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  1. In Topic: Epic Paintball Justice

    20 December 2011 - 09:58 PM

    View PostBenaiah, on 20 December 2011 - 09:17 PM, said:

    DO work.

    I thought that was funny. You could tell the guy was anticipating a rollover at the beginning. He could hardly contain himself when you asked how many people he had. lol

    For the interview, I actually had one of my friends videotaping. I told him to go hang out with the people from my wife's hospital, and tell the team captain of the opforce that he was videotaping for the 'olive view' people who couldn't make it that day.

    The couple of folks from my wife's hospital were not looking at us, were not associating with us period, or even acknowledging our existance prior to us all getting geared up and meeting the opforce at 'rules'. We didn't want them to have any idea whatsoever at what was coming at them.
    The couple of 'olive view' employees just kept telling him that the rest of their team would be showing up soon... they are sorry that everyone's running late..... and meanwhile we were all on the other side of the parking lot getting geared up so that we could all walk up as a huge group and scare the heck out of them lol. :)

    It worked. The OpForce captain, in the parking lot.... at rules.... had his black speedball pants, black chest protector, black mask ON... and his alpha black project salvo, standing by the head ref, in an attempt to look as intimidating as possible. (wtf would you have your mask on during RULES???) Then they all turn around.... and it looks like freakin delta force is walking up behind them. it was priceless :)

    Then we all felt bad.... cause after all the guys trash talk, he ended up showing up with a TON of just regular ol lookin players and kids with rental gear, and some entry level walmart markers.

    We felt like bullies...... but their team captain asked for it.

    We DID switch some players to them after lunch though. :)
  2. In Topic: Look what i just won

    17 February 2010 - 12:08 PM

    dude that is freaking AWESOME!!! ;)
    I remember making that kit specifically for one of the guys from the x7og.net forums about a year ago. The normal SCAR extended foregrip is an inch and a half shorter, but he wanted the slightly longer foregrip, and it still looks cool imho. The front sight I made and gave to him as a gift, and have never machined another one. That is literally a one of a kind aluminum front sight that was made specifically for his 1" O.D. barrel. If you use a narrower barrel, you will probably need to put some electrical tape around he barrel to act as a spacer, but it'll be fine.

    That X7 belonged to one of the most respected Tippmann owners on the net, you could go to the tippmann forums, milsimempire boards, the different OG's (x7og.net, a5og.net, 98og.net, etc) the specops boards, and a host of other forums, mention the guys name, and everyone would know who you were talking about. He took very very good care of that marker.

    All in all,... for just over $300, you have yourself an awesome deal there ninja. Very very nice setup for the price :dodgy:
    If you ever have any problems or questions about any of the parts on it, please shoot me a pm and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

    THe foregrip, stock, and sights all work on the phenom also, so if you ever buy a phenom, you're gtg, you'd just need to get one of the scenario arms 5.56mm mags to fix that fuggly little gimp 9mm mag that the phenoms come with.

    Posted Image
  3. In Topic: Phenom 5.56mm Mag

    13 January 2010 - 11:57 PM

    Here's a link to a youtube vid that I just put together to quickly show the mag on a phenom.
  4. In Topic: I have questions about the new X7 Phenom

    23 November 2009 - 02:28 PM


    I thought i remembered someone was producing an extended backplate that would allow the stock to fold completely, might have even been D.

    Nope, wasn't me. :dodgy:
    I actually don't mind it.
    The spring on the x36 folding stock still keeps the stock folded. The end of the stock does butt up against the back corner of the cyclone, but it's really no biggie if you think about it. It doesn't really increase the front profile of the marker at all from the front anymore than normal because of the hopper sticking out from the side further than the cyclone housing.

    The 552 folding stock does the same exact thing with a standard X7. They stay up tight against it and don't flop around. Branches and brush don't get caught on the x36 folding stock really anymore than they did before really. It looks a tiny little bit off, but really doesn't hurt performance at all imho. There's only so much you can do with a big cyclone sticking out there. in the path of all folding stocks heh.

    Either cut them down so they look a little out of proportion, or just let them rest up against the side of the cyclone.
    *shrugs again* No real biggy. :(

    And as for the carrying handles, from what I've heard, the x36 carrying handle doesn't clip onto the foregrip at the front anymore with the phenom without some modding on the foregrip. Someone over at the x7 boards said that they had to use a dremmel and mod their foregrip. That the back locked on fine like normal, (if you can consider those screws stripping out all the time normal) but that the front of it had to be free floating prior to modding. I can't confirm, because I didn't see it, but that's what he said he had to do.

    Also, my 2 carrying handles won't work on the phenom unless you are using a stock x7 foregrip.
    My 2 carrying handles are 1 inch longer than the tippmann ones, so the 1" shorter phenom, plus the already 1" longer carrying handles make them stick out too far at the front.

    Also, the euro sniper/heavy gunner, and cqb36 foregrips need a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny little bit of modding to go onto the phenom. Pretty much on the bottom corner of the foregrips, it buts up against the magazine release plate thing on the phenoms magwell. Just need to cut off a tiny little area on the bottom corner of the foregrip to make room for it.

    As soon as I can actually buy a phenom of my own, I'll be making carrying handles specifically for it, and mod all of the existing parts so that they won't require any at-home sanding or little bit of plastic cutting on those foregrips to be able to go onto the penom fine.
    But until i can afford a phenom yet... bleh.

    PS: I do consider myself a specops boards newbie still :)
    Someone here directed me to the x7 boards back in april of 2007 and I didn't really come back here more than a handful of times since then till recently. :)
    And the pbnews, and the tippmann area are really the only places I go in here.
  5. In Topic: Updated X7

    18 November 2009 - 03:13 AM

    Nice setup Zipp :(

    If you or any of the other X7 owners ever get tired of the x7'hatin that goes on over here at the spec ops boards (funny considering that spec ops helped make the X7), go register over at the x7og.net forums. It's the best forum on the net for guys who own X7's. 6500+ X7 owners, and the best resource on the net for troubleshooting, mods, upkeep, and anything else you could ever want to talk about in regards to the X7-Standard, or Phenom.

    No cussing or flaming allowed, so everyone's really friendly/helpful, plus you won't find any milsim haters over there unlike a certain forum that I won't mention *cough*.

    Shoot me a pm over there when you register. I did 2 and a half years ago, and have hardly ever gone to any other forums since.


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