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  1. The Predator HUD system, by Trails of Doom!

    01 April 2014 - 07:53 AM

    Few advancements in technology have the ability to change a sport, and every time new tech evolves to the next level. It opens the doors to new ideas that can change the way we use said tech.

    I've been working on "shooting flat" for years, because I wanted to be able to film my shots, even way out there. And the "curve" of a normal paintball out of a barrel at 125 feet was too much to deal with. After figuring out how to use backspin to make paint fly the way I wanted with my MonsterSpin barrel. I then utilized my ZoomCam to capture it all on film...

    But, what about being able to "sight" my targets while wearing a big mask that blocked any scope with good optics... I wanted a solution for this issue, that would be able to help me hit my targets even a LONG way off!

    Enter new technology in the google glass. The ability to wear it UNDER my mask made it a viable option, but how to get my ZoomCam footage INTO my google glass became the next issue.

    After many failures using other tech, I finally figured out how to hard wire into my phone motherboard the signal from my ZoomCam, so that the phone thought it was the onboard camera signal. I then added a microswitch to be able to choose between different zoom settings for close or long range shooting. Getting that signal to the google glass proved to be difficult and we had to go around their typical way of communicating, but we got it working!

    Of course we had to develop our own app/software to do all of this, and luckily I have friends at Trails of Doom with lots of experience in this field. (and lucky for me, one of them just sold his company for major bank and had some free time to work on this "fun" project with me).

    Without further ado, here is the Trails of Doom "Predator HUD" tactical target acquisition system. This system is NOT for sale, and was developed for fun to see if it was possible, and to have the first tactical HUD for paintball! Of course the video is simulated, as I can't record what my eyeball sees when playing... yet...

  2. Playing "Point" Tips & Tricks in the SNOW with my MonsterS

    21 February 2014 - 07:32 AM

    We hit the woods on Saturday with my Tippmann A-5 (factory realtree edition) and I was using my MonsterSpin barrel system, which is a new style A-5 foregrip Flatline with the shroud removed, and you tape mod an Apex 2 tip on the end! Then set the Apex at 4 clicks. It shoots flatter than ANY barrel system in paintball, and even flatter than first strikes!

    Imagine flat shots out to 150 feet away!!!

    It is so cool!

    I was using some very old tournament paint that I had left over, (it was breaking orange) and then some fresh Marbalizer (broke yellow).

    Great game in the woods, and I thought you guys might enjoy it!

  3. Woodsball Tactics, Assassin Tips and Tricks! Post your secrets

    04 November 2013 - 07:27 AM

    I play woodsball primarily. As playing in the woods, reminds me of playing "war" with bb guns (3 pump limit) when we were kids... There is just something about sneaking around in the woods and shooting guys who have NO clue you are there, that is really fun.

    Anyway, I've started making videos that show how I hunt, giving away some of my tactics so new players can learn from them. I'm sure many of you have more tactics and tricks up your sleeves, so share them here, so we can all get better at our "woodsball" games!

    If blip doesn't work for you, these are also on my youtube page. "TrailsOfDoom".

    Here is the first one, I went to a large scenario this summer, and played "my" style of paintball, sneaking around in the woods often by myself, looking for high value targets and taking them out, one by one.

    This video has blown up and has over 100,000 views already between blip and youtube.


    Here is a new video I put out showing how to flank and control one entire side of the field in a woodsball game, which is a huge advantage in a "capture the cone" type game where you have to be touching the cone at the end of the game to win. I even use my Tipx pistol in this one with my LEFT hand!


    And here is a woodsball tactic I like to use when an attack team is pushing hard towards my base... I call it "The Gambit", and when done correctly, it allows you to be in two places at once... (at least according to the other team! haha!) They will stay out of the shooting lanes of your original position as they are convinced you are there, not realizing you have moved, and are waiting for them to advance into your only "blind" spot that your original position had, so you can take them out!...


    So, these are some of mine, what do you use in the woods?...
  4. This is CRAZY. MonsterSpin barrel system Apex 2 PLUS Flatline!

    07 May 2013 - 08:07 AM

    I love backspin systems, and I've been wanting MORE for some time... When the Apex 2 came out, and I realized it had more ramp, which allowed for better spin shots I was excited.

    But, I wanted MORE.

    So one day I took apart my new style Foregrip style Flatline, and built up a tape mod on the end to accept the Apex 2 tip... I assumed it would just break paint. So my first tests were at low speed. No breaks! And man would it hook some serious paint! I was dive bombing BEHIND bunkers at 60 feet away. You can literally shoot behind trees with this thing!

    I've been wanting to play a game with it and turn up the velocity to normal speeds, but I haven't figured out a way to mount my ZoomCam. So recently I took it over to a local field and hit the field with it!

    Check it out, I am playing at 270fps, using Formula 13 paint that I just purchased at the local field. This barrel system is CRAZY FUN!

    Imagine having this at a big scenario where people are hiding behind a hill, or bunker and you can't shoot them straight!!! Yup, MonsterSpin, this will shock some people for sure!

  5. Close but no cigar... What is the closest you have gotten?

    04 February 2013 - 09:44 AM

    So how close have you gotten to the flag without winning the game?

    Check this out, I mean SO STINKING CLOSE! But, I got snipered...


    Funny thing is, this same snipers, tagged 2 more after me from the same spot. And then one of our players came in from the backside of the camp and went to the flag, and saw two other guys from the other team in front of him... And instead of getting the flag, he went after those two first as they didn't know he was there!

    Sadly, he walked right into the path of that same sniper who took him out! AARRGHH!!! hahaha!


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    29 Sep 2011 - 20:05
    Hey there, I saw your A5 in a thread http://forum.specialopspaintball.com/index.php?showtopic=186794&st=0&gopid=2561620&#entry2561620
    What camera mount do you have there? It looks sick.
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