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Paintball, Millitary training, football, and hiking

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  1. Is this regulation?

    21 July 2008 - 12:27 AM

    When i was still in the states last year my team played a game against the field in the next county... well they had a guy named david that used an A-5. well with his A-5 he removed some trigger pins so the marker shot as if it had a E-Trigger on it. The other team commander and I had a dispute about this after the game when my team was asking questions about his marker. Some say you can do it but others say you cant. My team asked me to ask on here and see what people say. Is it actually ok to do these kind s of things to a marker?? His was choppin a crap load of paint to so i dont see it as a good thing. Plus it decreaed his accracy but raised his rate of fire. :P
  2. need ideas

    21 July 2008 - 12:19 AM

    Hey guys ive been busy and havent had much time to get on as always. but im now Stationed in Korea and on my post we have a Paintaball field. Ive got people that are willing to play but dont have that much experiance from what they tell me. one of my buddies and I are the one with the experiance and so far it seems kind of hopeless to try and enter the 8th Army Tourny that will open in a few weeks. I NEED MASSIVE HELP PLEASE!!! None of my guys want to practice and any other time when they do theyre not willing to try and listen to helpfull hints. we have a lot of potetial but when my buddy and I entered the last tourny here we got swept with ease, and i dont want that to happen again...

    Please give me some kind of guideance because were lossing our patenice with the new team. and were tired of trying to do teamwork drills because as soon as we play just about the whole team stops listening and does what they want someone help


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  1. Photo


    12 Apr 2007 - 06:58
    Nice website. Needs some work, though. Check your spelling and organization.
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