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Topics I've Started

  1. PennDragons Woodsball Team - Looking for Players

    13 April 2010 - 07:07 AM

    We are an established woodsball team based out of the Lehigh Valley, PA area. We've had some attrition this season and are looking for new players.

    The PennDragons attend scenario games, enjoy rec play, and have also begun to hit some tournaments. We traveled to play the Pittsburgh UWL tourney last year, and plan to attend again this year.

    Participation in tournaments is not mandatory, but if you wish to travel with us, we will expect you to make the lion's share of our practices.

    We will be playing at Skirmish USA a good deal this season, and as such many of us have purchased season passes. In addition, we have also have a small private field in Bath, PA and drill there as well.

    We do not hold skill-based tryouts. We are much more interested in signing mature, reliable, personable, fun, and safe players. The skill will come with practice. This doesn't mean everyone makes the team. We are a tight group that gets along well, and are friends off the field as well as on. We're looking for players who will mesh well with the existing group dynamic.

    Our focus is methodical, tactical play with a focus on communication (we use radios) and coordination. At the same time, we drill on basics such as snap shooting, etc.

    Our players range in age from 16 to 40, but in general we are looking for more mature, established players.

    Interested players can contact the author via PM.
  2. Dangerous Power G3 for sale

    18 February 2010 - 06:06 AM


    Clean, Upped Dangerous Power G3 for sale (used)

    Black and silver DP G3 w/ all stock parts including box. No scratches – super clean condition. Original adult owner. I tech and maintain all my own guns. Ready to rock right out of the box.

    Posted Image

    Link to more pictures:

    Sale includes these upgrades:
    • APE Rampage microswitch board w/ Gen4 software (this board is sweet!)
    • TechT L7 Bolt Engine
    • CP “Sling Blade” roller bearing trigger
    • Black PMD pressure gauge backcap
    • Improved DP “red” regulator piston
    • DP G3 upgrade trigger
    • DP G3 parts kit
    • O-Ring Monkey G3 o-ring kit
    Note: DP barrel sock and the regulator allen wrench from original kit are lost and not included. Reg may be adjusted with an off-the-shelf 1/4” allen wrench. Swanky neon green towel not included.

    • Not interested in any trades.
    • Payment by Paypal only.
    • Serious, paying customers only.
    • No ridiculous lowball offers. This is a tight gun.
    • Continental USA only.
    • Not interested in any trades.
    Asking $280 plus shipping (USPS Priority Mail) via Paypal. Can supply shipping estimates to serious buyers.

    This G3 is fully upped – excellent board, roller trigger, lightweight bolt – it's all there. You haven't seen a used G3 this clean. Gun is 100% functional, lovingly maintained, and shoots better than the day I bought it. I've simply been missing my Fusion (prefer poppet guns), and am switching back to shooting an F8.



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