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  1. In Topic: A5?????

    20 October 2008 - 04:41 AM

    I hope not to offend any Tippmann lovers out there, but I would strongly advise you to stick with your SP-1 as long as you're happy with the performance you're getting from it. I own an older gen A5 and after much money put into it, I'm left with a rather pricey paint blender. I've had it with all the frustrations, and ruined days of play sitting in the Tippmann Tent waiting to hear the tech tell me that "there's nothing wrong with it, it's the paint's fault". Although I was a die hard Tippmann fan for over a year and a half, I had to do the unthinkable and buy a Smart Parts Ion. I like mil-sim, and loved the way my A5 rolled up to my shoulder, zeroing my red dot sight on a Tango and put paint right where I wanted it, but I like staying in the game more. My Ion has performed superbly in every way I have needed it, though I still don't like the feel of a tourney gun. My humble advise to you would be to stick with your SP-1, or if you must have a Tippmann again, a 98 Custom. They're doing a bit more mod-wise with the 98 Custom series, and with an adaptor you're supposed to be able to use 98 stocks on the SP-1, as well as being able to use the same loader. Can't tell ya how many times I wished I could've ripped the Cyclone Feed off my A5 and put a regular elbow on it, just to stay in the game.

    I'm not saying all this stuff to be a downer, or start crap with A5 lovers, I loved mine when it worked. I would suggest just sticking to your gun (haha), I wouldn't gamble on the reliability of the Cyclone Feed of the A5. I modded the crap out of mine thinking I was going to actually reach some elevated level of reliability and performance. All I did was waste money, don't do what I did.

    Delta 9 out.



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