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  1. Dye i3 Pros and Invert 4+3 pack with 4 pods.

    02 February 2009 - 01:23 PM

    Hey guys, some of you know me some of you don't lol.
    Anyway, everything I'm selling is brand new, never been used. I don't have the original packaging though and the mask is missing the visor. The I3 Pro's are black, with the normal clear anti-fog lens, in great condition other then a few scratches on the lens. The pack is an invert 4+3 pack, size large, in digi camo. It comes with 4 red pods.
    The pack was $30 and the mask is around $80 new last time I checked, I'll look at just about any offers though. Hopefully I can get $60 out of these so I can go snowboarding this weekend :)
    I'll get pics up ASAP, please PM me though with any questions! I also have some affliction and no-fear t-shirts if anyone's interested.

  2. sksdesignz!

    12 November 2008 - 06:22 PM

    Now I just wanted to take a minute to pimp my new favorite gfx site, http://sksdesignz.org/! They're really good if you're into graphic arts or just like messin around with photoshop :) There are some newbie guys on there but they're getting better and some of the guys are really good! I know it can be hard to find a good place to post your stuff and have people critique it and this place is pretty cool. It's kinda small but we're growing it constantly, we actually have a tournament coming up really soon with prize(s)! So if you want to take a sec to check it out I'd recommend it!

    (Also good for the 5,000 people who've tried to make GFX teams on here and failed :dry: )



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    Steel Tiger 

    13 Aug 2008 - 19:14
    happy birthday!
  2. Photo


    22 May 2008 - 15:55
    hmm, wonder what the Comment two down from mine means...??
  3. Photo


    04 Apr 2008 - 13:48
    Life is pretty good. I just owned a whole bunch of folks in the Rant thread. Yes that is ACU and I have a MARPAT vest.
  4. Photo


    04 Apr 2008 - 09:58
    Haha. Im not sure why i got it to be honest...
  5. Photo


    21 Mar 2008 - 20:34
    Like I said, anytime, anyplace.
    SnV and I used to be on speaking terms, until he began flaming me in all our debates.
    Now things aren't so friendly.
  6. Photo


    15 Mar 2008 - 15:24
    Yeah i'm new. I joined around february.
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    14 Mar 2008 - 15:41
    This is Watchtower 07. You're the only other 14 year old i've met here.
  8. Photo


    05 Mar 2008 - 20:48
    The Norris thing was great. Good ones. Puzuma was being a dumb.
  9. Photo


    09 Jan 2008 - 15:44
    lol ok
  10. Photo


    09 Jan 2008 - 14:45
    WHAT? lol
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