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  1. In Topic: Who remembers...

    11 June 2013 - 05:48 PM

    Some of you may, or may not recognize me. When I joined the Brigade and forums I was a kid (12 or 13), so I was a little immature the last time you guys saw me around.

    I remember playing and being able to find all sorts of small local fields back then. And I mean back far enough to remember when SO sold hard goods, and the Elite Weekend was a thing. I never got to go because well I was a little young.

    I haven't played paintball in two years now, even after moving from Seattle to Southern California. This was well after the economy tanked and all the fields near me began closing shop, and people stopped playing. Eventually it got to the point where nobody would even show up. SO then I moved from Washington to California. I got in to airsoft for a little while and eventually left that because it just wasn't the same. It never gave me the same feeling I had when I played paintball.

    I was looking through all of my old gear because I'm off to college in the fall and I wanted to see what I wanted to and not to bring. I eventually got through to my SO Vest that I made on the custom vest maker, a mid riflleman(?) brigade patch, Brigade Dog-tags, and a box of unused and undisturbed SO paint grenades.

    I've noticed the forum decline. I still log in once or twice a year to make sure my account is still active, just in case I guess. I miss those days where we had 300-400 members on at any given time. Something was always ahppening.

    Maybe it's time to get the dust off and go play again.
  2. In Topic: Moati Resigned from National Action Sports/ Spec Ops

    07 July 2011 - 12:24 PM

    Good luck out there man. It's been awesome being able to buy from Spec Ops.
  3. In Topic: Youth Group game ideas?

    28 February 2011 - 05:28 PM

    Mafia. It can be either played with cards to determine who is mafia, the angel, and the townsfolk or that can be determined by the narrator("God").

    Mafia: Kills one person every "night"
    Angel: Can save someone or themself each "night"
    Townsfolk: They sit around and obey commands

    Card style: Everyone is dealt cards and looks at their own. Then everybody goes to "sleep". God will then call out a card suit and number and tell them they are the angel or the Mafia. God then calls out another card and they are either the opposite of what the last person was. Everybody opens their eyes or "wakes up". Then every goes to "sleep". God says "Mafia wake up, who would you like to kill tonight?". The Mafia will silently point at a person. God will then say "Mafia go back to sleep". God then continues to to ask the angel to awaken and choose someone to save. God awaken everyone and will then tell a story about how the mafia (remains unnaned) killed a person or that person was saved saved depending on the Mafia and Angels choices. This will continue every two or three rounds (Dependant on players). Then God will hold a debate between all players asking "townsfolk who do you think is the Mafia?". That person (Mafia or not) will then be executed. If they got it right, the game ends, if not, this cycle continues until the Mafia is discovered.

    Narrator style: Instead of drawing cards, the people go to "sleep". God then taps a person on the should once for Mafia, twice for Angel. Play the game as described above.

    10 January 2011 - 05:37 PM

    Driving in snow is the worst thing you can do. In my area people think they can make it up a 12% grade hill in a prius. They end up abandoning their cars in the middle of roads and freeways.

    So far we've had about 13" in my area.
  5. In Topic: Funny Joke

    29 December 2010 - 10:46 PM

    Well. That was anticlimactic. Posted Image


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