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  1. In Topic: New Karma rules....

    08 March 2009 - 09:01 PM

    View PostLegato, on Feb 7 2009, 02:04 AM, said:

    Simple Poll boys/girls....

    Alright, to quote Popeye (which prolly none of you are old enough to remember), "That's all i can stands, and i can't stands no more!!" I am sick and tired of hearing about people flaking out on Karma games. Either they win and they never return Karma, or they win, hold a Karma game, then never send out the prize. That is utter bull crap as far as i am concerned.

    This game was made/played with good intentions. You win the prize, you then return the Karma you won. Plain and simple. Nothing else to it. It isn't that hard. Really, it's not. You entered the game with the intent on winning a prize...the only catch to it is that you reciprocate that and give out a prize of your own.

    I am seeing far too many not return Karma. And i am hearing FAR too many boinking stories of people holding Karma games and not sending out the prize in the end. I am boinking sick of it. Honestly. Friggin sick of it. I hate seeing a nice fun game ruined by people renegging on crap and acting flaky.

    So here it is, i lay this out for the people of the SOPC to vote, i know where i stand, just need to know who agrees and who doesn't.

    If you win a Karma game and do not return Karma (line yourself up to start your own game) in 3 weeks time from winning should you be allowed to enter any new Karma games?

    and two

    If you hold a Karma game and FAIL to send out your item, should you be banned from any future games until you make good on your original game?

    This is simple and easy. I will let this sit for 4 days. After that time if the new rules are agreed upon, they will be entered into the game. If not, then i will leave the game as is.

    If the new rules take effect i will start PMing people who won but haven't returned in a timely manner. I honestly think 3 weeks is MORE THAN ENOUGH time to get something out. You entered knowing you had to give, so i assume (which i guess i shouldn't do) that you actually have something to give and would be ready to give in 3 weeks time.

    Questions, comments, opinions??? Am i being a blatant butt hole by doing this???

    yeah I was going to do mine...but my comp is breaking down, literally. Pars and Readers arent even fucntioning or responding so I haven't been on in like a month.I still have my stuff to karma, just gonna do it aftre i get my new comp uter and everything is stable.
  2. In Topic: Odyssey Halo B

    24 December 2008 - 07:22 PM

    No longer for sale, sorry.
  3. In Topic: The Desacrator's Sale Thread

    20 December 2008 - 12:35 PM

    I have climbed the mountain.
  4. In Topic: Let's make a MID BLOCK SC

    19 December 2008 - 10:30 PM

    W/o spike imo.
    Sick vert Feed btw
  5. In Topic: AUTOMAG freak back + front

    17 December 2008 - 09:45 PM

    PMed you about the Dye frame.


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