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  1. New book release announcement

    23 March 2010 - 12:00 PM

    This is for anyone who loves reading and loves fantasy fiction. I'm a paintball player, but I write novels on the side, so to speak. :D My third and final book of my first trilogy is out and available now at Amazon.com.

    It's not 100% necessary to buy the prior two books to read the third - it was purposely written to be semi-standalone - but you will definitely have questions if you read it before the first two. I highly suggest reading the trilogy in order, starting with Part Zero (book 1), then Part One: Alliances (book 2), followed by the new Part Final: Alignment (book 3).

    Feel free to post questions or whatever, and thanks for your support!

    The Trilogy

    The Third and Final Book, just released

    My official website is here, if you want more information.
  2. Tippmann X7 with many upgrades for sale; near mint

    18 November 2008 - 05:16 PM

    This marker has sold on eBay as of 12/8/08 and the thread can be closed. Thanks to all who lent their assistance.

    X7 has been used on the field twice. Here is a list of what comes with the package:

    1.) Tippmann X7 marker
    2.) Polished internals - overspray has been eliminated using paint stripper; Never Dull used to polish the bolt and internal bore chamber to mirror finish (increased accuracy big-time)
    3.) TechT "Ludicrous Speed" Cyclone upgrade kit (full; installed)
    - Vortex Mod
    - Lightning Rod
    - Quick Exhaust Piston Housing
    - Squishy Paddles
    - Gun Sav Grease

    Go to TechT X7 Cyclone Upgrade Kit page for more details. This has been installed and works perfectly.

    4.) Tippmann X7 MP-5SD foregrip (installed)
    5.) Tippmann X7 MP-5SD shroud (long; installed)
    6.) Tippmann X7 MP-5 magazine (curved; installed)
    7.) Tippmann X7 X36 folding stock (installed)
    8.) Tippmann X7 double trigger kit (frame + trigger; installed)
    9.) Carrying case
    10.) Remote line with on/off slide
    11.) Second remote line (standard; no on/off slide)
    12.) PMI 68/4500 carbon fiber high pressure comp. air tank (2 years old; has never been serviced except to replace one burst valve 1 year ago; included in package price)
    13.) J&J Ceramic 14" barrel (hard to find; installed)

    14.) New Designz X7 Power Tube (installed)
    15.) Will throw in some free goodies I have lying around (JT8 goggles, a Venom tripwire landmine, etc.)



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