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  1. WTB Phantom Parts

    28 January 2010 - 03:17 PM

    I've got a VSC Phantom that I'm trying to pistolize, so I need some parts that'll bring down the size.

    Items on the list:

    10 round feed tube
    Ghost ring or red dot sights
    Rear drop-out changer
    Barrel. +points if it's part of a mult-bore barrel kit, can use the stock pump handle, is pretty much flush with the stock full-length pump handle, comes with a handle if it's too wide for the stock one, comes with at least one bore (can't afford a full kit)

    I also need some replacement parts:

    The nylon screw that goes into the bolt, which keeps the velocity adjuster in place.
    Replacement seals for 12 gram changers.
    Spring kits.

    Also, I'd like to know any links to active stores that sell phantom parts. I hear Wevo and White-Wolf are dead, and ASP has a limited selection.

    My budget is limited to $150, and I'm looking to get at least three parts for my gun. The barrel is a priority.

    I am flexible when it comes to payment, in both prices and payment method.

    Thank You.
  2. A-5 and Tac 8 + Accessories

    08 January 2009 - 02:43 PM


    Moderately used A-5:

    Posted Image
    (Bolts are not attached because I keep marker disassembled)

    Posted Image

    JCS X-Short 5" Barrel
    X-7 Cyclone Feed + Hopper
    30 Round Tac Cap
    MP5 Folding Stock
    Aluminum Skeleton Stock
    Expansion Chamber Bottomline
    Stock Barrel
    Spare Stock Bottomline
    Two Stock Hoppers

    Minor Paint Chipping and Discoloration

    $220 for entire package.

    Moderately Used Tac 8

    Posted Image

    Two Magazines
    Special Ops Thigh Holster

    Weak Magazine Spring
    Missing Sights
    Missing One of Two Barrel Detents
    Grip Cracked along Seam
    Leakage Issues

    $150 for entire package.


    My prices are very negotiable. If you think something is worth less, give me your price and we'll work it out from there.

    If you buy everything in this thread, I will send by priority mail to anywhere within contiguous US.

    I will take only working ATS Markers / Magazines as trades, NOTHING ELSE.

    Unless it is likely that I will sell everything here, there will be no parting out.

    Pay by MO or Check. I will only accept PayPal if the transaction is free.

    I will ship within ASAP after receiving money.

    PM me for any questions.



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    toxic t0ast 

    29 May 2007 - 15:42
    Hey man, do you have a myspace?
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