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  1. esperto96's MP5 Phenom

    21 April 2010 - 07:40 PM

    OK, folks, here is the latest and likely my last version of the Phenom (at least for a long while). In all my versions, I've tried to keep the costs down and utilize as many existing parts I already had on hand.

    After playing at Battlefield Utah two weeks ago with the stock barrel I have to say that it is a very good barrel and I'll keep using it. With the xp5 foregrip, it feels a lot like a Pro-Carbine or SL-68II, a very familiar and comfortable grip for me.

    So here she is, my MP5 style Phenom. So what do you think?

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  2. Esperto96's New Phenom

    15 March 2010 - 05:58 PM

    Here she is with a real steel M4 carry handle and JCS stock that has enough headroom I can sight with without getting additional sight risers. The rear sight is fully adjustable too. What do you think?

    Here it is with stock extended.
    Posted Image

    And with stock folded.
    Posted Image

    And the flip side. Word on the street is that the Tippmann X36 stock bumps against the cyclone in the folded position since the Phenom is shorter than the standard X7. My JCS fixed length folding stock doesn't.
    Posted Image
  3. One More Convert To The Mag

    30 November 2008 - 06:15 PM

    Yesterday, my wife's A-5 was giving her problems in the cold weather so I gave her my x-valved automag and I pulled out my spare classic valved mag. She was blown away by its performance... despite the fact that I've told her that it's a better marker since we met. It was her first time actually playing with something other than her trusty A-5.

    The funny thing is, that two and a half years ago, when we were first dating, I loaned her my A-5 for her first game ever and my mag that day decided to throw a major leaky fit. A replaced o-ring and some grit out of the valve later (done later, long after the day of play), it's shooting fine these days but it made her think from that day on that that the A-5 was all she'd ever want.

    So now I am technically short one really nice mag and have the misfortune of having to buy a new one. :P Fortunately, since she now knows how nice they are, it will be easy to justify the purchase. We'll still shoot our A-5s because they are fun (especially with tac-caps) but her primary is now one of my mags.
  4. A culture of Safety

    09 November 2008 - 09:51 AM

    This has been bothering me for a while now and I finally decided to post something about it. When I started playing paintball, I played at a commercial field and had the safety instructions drilled into my head. One of the best gifts my now ex-wife gave me was a pocket chrono. Whenever I broguht new players into the sport, I taught them the safe limits for velocity, the importance of masks, and that every gun needs a barrel blocking device. Whether we were at the commercial field or playing outlaw ball, safety mattered.

    And then along came the SpecOps Brigade and things began to change in the area. Our ability to meet up with other groups at non-commercial fields grew dramatically, making it much easier to play regularly. That's a good thing.

    The bad part is I'm also seeing a decline in the safety standards. More people are playing who've never been to a commercial field to hear the safety briefing and aren't hearing it from those that play it. Yesterday, I showed up late to a game and found that nobody had chronoed and out of the ten or twelve people, I was the only one with a chrono. Only a handful of the players were interested in chronographing their guns while us latecomers did. Also, many people didn't have any barrel blocking device whatsoever. And when I told everyone to get one, I got responses like, "well I've got a safety".

    I don't think the people are deliberately being unsafe in general. They just were never told. The safety conscientious culture fostered by only being able to play in your own group of hand picked safety conscious players or a commercial field is fading (at least in my area). I admit that many times, I have just sucked it up to play but it is getting so bad I think it's time to start being the safety prick until people get it.

    I'm considering getting barrel blocking devices to lend to people even. And let them buy them off of me at cost if they want. Otherwise, they can return them to me at the end of the game. I'm also considering bringing a list of printed and laminated safety rules to do a briefing. And when new people show up late they get a briefing too. If others begin doing this too, the newcomers to the sport will learn by hearing it from many voices. And us veterans need to be the ones to start the change.
  5. First Successful Radio Use

    27 July 2008 - 06:08 PM

    Yesterday, the wife and I played the War on Cancer game at the Spec Ops Retribution field and we had our first successful use of the radios.

    Before now we merely used them to find each other when separated (or other equally tactically irrelevant communications) but during the second half of the game we used it to coordinate flag defense and a counter attack. My wife and I were tasked with defending the main base flag. She took the right side and I took the left. Suspecting a possible attack from the ravine (left side border of the field) I moved to a position to intercept anyone attacking from that side. Sure enough, about four guys tried to sneak into our backyard. I only had my longbow and limited paint so I doubted I could get more than one or two of them before the others lit me up (especially with how dug in they got after the initial shots were exchanged).

    Their advance had been halted and I radioed my wife to send more guys my way. About four of our guys came down and the five of us took two of them out leaving two. All four of the reinforcement guys got shot out as the remaining two OpFor dug in deeper. I was dug in too and kept an eye on them to hold off their advance. I radioed the wife for more reinforcements again and a larger force of reinforcements came in and together we finished off the remaining players. With the ravine now clear, our large force moved up the ravine to counter-attack.

    I got one of the players myself but I give credit for the eliminations and the recovery from a precariously deep penetration of OpFor to the radios. The intel and coordination were critical to our success. My wife and I will need to practice more radio communication to actually have more events like these.


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