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  1. Dizzy's Spare Parts bag. Warning, dead markers inside thread.

    05 October 2013 - 11:24 AM

    Hello, I have random parts and dead markers taking up space and need them gone asap.

    First off.

    WDP Angel G7 Fly
    Status: Inoperable
    Spare parts gun. Overall body condition is immaculate

    Posted Image

    If you should undertake the project of reviving this gun and bringing it back to life, I've compiled a list of required items needed.

    Eyes and eye wires
    Aftermarket board that accepts 9volt batteries or find a charger for it.
    Grip screws, board screws.
    Microline hose

    After that, it should be operational. None of the other internals were touched to the best of my knowledge.


    Armotech G2 Zeus
    Status: Inoperable
    Spare parts gun.
    $20 obo

    Posted Image

    As far as missing parts list goes, it needs all of it's eternal guts - bolt and detents.
    I have various internals for it, but I have to sort them out as many of the Armotech and Warsensor parts are incompatible.


    Armotech E-grip *Rare*
    Status: Operable, takes one 9volt battery
    Make an Offer

    Posted Image

    Will give various Armotech or Warsensor markers, 3 round burst to full auto capability.


    Spare Armotech G1 Zeus bodies. (I have 4 in total, 2 black, and 2 silvers)
    Needs all internals, which I might have, just need to sort them out.
    $10 each

    Posted Image


    Armotech/Warsensor M4 shroud with front sight. Will fit on similar thin barrels genuinely found on Tippmann A-5s, X-7s, etc

    Posted Image


    Spare parts

    Posted Image

    Spyder two piece 12 inch barrel black.

    Automag Asa

    Proto Asa with fixings

    I accept both Paypals and MO.
  2. Noxx55 Automag to Autococker barrel adapter.

    01 October 2013 - 10:23 PM

    I have a used Noxx55 barrel adapter for an automag to use cocker threaded barrels.


    Paypal preferred, trade offers are welcome.

    Posted Image
  3. WDP Angel Speed 05

    08 August 2013 - 11:35 PM

    decided to hang on to it.

    I have a WDP Angel Speed 05 interested in selling.

    $200 OBO Paypal, or MO
    Will ship next day air upon receiving payment.

    This model is one of the few models that WDP Angel sports made that doesn't require a charger. (THANK GOD) requires one 9 volt battery.

    Utilizes a LED selection to adjust and tune your marker.

    Mostly stock, only has a aftermarket LPR caps, and on/off ASA

    Checked out, and chronoed to legal, safe velocity by Gair at Paintball Mart in San Antonio
    Posted Image

    Sorry my mistake.
  4. G1 Zeus

    16 July 2011 - 10:31 AM

    Temporary price drop!!! I also have a Armotech G1 Zeus as well, but due to clip shortages (because I haven't ordered any) , I'm willing to make a slice in the deal

    I'll let this one go for $85 with the clip

    still $50 without it (yea, you can easily order a clip for less than $50 bucks, I just don't want to put up with the hassle, I'll leave that to you fine gents ;3)

    Paypal, MO, Trades welcomed, no OBO

    Posted Image
  5. Wha...it isn't...it is? yup, it's another G2 Zeus by Dizzy

    15 July 2011 - 07:58 PM

    Yea...so I manage to scrounge up another Armotech G2 Zeus...that aches me so flippin bad to let go of...
    but I'm not gonna let this one up so easily...
    I'm in no hurry to sell either...

    Unlike the silver counter part, this one is the dark version when I dual wield...
    I used to run a remote line after a 12 gram ran out, modded the 12 gram with a hose fitting, and had planned on attaching a T2W stock on it so I could possibly expand onto a 4.5oz co2 can or 13cu 30 hpa...
    My dreams never came true...and sometimes, our wants have to be sacrificed for the best...


    Remember, she's Armotech
    She needs a responsible owner...
    she's in good working condition, ask for a video

    now...Eye candy
    Posted Image

    comes with barrel tip
    Posted Image

    I accept Paypal, MO, and or Trades
    as naturally, OBO, but no low balls,
    Things I can particularly use:

    Other markers
    surprise me
    I add no cash
    Offer up, least I can say is "Thank you, but no thank you" I promise ;3
    Remember, I said I wasn't gonna make it easy Lolz


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    19 Mar 2008 - 19:09
    your avatar is just a little messed up. I like it, but it's... Disturbing.
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    15 Oct 2007 - 14:29
    awwwwwww i liked your other avvy.....
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    01 Sep 2007 - 06:40
    I WIN!
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    Veritech Squad 

    25 Aug 2007 - 19:41
    Dude, you're crazy.
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    14 Aug 2007 - 22:48
    hey you!
    oxygen hater!!!
    you there?
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    toxic t0ast 

    13 Aug 2007 - 21:42
    Psh I know. well I dont think its that bad of a pic lol...
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    toxic t0ast 

    09 Aug 2007 - 05:13
    Yes your such a n00b :p
    You should change it so it sends you a PM when people comment you :]
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    DZ Unit-1 

    09 Aug 2007 - 01:59
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    toxic t0ast 

    28 Jul 2007 - 09:01
    New friends :]
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