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Topics I've Started

  1. ID'ing Twistlock barrels

    28 April 2008 - 06:33 PM

    I currently have a CP barrel on my minimag. I have been considering another barrel for the mag, but I'm not sure how to make sure that I get the correct twist lock for it. I know that the stock barrel from a regular mag didn't fit. Any pointers for ID'ing the correct twist lock?
  2. T8 leak

    28 April 2008 - 06:39 AM

    I picked up a T8 a couple of weeks ago, and finally got a chance to use it. I am very pleased with the way the marker feels and shoots. I got it chrono'ed then went on the field to play, but I had run out of gas at that point. I brought the gun someplace quiet, and I noticed it had a very slight leak. The magazines were holding air when they weren't in the gun, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't related to the mags.

    I'm guessing this leak has something to do with the relief valve, but I'm not sure. I hooked the gun up to a constant air feed and tried to dial in the relief valve. I started with the valve all the way in and backed it all the way out, but it didn't seem to change the leak. Is there a trick to adjusting the valve? Does the marker have to be de-gassed between settings? I was just firing a few rounds between setting it like I was setting the velocity on the gun. Am I totally off base with this guess and its something else?

    I would appreciate any help with this. I'd hate to lose the marker for any time if I need to send it back.

  3. Allstar Paint

    21 April 2008 - 04:37 AM

    Has anyone had any problems with this paint? I brought a couple of cases to a big game yesterday and had a ton of problems. I'm not sure if they were gun or paint related. One of the reasons I bought the allstar is I wanted a small bore paint for my flatline. I have seen a couple things online listing allstar as a smallbore paibt . I would normally have gone with marbs but the store I go to only had one box left and the box didnt look good.

    Between myself, my nephew, and two cousins I had a tippmann a5 with flatline, tippmann x7 with blackcell barrel, automag classic with freak 691 insert, and an Ion with blackcell barrel and apex. The tippmanns and Ion were breaking paint in the barrels. I took the apex off and replaced barrel on the X7 with a stock tippmann barrel.

    After removing the apex on the ion and putting the stock barrel on the x7 I did get less breaks. So im thinking the paint may have been too large for the barrel. Although the paint did respond well to the "blowgun" test in the blackcell barrels. My youngest cousin was using the automag and didnt report any problems. Im not entirely sure this is the case as he had never played before and I wasn't with him to check for myself.

    The Tippmanns were also breaking paint in the cyclones (a5 and x7) So, now I'm trying to trouble shoot the problem and narrow down the culprits.

    Visual inspection showed the paint to be in excellent condition. My other thought was that the paint was too brittle. Makes sense for the tippmanns but not the low pressure Ion. Temperature was around 70f maybe a little higher and dry. I had purchased the paint about 4 days before the game from a store that sells a lot of paint, so I don't think it was old. I thought i'd throw this out there and hope some others could put some ideas up for me. otherwise Im just going to chock it up to a bad barrel match and maybe weak shells.



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