports Gamo's traditional rifledThe inside of a barrel containing a spiral pattern of high and low areas that grab the projectile and impart a spin to it as it passes through. The most common type of rifling is called lands (the higher areas) and grooves (the lower areas). steel barrel. Sculpted into the black tactical synthetic stock is a Monte Carlo combThe top of a buttstock where the shooter's cheek rests when shooting. and cheekpiece. A two-stage adjustable trigger with manual safety and automatic anti-beartrap safety are standard. Two-color Tru-Glo sights.

    Great velocity too; 1200 feet per second (fps) with PBA, 1000 fpsFeet per second, usually written f.p.s. with Lead!

    Fiber optics: contrasting fiber colors in the front and rear sight
    Front sight - red 0.40mm in diameter
    Rear sight - yellow 0.60 mm in diameter
    Rear sight - adjustable millimetric for both windage and elevation

    Trades I will accept
    45/4500 High Pressure Tank in Hydro
    AGD Automag

    Nothing else that I can think of... but feel free to offer up. Must be paintball related. In the event of a trade you ship first.

    Price:$115 Shipped OBO NOW $100 Shipped OBO

    And now the eye candy...

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  3. Scenario Paintball Software

    30 January 2009 - 01:51 PM

    So I am in the middle of my third year of studying programming at high school (and I am a junior)... I have been through all the computer classes at our school, and am now creating my own classes and taking them... So I was going to write a 3d FPS game... but then last night came up with a crazy idea. I have about 4 months of classes to dedicate to the creation of this software... so anything is possible.

    Here is my idea.


    EDIT -
    Basically I am proposing a scenario management system. This is turning out to be a huge discussion with lots of good ideas and thought... read the whole thread to understand.


    Features I thought up

    Player Database
    -ID #
    -Position Preference
    -Positions Played
    -Games Played
    -Stat Tracking (Games Won, Games Lost)

    Scenario Creation Software
    -Time or Objective Based
    -Map (??? Not sure on how to do this...)
    -Positions / Roles
    -Flag / Locations worth points

    Objectives / Missions
    -Create Missions
    -Who are the missions for
    -When are the missions
    -Missions Completion Tracking

    Real Time Point Tracking
    -Point Tracking
    -Completed Missions
    -Flag stations or locations held

    -Tracks time
    -Notifies when its time for another mission

    Positions/Role Assignment
    -What roles are in the game
    -Randomly Assign Roles
    -User selected roles
    -Mixed random and user assigned
    -Role specific missions for a scenario

    Team Creation
    -Mixed random and user assigned
    -Based on win/loss stats pulled from player database (basically create as fair as possible teams)

    -Interfacing with a printer
    -Printing of Team List
    -Printing of Positions / Roles and their specific missions
    -Printing of Missions
    -Printing of Mid Game stats
    -Printing of end game stats

    Cell Phone SMS Capabilities (If I manage to get this working well... I am selling this software.)

    -Cell phone messages sent from the computer to players cellphones
    -Reception of messages received from cell phones and update game based on these
    -Missions sent out periodically
    -Current Points sent out
    -Mission completion received

    I have a TON more ideas... this is just a jumping off point... basically I am creating a piece of software... that if I manage to develop it, would in the hands of even an amateur, be able to run some kick butt games. And hopefully, if I get enough time... You would be able to push the go button, and through interfacing with cell phones it will run the entire scenario for you, and not have to have anyone sit out to run it. (This would most likely be in like version 2, if version one is at all a success. Please don't get hung up on this feature until I actually have a working version out.)

    I had one idea to incorporate RFID tags into player ID cards... but that's WAY in the future.

    Basically its like quick books for scenario paintball... except more fun.

    Other then that let me know what you guys think. Throw out ideas. Slam my ideas. Modify ideas. Tell me if you think this is stupid or a great idea. Whatever, I want some feedback. I am attempting to take scenario paintball in a whole new technological direction... I wanna leave my mark in paintball lol... who wants to join in?
  4. Halo F/S Only - Rip Drive

    15 January 2009 - 07:19 PM

    A decent condition blue halo b with a rip drive.

    Comes with techpb stickers mirrored on both sides. (I can clean off all the stickers before shipping if you want.)

    TWN will come off before I send.

    $45 shipped and paypaled.

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  5. LNIB Tiberious Arms Tac 8 Package FS/T

    29 December 2008 - 06:01 PM




    This gun has had about 100 shots through it total.

    Comes with...
    Original Box
    Original Manuals
    Original Allen Key
    Tac 8 in Flawless Condition
    2 Mags
    Very nice soft case
    Right Handed Holster
    Mag Pouch
    Barrel Condom

    $220 OBO

    Trades Take Priority

    Looking mostly for pumps but will look at anything.

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