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  1. In Topic: MY NEW SL-68 II

    08 October 2009 - 03:21 PM

    The Glen Morris Mercenaries, a Tippmann sponsored team, were recently forwarded a first off of the newly re introduced Tippmann SL-68II Pump....we are pleased to present our findings on this marker. Below is The Catshack Reports review featuring Vapor demonstrating the hardware in action. http://www.catshackreports.com/2009/10/tip...sl-68ii-review/
  2. In Topic: Promised Land II

    15 June 2009 - 05:15 AM

    Our pics of the day are up...check em out at http://www.glenmorri...MercsPhotos.php and search "Promised Land II"
  3. In Topic: Promised Land II

    14 June 2009 - 04:27 PM

    Where do I start?....WHAT A GREAT DAY OF PAINTBALL!!!...

    As the day began The Slickers were overrun by the Outkasts who had allied with the Corporation and many points were racked up strongly in favor of the Outkast forces. The game progressed The Slickers fought an uphill battle and soon closed the gap in points. As the final deciding mission played out the Slickers who had possession of The Golden Child emerged victorious with a grand total of 14200 points with the Outkasts not far behind with 12900 and The Corporation with 3500 points overall. Congrats to The Slickers on another victory again this year.

    Huge thanks to all of the sponsors for this years event including Flagswipe Paintball, West 49, Mario Sama of Pure Excess Industries, makers of fine marker lubes, John Amodea of X3 Paintball Magazine, H&H Paintball with a very generous donation, Monker of Monkhouse Website Hosting, Kee Action Sports and last but not least The Milsim Empire. Promised Land II was the first ever Milsim Empire sanctioned event in Canada and needless to say it was great to have them aboard again this year...check em out at www.milsimempire.com.

    Huge thanks to all our volunteers who helped to make this happen...numbering around 27 reffing staff as well as tons of Cystic Fibrosis volunteers helped the day along immensely. Special shoutouts to Team Opfor, Crazy Bills Commandos, Shadow Squad and The Glen Morris Mercenaries as well as several free lance volunteers. Brother Vapor, our Head Ref for the day and Sgt Savage who drove our battle tank did an awesome job of making our day work.

    Thanks so much to the teams who took on vital roles during the day including The GRRG/Bad Samaritans Paintball, BlackOps and Shadow Squad. Thanks to all the other teams coming out to support us and Cystic Fibrosis including The York Foreign Legion, The PTK War Hounds, BT Rangers/BT Battalion,Twisted Alliance and finally Inops Suspicio. Ok one more shout out to the St Thomas Combat Engineers for coming on out and representing our Canadian Armed Forces with a fine display of tools used in the field.

    Drum roll please! This years event brought out a grand total of 225 Paintball Players and raised a grand total of $9030.50 for Cystic Fibrosis...with 6 patients out today who are afflicted with this terrible disease ...I think I can safely say that everyone came out a winner today.

    On behalf of Flagswipe Paintball, Cystic Fibrosis and The Glen Morris Mercenaries thankyou one and all!

    P.S Disclaimer...if I missed my thanks of anyone I am very sorry, with such an immense task of trying to keep everything straight it is not intentional...and now that the day is done I am on break anyways!
  4. In Topic: Promised Land II

    10 June 2009 - 11:28 AM

    I am very pleased to announce we once again have the support of our Canadian Forces with the Combat Engineers based out of St. Thomas, Ontario set to make an appearance at our Promised Land II event to supply an interesting display much like last years game

    Weather forecast is not looking to bad ....OOORAHHH!

    P.S Pre registrations are still being taken...someone will win a Silver USP Pistol and Vents helmet..call today!
  5. In Topic: Promised Land II

    02 June 2009 - 11:48 AM

    Here it is!....as part of the final preparations for our upcoming Promised Land II event this coming June 14th...ladies and gentlemen, prepare by familiarizing yourselves with the missions so that everyone will know what must be done come game day.

    While ppl can pay at the gate....remember anyone who pre registers for the event qualifies for the awesome door prize...which is (insert drum roll here)

    A Brand New Silver USP Pistol complete with holster AND a brand new Vents Helix Paintball helmet courtesy of Flagswipe!

    Pre register today!

    On one other note, any and all people wishing to assist with the game officiation please appear for a general referee meeting at 8am on site the day of....brother Vapor will once again be heading up our game as Ultimate Ref again this year.

    Promised Land II
    Corporate revenge

    20 years have passed since that fateful spring day in April. Telltale signs of that battle to end all battles are evident to this day throughout the Slicker provinces. The Outkast’s have all but scattered, their homes in ruin to retreat underground, an Outkast leader emerges to once again organize the beaten Outkast’s with a call to battle, all are very tired of the poor living conditions. But the Outkast’s eyes are light sensitive and they can only exist in shadow, direct sun being blinding.

    The Corporations CEO learns of the existence of a child, now some 20 years old residing with either the Slickers or Outkasts. The Corporation’s CEO must find the child and eliminate him to continue ruling the Corporation … the Slickers/Outkasts must find the child and keep him alive…..his DNA proving the child of former CEO and in so doing gain control of the Corporation for themselves

    Corporations mission for the game is to identify the child and eliminate him ( player acting as the child is not eliminated as per the role until AFTER he is clearly identified as the child during the final battle.

    Mission #1 Retrieve precious fuel to power the war machines

    Mission #2 Flag control

    Mission #3 Control the DMZ surrounds one centralized location

    Mission #4 Go behind Slicker Positions and retrieve a package and escort a diplomat and the package out. (Frozen DNA - time limit) Player must retrieve mission card and deliver it to home base within the hour mission limit or DNA degrades. (Slickers must defend against success for the points)

    Mission #5 to get code to diffuse bomb in enemy headquarters (time limit) Player must retrieve mission card and deliver it to home base within hour mission limit

    Final Mission Whoever identifies the golden child will have possession...other teams must either rescue or in the Corporations case seek to destroy him

    Sub missions

    – Three verbal clues to identity of son of CEO, #1 slight physical description #2 description of something personal on person and #3 Clear identifying item

    -Mission to retrieve mission cards giving fuel and keys to Flagswipe Tank.
    Each team to get 2 such mission cards being made available to be found in general area of home base….if both teams find cards simultaneously whomever delivers the card to home base and has it radio in gets tank first and then other team gets it directly after.

    So there you have it!....looking very forward to seeing all of our friends and associates and meeting new friends. See yas on the 14th :-)


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