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  1. In Topic: D-Day 2009

    13 April 2009 - 02:23 PM


    This is a joke, an utter disillusionment in these uncertain times. Refunds should be given, i find it very unprofessional that this "business" wont give a refund two months before the game actually takes place. 70.00 is not a huge amount to return. this multimillion dollar business has the revenue and financial ability to refund 70 dollars, as shown by field renovations, new pegasus bridge, new colleville buildings. not to mention that the credit card i used has no statement showing i actually spent money with dday or the bunker. where did the money go? i want a refund on nonexistant monies?

    I am very disturbed at how this situation is turing out. when i called the bunker the very nice older lady told me my only option is to sell my reg. she asked why i couldnt go. although this is none of her business i allowed the explanation of im out of money and need that money back to be heard. her only help was to have me ride down with others from my area. i dont think that they understand it has nothing to do with transportation, it has everything to do with the economy and my layoff since august of last year. if i cant get a refund in the first place why do i have to justify that?

    im selling all my paintball stuff to compensate for lack of funds. additionally best western of neosho doesnt know what happened to 270 of my money that i paid for a room with. im am 100% dissatisfied with dday, the area vendors, the refund policy. Dewayne, i would suggest changing your refund policy. your businesses grab and run mentality with payments for your dday exploit is unjust. you have more than enough capital to refund 70.00. this is one of the reasons many of our fellow paintballers will not attend dday, because of the uncertainty of payment.

    i will never attend dday again, ever. i will make sure others are aware of this exploitation of credit card funnds by dday and their processing company by reprinting this post on all other forums related to paintball.

    time to move on.

    the original devils reject- hated by everyone.
  2. In Topic: D-Day 2009

    28 March 2009 - 10:46 PM

    Cant wait!!!!!! Except for the heat June couldnt come quick enough! :)
  3. In Topic: New 1 Piece Stock 400 round Hopper

    20 March 2009 - 07:55 AM

    View PostHOUND1, on Mar 19 2009, 02:51 PM, said:

    some cheaper hoppers cycle when you shake them, or move, like my friend's hopper, which has allowed my to get him out on a few occasions :ghillie:

    but what's the point in arguing about this? Devil has one point that beats any other alone, and that is the fact that it is that his hopper wouldn't be more than $10.


    look guys, all in all, lets not bicker over this, its like inventing the stoplight, and someone says "sorry i already invented the flashing lightbulb."
    unfortunately, many of us will testify that, as a sniper, the last thing you want is extraneous noise coming from your location,and i have seen personally an electric hopper cycle on its own, yes it does happen, sorry. electric hoppers will randomly cycle just as the enemy walks by. yes, it is interesting...ive even scoped my enemy becuz of his hopper noise. BUT, all paintballs make some noise as they roll around in a hopper, and since running and jumping is part of the game my only fear is as the hopper becomes more and more empty, theres a larger space for the few remaining balls to be propelled around in, could lead to ball breakage (like this entire post is becoming) in the hopper? well see. in a nutshell, my idea is simply cheaper, I DO NOT HAVE ANY ELECTRONICS ON MY GUN SO I DO NOT WANT AN ELECTRIC HOPPER.

    I can fathom the potential for a tippmann to be used in speedball, we rent them out all the time as loaner guns.....
    just sayin i never met a speedballer who preferred a 98 over a ion, autococker, etc. so i think their (pinokio) design just doesnt adhere to the possible adaptations on different guns. AGAIN, i woiuld consider the pinokio if i hadnt spent all my money on DDAY goodies, hotel stay, and party plans and i had a gun I THINK it would look good on, it would look out of place on a 98. MY OPINION.
    pinokio good, my idea (for my application and all those with similar apps) is better. plain and simple. geez, some of yall sound like pinokio reps, with your constant pushing of the product...

    My design will be at DDAY 09, well see how it holds up. Any one own a Pinokio, while were all providing input about it?

    furthurmore, my opinions may represent the paintball culture that i am exposed to in the midwest, aka Kansas City. ive read posts about people who live where they cant hardly buy any paintball gun, so for a tippmann to be available surely it would be used for any type of paintball game. In Romania, they use lasers on big giant AK looking guns, no paintballs at all. Interesting? And I dont know anything... Tippmann in my area and personal experience is not used as a speedball gun preferably. i have used mine a couple times, BECUZ THERE WAS NOT ANY OTHER GUN TO USE, and it was just in fun. other areas of the United States may be different, tippmann may be widely used in speedball, idk or care becuz i dont live there, so its not relevant to my argument. if you use tippmann for speedball, excellent and thanks for buying the best marker in the world MY OPINION. my point is: pinokio is for streamlined, ROUND, smooth flashy speedball guns, not a 98 which is boxy, plain, not flashy by no means.

    heres a question, who would feel comfortable using one of these PINOKIO's? Why? Do you own one? How is it, and what gun do you have it on? Would you use it at DDAY or other intense and hectic games? id hate to get it dirty, its just so CUTE.
  4. In Topic: New 1 Piece Stock 400 round Hopper

    18 March 2009 - 05:28 PM

    View PostFrozenCannuk, on Mar 15 2009, 06:29 PM, said:

    Apparently eh? Ya you got a point there, and i don't see why there isn't something like this already, could be useful. But you'd think that would make the gun very unbalanced, especially without the tank... if it was me, i'd cut out the opening end of the hopper, then cut out the sealed end of the pod, and put it in like that, so that it runs the opposite way of what you have it. Should balance it out a bit better, but filling on the fly might be a small problem, but if you have a 400 round hopper, you shouldn't need to refill too often right?

    yeah, you would think tippmann wouldve already offered this, havent got a reply back from them yet...as for balance, i dont hold my gun up much, only when strafing or moving from bunker to bunker, so theres not a lot of up and down, it isnt really much heavier than before, and balances out just right. i actually wanted to run remote air to lighten the load. nothing much has changed ergonomically.
    i dont want to refill, but with games like dday, i just wont have to refill as much. now if i could only find someone who makes three or four hundred round pods, i could mod to fit my flurry. know of anyone?
  5. In Topic: New 1 Piece Stock 400 round Hopper

    18 March 2009 - 05:17 PM

    once again...
    "Thanx! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i did my homework, but cheaper was the point, and lighter, and gravity fed, and one piece woodsball mode permanently, and not as ugly as pinokio, and actually looks like its supposed to be on a tippmann 98 c,..."


    ONCE AGAIN, PINOKIO LOOKS LIKE ___ (fill in the blank with modern day expletive). AND REALLLY? WOODSBALL PLAYERS USE ELECTRONICS? HAD NO IDEA! (drenched in sarcasm at this point) HUH. have to check into that... havent seen much 98 customs chosen as speedball guns....hmmm, i mean they shoot paintballs, soooooo, theoretically....

    You need to start learning a bit more about paintball if you're still trying to make the seperation between "woodsball guns" and "speedball guns". Especially if you're constricting yourself to gravity fed hoppers because of that

    again read all posts before responding, and youll see as other bright players have who read the whole post, that my intentions are to produce a one piece black polyethelyene 400rd hopper, (thanx, you know who you are) that fits my needs, that looks good on my gun, that is not $150.00, thats one hundred and fifty dollars. im constricting myself? no my pockets are hehe.
    and i know plenty about paintball, woodsball, and blah speedball. knowing this information allows me to confidently say that there are plenty of other players with the same set up as me, who desire the same things as me, etc. etc. etc. sorry if MY idea doesnt fit YOUR expectations............................

    I mean, its not like one of the special ops designed positions requires a high rate of fire. I mean, why would anyone ever want to shoot faster than 3 balls per second?

    dday snipers speak up; we love just railing from our "hidden" areas, and becoming exposed, oh yeah, cant remember the last time i wanted my electric hopper to cycle just as the enemy walked by...



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