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  1. ***New Sponsor for 2009 Season***

    13 January 2009 - 09:06 PM

    *****For Immediate Release *****

    Team On Target Scenario Paintball Team

    On behalf of Team On Target Scenario Paintball Team, I would like to announce the formal sponsorship agreement with Smart Parts, Inc. Team On Target will be making the SP1, Ion, and Shocker NXT the official team paintball marker for the 2009 season.

    Our team's top goals are to bring professionalism, sportsmanship, media coverage and popularity to scenario events. With Smart Parts, Inc. we will be able to achieve our goals that are set very high for our team players. If Team On Target is sponsored by a company then it's guaranteed that the products we use from them are the best in the industry.

    We challenge or invite all teams to play alongside our schedule as we will be stepping up our already hard hitting, fast moving, and in your face team to a higher level of play.

    Thanks again to Sean Scott and Smart Parts, Inc. and we hope to see everyone soon on a field near you.
    David "Taz" Joseph
    Team President
    Team On Target Scenario Paintball Team
    Proudly Sponsored By: Smart Parts, Inc., Tech T Paintball, and Flurry Industries
  2. Team On Target Scenario Paintball Team*****For Immediate Release *****

    01 January 2009 - 09:24 PM

    *****For Immediate Release *****

    Team On Target Scenario Paintball Team is proud to announce the 2009 Senior Leadership Team as well as the 2009 Official Team Roster.

    Team On Target's Senior Leadership Team

    Team President
    David "Taz" Joseph
    Runs day to day operations of team.
    Designated signer for sponsorship agreements and contracts.

    Team Captain
    Pete "Iceman" Begin
    Supervises team practice and roster for scenarios.
    In charge of recruitment, organizational policies, climate, and culture.
    Designated attendee for team meetings.

    Team Leader/ Point Man
    Doug "Buzzard" Moyer
    Focuses on the scenario, and concentrates on the specific tasks assigned on the field.
    Close supervision and control to achieve expected results.
    Designated attendee for team meetings.

    Specialist Leader
    Mike "Snake Doctor" Huston
    In charge of demolition raids and application of anti-tank procedures.
    Close supervision and control of team medic personnel to achieve expected results.
    Designated alternate attendee for team meetings.

    Sponsorships/ Promotions
    Tommy "Realtor" Long
    Evaluates potential sponsorships that both meets the team and sponsors goals.
    Coordinates promotions and displays of sponsored equipment and gear.

    Team On Target's Official 2009 Team Roster:

    Chris " Panda" Albrecht

    Mathew "Hacker" Baillargeon

    Peter "Iceman" Begin

    Will "Roper" Crayger

    Camden "Flash" Drake

    Mike "Ghost" Drouin

    Bryant "Matrix" Gray

    Michael "Snake Doctor" Huston

    Michael "Quickie" Jenkins

    David "Taz" Joseph

    Victor "Voodoo Child" Lewis

    Tommy "Realtor" Long

    Dan "Hooded Cobra" Marinelli

    Kenny "Rupert" McLean

    Doug "Buzzard" Moyer

    Dave "Thor" New

    Chris "N2" Noury

    Ron "Eclipse" Porter

    David "Cub" Rodriquez

    Kevin "Ballbreaker" Surrency

    Tim "Jester" White
  3. Team On Target Recruiting

    26 June 2008 - 07:00 PM

    Team Name: Team On Target
    Team Location: Central Florida
    Website: www.teamontargetpb.com
    Contact Info: teamontargetpb@yahoo.com

    Our Mission Statement:

    Team On Target is a hard-hitting team dedicated to maintaining sportsmanship, developing skills, tactics, and upholding professionalism in the sport of scenario paintball.

    Who We Are:

    The team was formed in 2006 and has players from New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Indiana, and Florida. Most of the team now lives in Central Florida and is made up of ex-military, law enforcement, speedballers, woodsballers, and just all around paintball players.

    We are a hard-hitting “In Your Face” team that never quits and plays to win without sacrificing good sportsmanship. You will usually find us running missions or in the heat of the battle. We like to play for the top awards at an event and do whatever is needed of us for our side to gain the upper hand. We play the full 24-Hours of the game (Day or Night) period, and do not leave the field until our orders are completed.

    We are very dedicated to the sport of paintball and practice at least twice a month if not every week. The weeks we don't practice we conduct meetings to discuss team objectives for our next scenario paintball event. As a team we are very close and are friends on and off the field.


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