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  1. In Topic: MacDev II

    07 December 2008 - 09:42 PM

    sold my vice and buying a droid :unsure: finally, finally joining the family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In Topic: A question of fairness...

    03 December 2008 - 12:42 PM

    this thread is good. lots of good, honest opinions and information thrown around in here. i like it. :dodgy:
  3. In Topic: A question of fairness...

    02 December 2008 - 08:46 PM

    View PostSplatter, on Dec 2 2008, 06:08 PM, said:

    View PostZach_attack, on Dec 1 2008, 09:28 PM, said:

    Here's the problem with limiting paint. Field owners don't want to do it, they would lose too much money. Limiting paint is like limiting how much money they make and they don't want that. They want you to buy as much of their stuff as you can so they can get as much money as they can.

    The WTL tournaments are BYOP, so this idea is moot. Limiting paint will have little effect on the field's income.

    My question is, why do players want to be able to shoot 24+ BPS? I play SPPL (our team was second in the nation in our division this year), and I have a "speedball" gun - yes, I call it a gun - that says it will shoot 30+ BPS. I don't shoot that fast, and I can just barely move my fingers fast enough to make it start ramping in the first place, let alone keep it ramping for more than a half-second or so when I'm screwing around with it. I really only got it because it looks cool.

    The most important point about limiting rates of fire is not so much about the "fairness" of high rates of fire. It is a very valid safety issue. Our masks are designed to take a 300 fps hit to the lens and frame. Multiple hits in the same spot will increase stress on that spot exponentially. That means that each hit does not just add the same amount of damage as the previous one - it actually multiplies the stress, and a mask that is designed for paintball can fail, or even be forced out of position on a player's face. I've seen it. This law of physics also applies to human flesh, and successive hits to the same spot can cause significant damage.

    The SPPL hopper rule is in place because it's the only way to monitor and control the 15 BPS cap. Cheater boards that bypass tourney locks are available for almost all electros now. The NPPL and XPSL have millions of dollars in funding, so they can afford to have Goldwave parabolic microphones to target individual players and test their BPS (not to mention that speedball fields are much smaller and more open than typical SPPL fields). The SPPL does not have that. If you didn't know already, the SPPL hasn't been a part of Spec Ops since last year, so it no longer has the seemingly unlimited backing of Mr. Orvis.

    As far as mechanical markers and RT's being able to shoot significantly faster than 15 BPS - there are probably fewer than 100 mechanicals in existence that can actually do that, and far fewer players that can actually work the sweet spot.

    I don't give a crap whether there is a hopper rule or not, or whether I'm playing against someone shooting ropes of paint or someone with a Phantom, as long as my safety isn't at stake. I definitely don't want my livelihood jeopardized because some knucklehead has an APE board (just an example Dan; I love APE boards) shooting 30+ balls per second at my head.

    So I ask again - why do players want to shoot ungodly rates of fire?

    Modern masks are designed to withstand these forces. You might have seen an outdated mask or old mask break or show stress after multiple repetitive hits. But a decently new lens on a mask will be able to withstand the stress you describe. It would be stupid if not designed to, especially in tournament paintball.
  4. In Topic: True or False

    02 December 2008 - 07:19 AM


    tnp knows about the cyborg rx
  5. In Topic: A question of fairness...

    01 December 2008 - 07:35 PM


    If ROF isn't the issue and the better team won, why are we making it an issue?

    We've already gone over this. ROF alone is not an advantage. ROF combined with another existing skill can become an advantage when used properly, but it requires additional skills. Ergo, there would be little to no change in outcome.

    Exactly. And don't bring such a biased attitude into these forums. It ruffles peoples feathers, including mine. High ROF's are not crutches to good players...they are merely another applicable tool to be used in a game. Don't use it as an excuse.

    Edit: apology accepted. sorry if i came across as harsh. i wasnt assuming that milsim teams played poorly, merely that you were looking for an excuse for their loosing...and you came across a difference in ROF. whatever.


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    01 Sep 2008 - 20:33
    wants to sell me his pulse ;)
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    HI MUM!!!
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    You're a GIRL! I never knew. lol
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    You're a GIRL! I never knew. lol
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    puz is teh hacker
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