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I love my family and friends. I enjoy playing paintball, of course, and I enjoy playing volleyball and golf. <br /> <br />I am a public school teacher in central Pennsylvania. I am an elementary certified teacher, K-6. I am currently teaching 6th grade general science in a middle school.

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  1. Two Brand New Tippmann Products!!!

    12 June 2008 - 08:39 AM


    I have heard that Tippmann is releasing two new products within the next few months:

    1. They are releasing a new barrel system called "StraightLine." It was designed with Woodsball in mind. I THINK (though I am not sure) it is only for the A-5 and the X-7, and it only comes in 16 inch length (again, I am not SURE about this). It was created through a partnership between Tippmann (of course) and HammerHead. As I understand it, they will be sold in a complete kit including three sizers (.683; .686; .688), a carrying case, and lithium grease. It is supposed to retail for around $149.00. I guess . . . they are to be available within the next couple of weeks, definitely within a month.

    2. They are also releasing a new / better pistol that uses brand new technology. I did not hear too many details about this, but it is supposed to be .68 caliber, lightweight, compact, and modifiable. Plus, of course, it will have Tippmann reliability. I heard nothing about how much it will cost. I think (though I am not sure) that it is supposed to have a block-look . . . like many real 9mm pistols have. I guess . . . these will not be available until this fall sometime.

    It is my understanding that both of these products will be used at the big "D-Day" event coming up soon. I don't know ANYTHING about that event, though I am sure many of you folks do. I only mention that because that is part of what I heard.

    That is all I have heard. I just thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone else has heard anything else about these--or any other--new Tippmann products. I know I am always eager to hear about new Tippmann stuff.

    Feel free to share what you have heard / know about these or other things.

  2. Powder Coating CO2 Tanks???

    24 May 2008 - 10:56 AM

    Hello, Folks--

    I have several very used CO2 tanks around that are starting to look pretty rough; the factory paint on them is all beat up and the lables are all warning off. I was looking for a good way to clean them up and make them look good again. I was also looking for a sharp-looking way of personalizing them.

    So, I was thinking about powder coating them. I was planning on buying a powder coating gun and doing them myself. I do know that I would have to remove the valves first, of course, before curing the powder coating paint at the 400 degress F for 20 minutes that is required. That would not be a problem.

    But, before I went too far with my plan, I thought I would run it by you folks on the forum to see what your thoughts were.

    So, here's the question. I have several steel and several aluminum CO2 tanks. Can they be powder coated safely??? Would the heat needed to cure the powder coating (400 degrees F for 20 minutes) hurt the strength of the tanks themselves??? I do not want to do it if it will be dangerous in any way.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give me.



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