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  1. I just got a used 06 Cyborg

    18 May 2009 - 09:26 PM

    My "slightly used" Olive Dust 06 Cyborg I just picked up. It has only one scuff in the anno, near the bottom of the reg on the trigger guard side. Very not noticeable. There is also one dirty area behind the gauge that will be easy to clean. Otherwise, she's in great shape. I really didn't like that color when I saw it online, but it looks much better in person. She has the matching Matchstik barrel with the stock back. 0.689 according to my research.

    I just ordered a 0.685 back because half of the 10 Marballizers I dropped down the back stuck, but the other half rolled out the barrel effortlessly. I don't use Marballizers all the time, but I'd like a better match in future. I buy DXS Bronze frequently from the Pev's shop. It's their field paint with the Pev's logo on the balls. I had a similar result. 6 stuck, 4 rolled through. She also has a Hybrid East Coast Killers grip.

    She fired REALLY SLOW and I was really underwhelmed and disappointed. I found a PDF of the manual and discovered the RoF had been set to 3 bps. Yes, three. I set it back to the default 30 (thirty) and she fires sooooooo nice now. I can't wait to get out to the chrono range to see what she's set at. She currently is running at just under 200 PSI.

    Even though I have a woodsball setup, After I fired off a pod, t ran out to get a some Dow 33 and Dye Rhino cover for my tank because I'm going to ditch the remote for a "speedball" setup. I have been doing hardcore power lifting 6 days a week (or if I have the energy 2 workouts a day, 3 days a week) for the last year and a half. I think the extra weight won't effect me. Plus trying to switch hands to aim on the left of a bunker is a pain in the butt with the remote.

    My Blackhearted Ion is now a backup to this beauty.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  2. Pondering an idea. Thread Saver on a CP Reg for a custom project

    15 April 2009 - 02:02 AM

    Ok, I was having a thought experiment. Instead of hacksawing off parts of a duckbill ASA I used for my custom P90 Ion and running the hose up to the solenoid, could I cap off the top of the reg with a thread saver (it's the same threads, for a reason), and run the hose out of the 2nd gauge port (the other has a gauge in it) or would the danger of the thread saver screwing loose be too much of a danger.

    Furthermore, would it even keep the air in? Even if I used teflon tape? I know it's not designed to do anything but keep your tank's threads safe and not actually seal off the air.

    I'd like to run this by everyone before I even try some controlled tests.
  3. My 1st attempt at a P90 Ion

    10 April 2009 - 01:56 PM

    Just like what the title says, I too have tried to fit an Ion in a P90 and this is my prototype. I'm going to change a few things for the next one I'm making. I got a few offers from some players at my local field.

    I finished it about two weeks ago after about a week of "carving" the insides and about a a day of soldering after I accidentally rendered the stock Ion board unusable.

    My plan A was to use a t-board but then I was able to get everything to work with the stock board and trying to setup a system to reach the power button, I actually snapped the button off.

    It has:

    Stock Ion Solenoid
    Stock Ion breech/firing can/bolt
    Low rise clamping feedneck, vertically mounted
    Freak Jr back w/ .691 insert
    Freak 16" Tactical front
    CP Shorty reg
    Universal T-board

    That thing between the air gauge and the Dye pad is a mistake I had to patch up, but was able to use. I made a hole in the side to access the power button, but when I ruined that, I put the LED there. I covered it with some flexible plastic covering so the LED will shine through and I taped it on with electrical tape to keep it secure and any paint out. The way I hold it, it would have been fine uncovered, but still...
    Posted Image

    Alternate shot showing changes I had made since I last took pics (which are only on my face book). I had a Freak jr 14" front and it barely poked out.
    Posted Image

    Changes planned for my next model that I would consider selling:
    Vertically mount the reg, keep the gauge tucked behind the door so I don't have to carve out another hole.
    Change the position of the LED. It is there to cover a mistake. Put it behind or even in the access door.
    If I use the stock board again, easy access to the power button, mount it flush to the side of the shell.


    Pics with hopper and old barrel.
    Posted Image

    Head on shot with hopper and old barrel.
    Posted Image
  4. I need help on deciding which brand can help me recreate a M4 Carbine

    06 February 2009 - 06:11 PM

    Posted Image

    That is a M4A1, to be exact, but I need help on which marker is reliable and could recreate that M4. I REALLY would like to keep it under $500, so the scope isn't necessary. I don't know why, but over the last few weeks, I've really fallen in love with that look. I would like there to be an option to add a hopper, but I know that will mostly kill the look. EDIT: Going hopper free isn't a priority. Just having the option to go hopper would be nice, not a deal breaker though.

    My question is other than RAP4 (which I know is pretty hated around here, but I love the pistol I got as a backup.) are there any other brands out there that come close? How are they? If I could get some names, I can look up reviews myself (pbnation.com, right?). Is magazine feed a hindrance, or does it really help you to take an aimed shot and just not spray paint?

    I have an Ion that I got as a gift to get back into paintball after a 15 year break, and I love it to death, but I'm not a speedballer, and it doesn't really fit my all camo look. Also, I want to do more senario play and it also doesn't fit the style. I will use my Ion till it falls apart, I just want a proper senario marker.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for the help.


    I would like to have the option to go hopperless, but it's not something I'm dead set on. The way I play right now means spraying about 2 pods worth of paint a game, and that wouldn't cut it with having magazines.


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