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  1. Task Force 68 Wraith Battalion Recruiting

    01 December 2009 - 11:08 AM

    Posted Image

    Greetings from the Michigan Chapter of Task Force 68's Wraith Battalion,

    We are composed of recreational, scenario, and tournament players from Southeastern Michigan and looking for more players to swell our ranks during scenario games. If you are a honest player that enjoys tactical play as well as casual rank structure, the Wraith Battalion is for you!

    We are currently recruiting players for 2010 Day of the Rangers, 2010 Monster Game, and 2010 Tippmann World Challenge.

    What is Task Force 68?

    Task Force 68 was started in April of 2008 and consisted of two teams wanting to become better paintballers as a team and to make the sport, in general, better for everyone. It was first called the Phoenix Coalition, based on the founding team, Phoenix Company, and was based out of Smyrna, Tennessee. As time passed, the organization started to gain popularity and gain more and more teams. At one point, the Phoenix Coalition was up to 11 teams and had 4 teams pending membership, which is really good considering it isn't set in one specific region. However, the senior leaders of the organization decided to do some re-vamping. The senior staff decided to reorganize our the coalition and set-up everything in the beginning instead of having to continuously make changes throughout the year, each year. By doing so, some of the teams left and we gained several in their place. We have also opened the organization to letting individual players join and they are placed on our reserve team known as the Wraith Battalion. To this date, we have been to numerous events throughout the East Coast and Southeast, continuously searching for and recruiting teams that have the same or similar goals we have: to teach paintball excellence, to help teams stay together, to make the sport more team-oriented again and have fun on the field the honest and safe way!



    CPT Ryan Draft
  2. Metro Detroit Woods/Rec

    26 August 2009 - 10:07 AM

    Hey everyone!

    I'm currently in the works with a lot of my old high school friends about starting a professionalized team. The aim is not to be just another backwoods team, we're looking for dedicated and (preferably) experienced players who work and play hard. None of our players are tournament experienced aside from SPPL, so we're looking for someone to captain a Speedball side project within the team structure. I've yet to see any Detroit based scenario teams, so I believe we're one of the first. As a team, we will aim to join Task Force 68, a primarily MILSIM team organization with an emphasis on player development and sportsmanship. It doesn't matter what kind of gun you use, as long as you know how to use it and take care of it. One of our goals as a team is to play regular local and regional tournaments and scenarios (primarily at Hell Survivor and other local fields).

    The team will also have an adjoining active physical fitness program codenamed SPARTAN. SPARTAN is an acronym for SPear, ARmor, ANd speed. Spear being the development of your marker skill, Armor being your use of bounce-friendly gear and use of cover, and lastly your speed at moving and enacting a ball field strategy. SPARTAN is already doing group runs every day if not every other day. The program is gauged toward improving the fitness of players of every side of the sport, but as things pan out we'll also be doing fire drills and maneuvers.

    We're located in the 313 area code and looking to see just how many people are interested in joining a hybrid (Woods/Tourney) team. If you think you fit the bill, and are looking for a team, please send me a PM on here, or you can reach me at my e-mail: xarchxangelx0@gmail.com :P
  3. Goggle Visors

    10 October 2008 - 10:16 AM

    What are Goggle Visors for exactly? To keep the glare out of a player's eyes? I've recently noticed some people don't wear visors on their goggles for some reason....I've been playing Paintball for awhile now, Its just always evaded me so I decided to put this in the Newbie's corner section.
  4. Going price for a Automag?

    19 September 2008 - 06:26 PM

    From what I've heard/read in the past, Automags are thought to be some of the best guns out there and cheap! I have even heard of some going for $90! Now, my question is, who is looking to get rid of one?


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