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  1. Karnivor Regulators

    07 December 2008 - 08:53 PM

    rae the Karni reg's any good? As in consistency wise? If your guys have reviews that would be cool.
  2. The Desacrator's Sale Thread

    26 November 2008 - 09:37 PM

    I need to get rid of some this stuff. Rules first, then the goods.

    I will not PM you. You PM me.
    I'll ship after payment.
    Paypal and Shipping costs are included.
    Price cuts and deals on multiple buys.
    $10 minimum. It really isn't worth it for me to go and ship something thats less that than 10 bucks.
    Offer Up.
    Serious offers only.

    Posted Image

    CCM Inline Regulator $40
    CCM Micro Rail Sold
    CCM On/Off Sold
    SP Bottomline $3 Pending?
    Smart Parts Ion Stock Feedneck.Missing an O-ring - Free with any purchase or $5 shipped

    JT USA Jersey (Brand New, still has the tag.) Size: XXL- $22
    Posted Image

    JT Elite Headshield Full Coverage - $20
    I don't have pics. Will get some upon request. It has a brand new lense though, never used in play

    Vforce Profiler Visor (Brand new. Never used it.)$4
    Posted Image

    WGP Kaner Autococker Threaded Barrel - .689 Bore $12
    Posted Image

    Bob Long Assassin Barrel 12 in .689 Bore Autococker Threaded $15 (Won't come with the O-Ring)
    Posted Image

    Stock Ion Barrel Impulse/Ion Threaded. It is the Polished Black kind, the newer one. Not the Dust Black. Free with any Purchase or $7
    Posted Image

    Trades I'm Interested In:
    Karnivor Autococker Body
    CCM 45* Autococker Trigger Frame
    Delrin Autococker Bolt, Fullblock
    Smart Parts AA/Freak Front - 14in
    Smart Parts Freak Back Ion/Impulse Threads
    50rd Pods

    If I find other things to sell I'll add em in.
  3. Odyssey Halo B

    17 November 2008 - 06:07 PM

    Alrighty I have a LNIB Halo B with the previously metioned ups.I never broke a ball in it and it will come with the original box. It has been used only 3 times. There are no cracks anywhere in the loader and I have never broken paint in it. It still has a blank warranty card. I am selling it because after I used the first 2 times iI used it, I bought a pump and haven't used it since. I am looking at $90 Shipped and Paypaled considering how new it is, but offer up.

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    I covered the flash with my finger to make the text visable, or it owuld show up as a white glare.

    Only trades would be a straight up 45* CCM trigger frame or a full WGP Karnivor Autococker body. And by full I mean not being minied or any of that crap that ruins a perfectly good body.

    My feedback is here:
  4. WTB Karnivor Autococker Body

    11 October 2008 - 11:32 PM

    Ok what I'd like is a WGP Karnivor Autococker body. It is gonna be for my pump(I know the issue with pump kits on em). I don't want the trigger frame, or barrel, or anything like that. I'd prefer the original, but if it is midblcoked I might still be interested. I have some monies and for trade: I have my 03 Prostock body and everything in my Sale thread(And my Ion, look down for specs.) If you wanna do a body for body swap that would be beautiful but I know it is quite unlikely.
    My Sale
    PM me and post please.
    Thanks for lookin.

    Posted Image
    Not shown, but coming with:
    is a 14in Freak Jr. Barrel with 1 insert.
    stock feedneck
    stock firing can
    stock black body parts
    stock barrel
    brand new SP dovetail drop foreward.(the one in the pic is used,i have another NIB)
    Inside is a NDZ firing can.
    won't come with the sock, tank, or the picured SP rail(specified up top)
  5. 50 Round Pods

    29 September 2008 - 07:41 PM

    This is directed to open class pumpers, do you make pods, buy pods, or stuff normal pods?
    Just curious, beacause I just made a mini pod for my pump. That was fun. Using the 140s sucks becasue i have to pull them out, use a third, and then put them back.Explain your choice if you want.

    Posted Image


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