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  1. German 709 Utah Beach D Day

    22 January 2009 - 01:36 PM

    Join me in defending Utah beach at the 2009 D Day.

    This beach is one of the most visually impressive pieces of real estate on the whole D Day park

    Watch as the Allies get mowed down by the Awsome power of my Reaper QUAD

    If you are interested in joining me post her or send me a PM


    P.S. Don't get on the wrong side of this!!!

    Posted Image
  2. Tripod Mount

    20 June 2008 - 08:20 AM

    At D day the LAPCO Guys had a Tripod for their Hammer. It was a nice light weight quick to set up Tripod.

    They got it from a real gun but said that if there was enough interest thew would consider makeing them for paintball use.

    I want to see if the interest is there. so Vote
  3. Save Phace

    21 April 2008 - 07:11 AM


    I just got back from Black Hawk down and I used my Save Phace mask for the entire game


    Got a shot to my forehead which in my grill would have left a goose egg or welt, but in these no problem hit on the upper mask. In comparison to the Grill better forehead protection.

    Breathing. I found these much more comfortable than I find the grill. I never felt that my breathing was significantly effected by this mask. With the grill this is not true.

    While I did not get shot in the mouth this weekend I will say that I am certain that this mask will protect my mouth and lips better overall than the grills


    Comfort. I find the grills more comfortable than the Save Phace the foam around the lens is thicker and sits better on my face. I may have had the strap adjusted too tight but I felt like the Save Phace pinched my ears a little.

    Foging. I was sweating like a pig, and I did have some fogging. I started breathing thru my nose only and it improved. To me it dons't look like the save phace direct the breath away from the lens as well as the grill. I have fogged my grill before so I need to direct compare it by alternateing masks on the same day in same exact condtions.

    Ease of Lens Replacement. I changed fromt he clear to the smoke lens and while the design for the lens change seems solid I have a very difficult time getting the new lens to fit. I had to bend and Flex the mask to get it all to line up. Changeing my Grill the first time was much easier. If the lens had lined up perfect this would have been as simple or simpler than the Grill but the holes required some effort to get everything to line up correctly and to the pegs in and dogged down.

    Overall I am happy with the Save Phace. The improved breathing and less chance of hits on my forhead and shrapnel comeing in thru the mouth make me want to continue to use it. It is by no means a slam dunk but if you are looking for a different option you may want to give this mask a try. Looks wise I like how it matchs my Multicam

    I do notice that more of my jawline is exposed with these and perhaps the narrow mouth area is part of why these seem to breaths better than the grill for me.

    Overall I give them a 4 out of 5. Breathing is my most important quality and I am much more comfortable in these. I like how the multicam graphis match my jersey and pants as well. I also Like the improved forehead and mouth protection. I will be makeing this my primary mask for the time being and hope that the fogging is not a issue.

    Here are pics

    Attached File  smokesmall.jpg (57.24K)
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    Attached File  Smallfull.jpg (27.84K)
    Number of downloads: 60



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    toxic t0ast 

    29 Nov 2007 - 19:55
    Hey man, thats funny there there are 2 swamp things :p
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