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  1. Blackcell Operative vest

    02 July 2011 - 09:49 PM

    Whatever happened to it? it wasn't a bad vest.

    Spec Ops pb needs to ressurect(sp?) the operative vest with some modifications and sell this as their flagship vest instead of having so many different types of vest. this will simplify inventory as well as allow them to stay competitive in the growing woodsball market. yes they have the variety with lots of options but each vest has its own individual strengths and weaknesses and we need a vest that addresses all this at one time.

    features that the vest should have:
    -needs to be molle (some people will swear against the molle system but its already proven as seen by the US military)
    -needs adjustable shoulders (similar to the forge vests style but there also need to be a strap with a kydex clip that connects over the shoulder as well because many players put a hefty load on the back and the weight combined with wear and tear plus snagging on brush is a combination that could open the shoulder on your vest at a very inopportune time)
    -the shoulders need to be fairly wide and padded (this will mean more comfort when the vest is loaded down)
    -get rid of the crap connectors on the side of the forge and make it zippered in the front with slide buckles on the side to open up the vest or close it (i've had the ends come out of the webbing on my forge so many times its not funny anymore)
    -just eliminate the hydration bladder pouch in the vest (when a bladder is put in there it makes the vests pull awkwardly around the chest, i know because i own multiple SO vests and i've tried it all)

    after that create another series of pouches for the vest

    the number on being a small pouch that takes up about the same space as a hydration bladder carrier but is styled as a small day pack so players can put their hydration bladders and any large items in the main pouch and small tools or other items in the outer pouch and to either flank of the big pouch have 2 pod holders with elastic bands in between them to hold a 3rd pod on each side

    also make pouches for nalgene bottles because when i spent my time in afghanistan if someone wasn't drinking from an actual bottle of water then it was from a nalgene bottle and rarely a camelbak.

    this is all i have for now but more may come later
  2. MILSIM gear vests, rails, pouches, etc.

    02 September 2009 - 06:22 PM

    First for the eye candy

    Posted Image


    Now its time to get down and dirty

    First, i have an official Knights armament m4 hand guard set with 3 of their rail covers. these bitches don't come cheap but they are one of the best rail systems on the market. This would be perfect if you wanna add a railed fore arm to your marker or airsoft gun. i want 150 OBO for these

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Today i also have for sale the blackcell operative vest that i no longer use. It is a great vest with lots of molle webbing so you can mount just about any gear you want on it. It has never been used in a paintball game but i have rolled around in the dirt and brush with it.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    it comes with some pouches already on it. an Admin pouch for your maps, id, notebooks, whatever you want and a flashlight pouch with a gerber flashlight. There is a hydration bladder pocket in the back of the vest and the hose runs up and out through a hole in the shoulder so you don't have alot of hose hanging out of the vest.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Price: 50 OBO which means make me an offer

    next up,

    Molle mag pouches

    Posted Image

    I have four of these, i would like 10 a piece or all 4 of them for 30.

    And last i have a MOLLE butt pack made by TAG (tactical assault gear). As you can see it has molle webbing on it so you can mount even more gear.

    Posted Image

    I would like to see at least 30 out of this.

    the fastest way to reach me would be a pm but you can post here and i will get back with you whenever i see your post