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  1. My Metadyne Havoc project

    08 January 2011 - 06:52 PM

    So i got myself a havoc under mount launcher for xmas. I hand carved this M79 stock and recessed a 12 gram adapter in the butt.

    Attached File  000_0082.jpg (718.63K)
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    I need to find a trap door sight for it that isn't super expensive. I might add the front hand guard as well down the road when i get breech load kit.
  2. 5 man woods ball tournament TopGun NJ

    04 March 2009 - 06:00 PM

    Sunday April 5th

    Classic Woods Ball Tournament

    5 Man

    Only $125.00 Entry

    Paint Prices:

    $60.00 ( if prepaid)

    $65.00 (Day of Event)

    Trophies Awarded


    To be announced


    20 Team Max

    10 Team Minimum

    To register call TopGun at 732-928-2810


    Deadline to register Wednesday Aprl 1st

    Check in time 8:00 am 4/5/09

    5 Man Woods Tournament rules
    SCORING1.1 Scoring will be conducted on a 100 point system and will be awarded as follows:
    (i) a team will be awarded 4 points for every player on the opposing team eliminated;
    (ii) a team will be awarded 2 point for every player on such team not eliminated:
    (iii) a team will be awarded 20 points if it pulls the center flag first; and
    (iv) a team will be awarded 50 points when the flag is hung in its opponents flag station.
    1.2 Points are awarded at the conclusion of the game by the Ultimate Judge.
    1.3 All score sheets must be initialed by both team Captains and brought to the score table by the Captain of the winning team for that Game.

    2.1. Point explanation.
    2.2. Elimination points will be awarded to the opposing team for every opponent removed from the field during play of the game. A player may be removed from the field for any valid hit, obvious or not obvious to the player eliminated, the surrender or voluntary exit from the field pursuant to which the player acknowledges that he has a hit by indicating his elimination, any erroneous elimination by an official, even though it may later be determined that the call was not valid, any elimination for penalties assessed against a teammate, including the one-for-one type penalties, for placing any part of his body or anything he is wearing or carrying out of bounds, unsportsmanlike conduct, concealment of an armband or acting in any other manner indicating elimination, abandonment of equipment (moving at least five feet away from such equipment), except pods used to carry paint and squeegees, being outside the flag station at the start of the game, or delaying taking the field after being told to do so by the Ultimate Judge.
    2.3. A first flag pull occurs when a player not eliminated physically grabs the center flag, before a player from the other team manages to do the same. The flag must be carried at least (5) five feet away from the flag station to be awarded flag pull points. Only one team in a game may earn first flag pull points.

    2.4. Flag hangs are only awarded in a five player game when a flag is hung in the opponents’ flag station. Flag hangs will not be immediately awarded upon the flag being hung on a flag station. The status of the flag carrying player will first be verified and before a flag hang is considered to be official.
    2.5 Flag hang points for flags hung on the wrong flag station will be awarded to opposing team, only if the opposing team still has live players on the field at the end of the game. Flags hung on the wrong flag station after all opposition team players have been eliminated will not result in any points awarded to either team, but will end the game.
    2.6 The time that the flag carrier hangs the flag will be recorded by the field judge, and should that player be determined to be live after being checked by the field flag judge, the hang will be announced and the game will have ended as of the time that such player hung the flag.

    2.7. A game will end at the earliest of (i) a successful flag hang, (ii) the elimination of all players on the game field, or (iii) 10 minutes after the start of the game
  3. Wired 96.5 Chalange benifit for US Army LT Brain Brennan April 19th

    08 February 2009 - 07:08 PM

    April, 19th At TopGun Paintball games in Jackson, NJ the Knights will be challenging up to 60 Wired 96.5 employees, friends, family, and listeners to a day of paintball for a good cause. This "challenge" will benefit US Army LT Brian Brennan From Howell NJ who lost both his legs by an ied in Afghanistan. On April 19th A portion of everyones entry fee that attends will be donated to his cause. The Knights are working with our generous sponsors to possible items to raffle off and give aways. Even if you don’t participate in the "challenge" please come out and support this hero in his time of need.
  4. Polar bears vs. penguins 2009

    21 December 2008 - 11:43 AM

    I pulled this off another forum.

    Our Original and longest running Big Game!
    4th Annual
    Polar Bears
    Sunday January 18th 2009

    Game Starts at approx 10:00am

    Ends approx 4:00pm

    Then the Give Aways Begin!!!

    * The Penguins have waddled away with first place two out of three times. *
    * Is this the year the Polar Bears come out of hibernation? *
    * Come out and be part of the hottest game of Winter. *

    Prepaid admission is $25.00 for the day
    $30.00 for walk-ons Sunday morning
    Bring your gun, goggles and a maybe an extra pair of socks and gloves.
    Guns and goggles are available for rental at additional cost

    Players under 18 must have Parent or Guardian sign waivers

    Paintballs sold by the case only.
    Prepaid $70.00
    On day of event $75.00
    (2000 paintballs per case)


    Its a great field and they run realy good big games. Hope to see you all out there.


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