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  1. I'm getting sued.

    17 June 2010 - 12:27 AM

    So, a while back, some of you may remember the thread, I got in a massive car accident. 4 cars involved, totaled 2, sent a guy to the hospital.

    As far as I can tell, he's still there. Course I was told differently by someone(I remember it being the insurance agent, but I can't recall at this point), and that had me living in a stress free dream world till now. The insurance company has made a settlement offer equal to our policy limit, and I get to talk to the lawyer tuesday, but that's about all I know. After A month, I'm sure they're gonna want more than our policy pays, but, well, I don't have money in the slightest, and my parents don't have anything they aren't in debt on besides some stocks.

    I'm superbly worried this will end up bankrupting my parents. Super stressed out right now. That's huge, considering I'm never stressed. All this over looking away form the road for a second too long.
  2. Driving while distracted

    24 April 2010 - 11:02 AM

    Posted Image

    That was my mothers car. Was driving it around for the weekened to visit friends in Fresno. Looked away from the road for a second to glance at my friend in the passenger seat. Everyone up ahead was stopped because of a fuel spill. I didn't notice until it was too late. Slammed into a guy going 70mph. The guy, who was changing lanes, spun into that truck you see in the picture. He also hit the car in front of him. If just one safety measure didn't deploy, we'd all be dead.

    Found a lovely article. http://www.visaliatimesdelta.com/article/2...321/1002/NEWS01

    Get's most of the facts wrong. The very last picture is my car.
  3. Droid/Android Thread

    29 March 2010 - 02:00 AM

    So who has a Droid, or other android based phone? I just got a droid on Saturday, and I'm in love. I compared to the Apple app store, the Android Market is amazing. It has less apps, that much is clear, but that really just means its not cluttered with hundreds of useless and retarded apps. No fart buttons here.So far, I've got a GBA Emulator(which I have pokemon for. FRAG yes.), Bar Code Scanner, Task Manage, Battery timer, Pandora, IM service, Google Sky map, MMS saver, SMS client, and Shazam.

    What apps do you guys recommend/have?
  4. Stupid Neighbors

    20 March 2010 - 02:44 AM

    So basically, where I live is pretty much a suburb. In the middle of nowhere. 10 Minutes to the nearest gas station. Housing bubble hit us hard, as all the developers pulled out, and left our nice little planned out town thing out to dry. Anyways, as a result of this, the old lady across the street got foreclosed on(she lost her job, couldn't get the bank to work with her, she's old enough her credit doesn't really matter so she moved in with her boyfriend). Her house was on the corner, so we basically had a blank fence in front of our house. (her house faced <-- the house behind her faced --> and we face ^)

    Months go by. During this period, my family acquires 2 new cars, for a grand total of 6. The plan was, when I got my Camaro, we were going to get rid of 2 of these cars, but then the camaro broke (forcing us to keep one car for me to drive), and my dad has been rather lazy in getting the other one hauled away. So, we currently have 1 car in the garage, 2 in the drive way, one directly in front, and park the remaining 2 directly across the street, next to the aforementioned blank fence. there's room for ~8 cars to be parked on this blank patch of street, two can be parked in front, 4 in back. The important number is the former. Not really a problem for anyone.

    New neighbors move in across the street. They have a grand total of 4 cars. Shouldn't be a problem right? 2 in the driveway, one out front, one parked beside the house (in front of our cars). Heck, they even have an empty house across the street. They have a grand total of 8 spaces they could possibly use, without anyone getting bothered. 4 cars, 8 spaces. Remember that. INSTEAD, however, they somehow got the idea, that the blank stretch was THEIRS. This is where they start getting all durp durp retarded. They put one car in their driveway. They have a big truck, and a couple midsized SUV's (a lexus and a hyundai). Granted, I wouldn't wanna try fitting a truck of that size and an SUV onto said driveway, but uh, there 4th car? A Geo Metro. I can fit that thing on my big toenail. Still, this shouldn't be a problem. 4 cars, 8 spaces right? Well, for some reason, they're trying to train us not to park out cars along their fence. So they put 3 cars there. Leaving no car in front of their house.

    Ok, we get it, you don't like us parking there. Too bad it's a public street. We've already assured them it won't be a problem in a little while, as my camaro is getting fixed, and my mom is getting rather annoyed the other car hasn't been taken care of. patience is all we ask. Not too unreasonable. Today, I finally got tired, and parked my van right in front of their house.

    Sorry for the rather long rant...
  5. Mini Compressor for paintball

    16 February 2010 - 04:27 AM

    With all you automag fanboys I woulda thought this would be up already:


    Posted Image

    From Tom Himself

    Q: How much will it cost?
    A: Currently the target price is ******** (Google it) retail but this could change.

    Q: How fast will it fill a tank?
    A: It will fill a 68 cubic inch tank in about 4 hours to 4500 psi.

    Q: I hear it needs another compressor?
    A: Yes, it needs an 85 psi input from a shop compressor for maximum fill rate. If you donít use a shop compressor it will take 6 times longer to fill a tank.

    Q: What shop compressor can I use?
    A: Almost ANY shop compressor that puts out at least 85 psi at 1 CFM or more will work fine. The mini-compressor takes very little air and a shop compressor will only kick on a few times. Small shop compressors are so cheap it didnít make sense to try and build one into the mini-compressor.

    Q: How many CFM does the mini-compressor use when pumping?
    A: It takes about 0.04 CFM which is nothing.

    Q: Can I use a compressed air tank instead of a shop compressor?
    A: Yes you can. Some thing like a portable air tank for filling tires should work but it needs to be big enough to maintain some type of pressure during the 4 hour fill time.

    Q: Can I fill a scuba tank?
    A: Yes but you have to provide a fill hose and attachment fittings. I estimate it will fill an 80 cubic foot scuba tank to 3000 psi in about 24 hours.

    Q: Can I use a low pressure scuba with a regulated output to 85 psi to feed the mini-compressor?
    A: Yes but we donít recommend it because a high pressure regulator is more expensive than a small shop compressor that can be bought new for 80 bucks.

    Q: How much noise does it make?
    A: Not that much but its not completely silent. Its less noisy than your mothers sewing machine.

    Q: Does it turn off by itself?
    A: Yes but the pressure is preset at the factory. You have to buy either the 4500 or 3000 psi model.

    Q: What else do I need to get to make it work?
    A: To keep the cost down we only supply a stainless nipple output from the compressor. This is the same nipple you find on your paintball markers tank. You need to get a hose to connect what ever type of tank you have, scuba, paintball, pellet gun, to the compressor.

    Q: What size is it?
    A: Its about 16Ē wide, 12Ē deep and 6 Ĺ inches tall. The picture on Facebook shows a pencil for scale in front of the compressor.

    Q: When will it be available?
    A: We are making the pre-production prototypes now and hope to have the first run out within two months.

    Q: Is there any water or particle filtration on the mini-compressor?
    A: No there is not to keep costs down. You can put a water trap between the shop compressor and the mini-compressor if thatís a concern.

    Q: How much electricity will it take?
    A: It will cost less than 5 cents an hour to run the compressor.



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