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  1. Huge Sale. 10 Markers, Barrels, Tanks, masks, ect

    21 June 2011 - 06:09 PM

    I will not Ship First.
    I accept paypal
    Shipping is not included in price
    All markers listed work and are problem free unless specified. Please ask any questions before buying.


    This is hard for me to do but I'm selling off some of my paintball equipment in order to buy an engagement ring. I have over 9 markers and lots of gear for sale and will organize it so it's easy to read through.

    first up are the markers


    Posted Image
    Automag Classic 68. Comes with crome on/off, quick disconnect for ease of maintenance, and 2 barrels.
    Price SOLD

    Posted Image
    Straight mechanical autococker with eclipse on/off. Great to see these classics hit the field.
    Price $100

    Posted Image
    Hello Kitty Spyder... TL?
    Rare purple marker. Hello Kitty stickers are removable, was used as a gag prize for my team. Includes CP barrel
    Price $60 PENDING


    Posted Image
    Tiberius Tac 8 in Stainless Steel
    Includes 1 mag and shoots great. My favorite pistol but I have 2 so this one must go for the ring fund.
    Price $150

    Posted Image
    Tippmann TPX
    This pistol was a first run production and has been sent to tippmann to get all the upgrades installed.
    It includes 6 mags, remote adapter, and original carry case.
    Price SOLD

    Posted Image
    WGP Autococker Pump (Sniper) 2005 Undrilled Black Frame with ANS reg, Dye Ultralight barrel, CCM Pump
    This is a great Pump the CCM kit is very smooth and the marker shoots great!
    Price $225


    Posted Image
    WGP Autococker Eblade E1 Blue 2005 Frame with Black Magic Reg, Check It On/Off, and Dye Stainless barrel.
    Marker runs great and is ready to hit the field.
    Price $225

    Posted Image
    Ego Etek 3 LT. Hard to find Urban Digicam Anno.
    Marker is flawless. Shoots great and includes original metal case with Allen keys ect
    Price $400

    Posted Image
    Tippmann/ICP B5
    This is a bullpupped A5. This is not an airsoft shell, ICP made these kits several years ago and are indestructible. This Marker will turn heads!
    This marker will accept any barrel including the Flatline, has an APE board, and plenty of rails for customizing. Also includes a front grip and remote line.
    Price $400

    Posted Image
    Tippmann X7 PSG1 Longbow.
    One of a kind.
    Base is an X7, Modifications include: Longbow 20rnd magazine (no hopper), Relocated cocking arm, shroud, gasthru mag, Adjustable sniper stock, trigger, palm rest, Carry handle.
    includes 16" Lapco barrel with mock suppressor, red/green dot sight, carry handle.
    This marker is HUGE and does not feel like a paintball marker. It will be a showpiece to any scenario player and will make players duck just seeing it.
    Price $700


    Posted Image
    Redz Pepperstick Kit.
    Cocker threaded
    Includes 14" and 16" fronts and 4 backs. Very long control bore, great, accurate kit
    Price SOLD

    Posted Image
    Freak Barrels:
    All include 1 insert
    Top: Angel threaded back
    Price $40
    Middle: Automag threaded rare 2 piece All American Front
    Price SOLD
    Bottom: Autococker threaded 1 piece
    Price $40


    Posted Image
    VForce Grillz
    Black/Olive, have original box
    JT Flex Look new, includes clear and clear-fade-tinted thermal lenses
    Price BOTH SOLD

    Posted Image
    About 5-6 Jerseys in great condition
    Price $20/each

    Posted Image
    2 pairs of pants 1 Proto Medium, 1 Empire Large
    PriceBOTH SOLD


    Compressed Air Tanks are currently out being hydro'd so no pictures atm.
    They should be back this week and will include fresh 06/2011 hydo and cover

    Price $100
    Price $75

    Posted Image
    $2/Each Barrel covers/cleaners. Covers are all in great condition, cleaners are all new unopened.
    ALL SOLD^^

    Thank you all for looking and helping me get a ring!
  2. Fusion 7 set in Omnipat

    04 April 2011 - 08:09 PM

    Looking for 2 sets of Omnipat Fusion 7 pants and jersey. Preferably a Large pants and L/XL jersey

    Post up or email me if you have any lying around!
  3. Etek 2 Oled Virture board

    28 March 2011 - 04:39 PM

    $105 shipped/pp'd

    Board works great. Sold the gun but the guy only wanted the stock board. This one has no issues, comes with original box and virture grips

    Posted Image

    not looking for any trades, you pay - then I ship
  4. Modders look here!

    01 March 2011 - 11:35 AM

    I got these parts with the intention of doing a Saw mod for an X7 and lost interest. These are REAL M249 parts not Airsoft. Included pieces are a Heat Shield, Forgrip, Top Feed Tray, and 200rnd Mag. All parts are in good condition and ready for your Saw conversion!

    I'm looking to get $60 shipped.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  5. Specops 2 pod holder

    19 February 2011 - 05:07 PM

    I have a lightly used Specops 2 pod holder. Whoever wants it for $12 shipped let me know!
    This has the older Specops velco attachment not molle
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Paypal accepted, you pay first


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