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  1. AGD Tac-One for sale!

    20 December 2009 - 08:33 PM

    Price cut by 75 dollars!! We'll see how this goes.

    Hey guys, up for listing I have an AGD Tac-One with a bob long adjustable feedneck and a smart parts max-flo adjustable regulator attached to an evil 5000psi tank. The gun has only seen one game and is in awesome condition. It will need some adjustment to optimize its performance though. I don't wan't to part with this baby at all, it totally kills it, but I have kind of, sadly, moved on from playing paintball all too much, and this thing is too nice to be collecting dust. Looking for 425 OBO. Offer up people, we can work something out as the price is lenient depending on the volume of offers and what not. Oh, by the way, really don't wanna part out on this thing. But I might consider it at the right price. Also, I know the tank is out of hydro, if you want me to get it hydroed, we can work something out.

    1) I don't ship first
    2) I accept absolutely no trades
    3) I prefer paypal, but we can work some sort of payment method out
    4) OFFER! price is not set in stone!!!

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  2. Destroyalltourneymarkers.net's gear sale!

    08 May 2008 - 05:18 PM

    Hey, thanks for looking at my thread. I figured I would just start one big thread with everything up so I don't clutter up the forum. Anyway, up for sale i have some gear i need to get rid of. Everything is in great condition and has been taken very good care of.

    1. I do not ship first
    2. Post here then PM me
    3. Do not lowball me
    4. Do not advertise or flame here
    5. Free ups will be returned and greatly appreciated
    6. Not sure about taking trades at the moment, still offer up though

    1.PENDING, STILL OFFER UP!. Tippmann X7 with polished internals. $220 shipped OBO. This gun is LNIB. Only been used about 5 or 6 times. Just replaced the old ratchet with a new one, because the older one one broke... I hate the stock ratchets... Anyway, this gun has been stripped, thoroughly cleaned, and oiled after every use. This gun work great.
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    2. Brass Eagle Blade 2. Missing CO2 screw in thing, and the lid on the hopper broke off. Still fits on, but is not attached to hopper. Sold as is. Offer up.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Pure Energy 88/4500 GONE
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    2. TANK GONE REG STILL FOR SALE. Smart Parts 68/4500 adjustable Max-Flo tank. $100 shipped OBO. Hydro in 3/04. Good until 2009. Low pressure system. Adjustable from 0-240psi. Output pressure gauge goes from 0-700psi. Has pressure relief valve that releases air at pressures above 240. WILL NOT WORK WITH ALL GUNS. Make sure your gun can run on that little pressure. NOTE: This regulator will come on the Smarts Parts tank, not the Evil Scion one. Will get reg put on Smart Parts. tank ASAP.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Miscellaneous Items:
    1. Genx 8+1 Pod Pack. Holds 8 pods and a tank. $20 shipped OBO. Tank pouch was modded to fit the 88/45 tank tightly. It was cut, then a piece of elastic was sewn on to allow extra room. One of the buckles on the straps on the tank pouch is broken, but can still be adjusted (i have pics of this). Other than that, in really good condition, with few minor stains, and was just completely cleaned tonight.
    Posted Image
    Broken Buckle:
    Posted Image
    Not Broken Buckle (for comparison):
    Posted Image

    2. On/Off ASA. $12 shipped OBO. Got this off of the DM6 i bought. Not sure what the brand is. I tested it to make sure it worked, works fine.
    Posted Image

    3. A-5 Offset Stovepipe-composite. $12 shipped OBO. Not much to say really, in great condition and has had very minimal use.

    4. A-5 cyclone. Offer up. Just a stock cyclone off of an A-5. Selling for a friend.

    5. 95 v-balls-GONE

    6. Gravity Feed hopper. Offer up. Neck has been sanded down a bit to fit on my tac-one.

    And the whole lot:
    NOTE: The reg on the evil scion and the Smart Parts tank are what's being sold. The Max-Flo currently on the Smart Parts tank is not for sale, or the Evil Scion bottle. And no, the mag is not for sale either :).

    Offer Up!!!

    (not in any specific order, be sure to read rule 6!!!)
    1. Revy
    2. DYE jersey and/or pants (DYE takes priority, but will look at others.
    3. DYE locklid pods
    4. Any pump stuff such as ten round tubes, phantom detent rings, etc.
    5. DM6 ups
    6. Offer up! Will look at anything!

    Paypal is king, but we can work something out if need be.

    Thank you so much for looking! Unfortunately i used all of my images, so i had to use direct links for the last few. :).
  3. New DM6, just got it yesterday

    29 April 2008 - 08:27 AM

    YES! finally got it! My blue DM6 came in the mail yesterday and I'm very excited. Sorry for the bad picture. It has a 68/5000 Evil Scion adjustable tank and a pulse with a speedfeed. It didn't come with a barrel though, so I have my stock Tac-One barrel on there. Barrel recommendations appreciated. Thank you.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
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    Posted Image
    EDIT: i got bored and added new better pics. also added pics of my mag up there. still waiting on another evil scion 68/5000 bottle to put on the max-flo reg.
  4. 88/4500 Pure Energy tank for sale!

    29 April 2008 - 07:19 AM

    Hello. Up for sale i have an 88/4500 Pure Energy tank. The tank is in very good condition with only a few little nicks. The hydro is 9/06, so your good until 9/11. Offer up on this, highest offer gets it. Thank you for looking, here are the pics.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    1. I do not ship first.
    2. Paypal is best but I'll consider anything else.
    3. Do not lowball me.
    4. Do not advertise your stuff in my thread.
    5. Do not flame as well


    Thank you
  5. Tippmann X7 F/S/T

    11 April 2008 - 01:32 PM

    Hello. Up for sale i have an X7 basic with polished internals. It's only been used about 5 or 6 times, and was stripped down, cleaned and oiled after every game. I recently replaced the ratchet in the cyclone because the last one broke. Offer up. I will also take trades, but I'm very picky. Thanks for looking.
    EDIT: New Pics. This thing is like new people, lets get it sold
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    1. I don't ship first
    2. Don't flame
    3. Don't advertise in my thread, there is a place for that
    4. Don't lowball me

    1. DM6 I add (told you i was picky :P)

    Thank you.


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