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  1. In Topic: 68/4500 CHEAP air tank

    07 January 2011 - 01:59 AM

    Is this still available? PM sent.

  2. In Topic: Any of you guys chillin in Antarctica with me?

    14 October 2009 - 08:38 PM

    No offense taken,

    They do hire chefs and every other position you can think of needed to run a small town. For employment www.usap.gov and select employment opportunities from the column on the left.

    Drinking age is 18 and they have a decent selection of beers from around the world but nothing to exoctic and nothing on tap. The liquor is pretty standard stuff and drinks are $3-$4 with a six pack selling in the store for $3-$5 and ciggarettes for $3-$4 depending on thre brand.

    The USAP issues a pretty good assortment of clothing from poly pro's to heavy down parkas as well as everything in between. The average temp for the Austral Summer (Oct-Feb) is -40* to +40* with random occurences of much lower temps. Three weeks ago it dropped to -106*.

    If you guys are on Facebook send an invite to "Edward Gawrys III" with a note that says specops I have quite a few pics on there you may all be interested in.

  3. In Topic: Any of you guys chillin in Antarctica with me?

    14 October 2009 - 03:34 PM

    I am a Blaster currently employed by Raytheon. I work with the science groups and handle the proper use and implementation of explosives for seismic research. Occasionally I may blast dive holes through the ice when its not practical to bring in an ice drill or or blast to cave in snow and ice bridges in the traverses which act as the roadways across the sea and seasonal ice flows. This year we will be blasting on Mt. Erebus which is a 14,000 ft active volvano here on Ross Island about 18 miles from McMurdo Station. Mc Murdo Station is the major supply and support point for the United States Antarctic Program.

    And to answer your questions Legato there are a few thousand people who come through here per year and approximately 250,000 people have been recorded as having set foot on the continent, I realize the chance was slim but thought Id ask.

    Hmm Fun huh, well the bowling alley caved in but there are a few Gym's, library, couple of bars, Bouldering cave etc... There are also rec trips to variuos areas of interest and plenty of survival courses which can be quite enjoyable. We arrange softball games and Rugby games against the Kiwis there are also plenty of hiking trails.

    Here is a live webcam of part of McMurdo Station looking out into the Ross Sea and one of the Ice runways for the C-17's and LC 130's that fly in.
    Attached File  NZCM09101422123900.jpg (30.48K)
    Number of downloads: 13

  4. In Topic: 68 Automag/PMI Chargermag w/extras. Excellent Condition!

    03 June 2009 - 04:16 AM

    View Postspeedballer12, on Jun 1 2009, 09:43 AM, said:

    slightly upped a5? its brand new only used 1 game. has squishy paddles,new ratchet,new piston internals, and the full hairpin kit....pm me eitherway

    No trades please

    View Postnvghostrider, on Jun 1 2009, 12:25 PM, said:

    Love your Mag. Mine is set up much the same except it has a Palmer Stabilizer instead of an expansion chamber.

    If you don't mind me asking, what is the serial number? I see one star and may be intersted if it is a lower series number than mine.


    CF 41579 and its on ebay if your still interested

  5. In Topic: 68 Automag/PMI Chargermag w/extras. Excellent Condition!

    01 June 2009 - 05:31 AM



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    10 Mar 2009 - 12:46
    Yes I am, Life keeps getting in the way.
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    10 Mar 2009 - 11:27
    Are you getting out of the sport? I ask just because I notice you selling a lot of gear lately lol
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    25 Nov 2008 - 17:50
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    14 Oct 2007 - 19:43
    thanks for the welcome :)
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    05 Oct 2007 - 14:32
    ok I guess u have to approve my comments...sorry for double comments...just thought the first one didnt work...lol
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    05 Oct 2007 - 14:31
    Your wife is two years older than you...thats bad luck I think..lol
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    27 Sep 2007 - 09:49
    i wub u too, ya thats all...
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    01 Jul 2007 - 15:20
    that statement is freaken awesome!
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    ninja monkey 

    16 May 2007 - 18:03
    yeah, pretty good
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    24 Apr 2007 - 06:17
    I like the personal statement!
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