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  1. Various Calibers - Why the restrictions?

    06 January 2009 - 02:02 PM

    I know that .68 caliber is pretty much the standard paintball and I've tried to do a lot of research to figure out why everyone seems to be against .43 and 6 mm calibers. I honestly can't find a reason except for "It's not allowed on our field!".

    I've called insurance companies, they don't care. They are more concerned about impact energy, rate of fire, and enforcing the safety rules. It's interesting to not that the rate of fire issue is more of an issue about how much your insurance premiums are instead of "our insurance company won't allow it." They allow, you just pay a higher insurance cost.

    But back to the topic at hand, a smaller caliber requires a higher velocity to reach the same impact energy, so I can see a field not wanting to mess with, 300 FPS for .68 caliber, 425 FPS for .43 caliber, and 475 FPS for 6 mm. It means they have to watch people closer when they chrono and carry more supplies.

    But what IS interesting, is that some of the "fired grenades" like the M240 and M60 use .43 caliber and 6 mm paintballs AND they are allowed on the field. Why the difference in rules?

    The new "Claymore" land mines shoot 200 6mm paintballs at one wack, and every field I've contacted when specifically asked about these grenades and landmines state that any commercially made landmine or grenade is allowed on the field for scenario games.

    The M60 shoots either 4 .68 paintballs or 150ish 6mm paintballs with a .68 caliber paintball used as a plug to keep them from falling out. The same goes for the M240. It uses a .43 caliber paintball to hold in a bunch of 6 mm paintballs or a bunch of .42 caliber paintballs.

    Does anyone have a reasonable explination except the fields don't want to keep inventory?
  2. Central Texas Scenario Paintball League Anyone?

    30 December 2008 - 09:44 PM

    Since there is no national leagues in central Texas, like SPPL or TACTEN (HINT! HINT! Special Ops!) , I am looking for "amateur" teams in the Austin, Texas area to participate in a scenario paintball league.

    I have a couple of fields interested in hosting the events and we are putting together various scenarios.

    We hope to have 8-12 teams participate over several weeks of play and cycle them all through a few different scenarios. For instance, You might have to recover a downed satellite in hostile territory. You have one hour to find the satellite and either get it to the extraction point or destroy it. You start off in the middle of enemy territory, you have no support (no resurrections), but you do have a GPS location of exactly where the satellite is.

    The catch - the enemy is also looking for the satellite. They want to recover it in one piece, they have a base, and they have re-enforcements (resurrections) every 20 minutes. But...they don't know where it is.

    For scenarios like this, you may end up being the recovery team one game, and the "home country" team the next game.

    We have used the rules from www.scenariopaintball.com as a basis for our rules. There are a few exceptions, like any type of landmine or grenade is legal as long as it is not pyrotechnic in nature. As long as the field owner says it's ok to use on the field, it's ok to use.

    We will be posting the rules soon on http://blackwolvespaintball.com (this is a team site, not a field or reseller site).

    We are working with a professional field to come up with prizes, costs, etc.

    Teams can have up to 15 people per team.

    If interested, send an email to league@blackwolvespaintball.com
  3. X7 R/T to egrip converion

    19 October 2008 - 11:43 AM

    I am going to convert my X7 R/T over to an eGrip. I've already order the eGrip and if it work a stock X7, it would just drop right in.

    I know that the out side air hoses and connection power both the cyclone and the R/T piston. My guess is they are probably a series path instead of parallel.

    How do I keep my cyclone working after I remove the R/T piston and fittings?

    Is there some addition fittings I need to buy or can I just close up the RT tube?

    I did a search on special ops and was surprised that I didn't find any threads on it.


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