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  1. new store opening in merrill, WI

    26 January 2009 - 10:55 AM

    Dork Fathers is opening a paintball store, gun repair, and gun duracaot paint shop for all your paintball needs. I am runnin it so stop by and i will show you some love, and we will see what you are lookin for. The store is setup with XBox 360's and a pool table if you just wanna stop by n check it out for some fun. So come by, paintball is not in it yet but will be within the month. This has been my dream for years so come check us out at 808 East First Street, Merrill Wisconsin.

    Thanks everyone
  2. sniper sustainment training

    24 January 2009 - 11:24 PM


    Sniping in paintball is a perishable skill, if you don’t use it, you could lose your edge and fall victim to the opposition. I am an avid rec ball and scenario player. However, as much as I hate to admit it, I have gone from 4 - 9 months between games. Not good. So what do you do in the off time? You practice your skills so when that big mission comes, you are mentally and physically prepared.

    This is a sustainment training plan that can prepare you during your down time. Not only that, but it might give you that edge even when you are on top of your game!


    The first and foremost rule under marksmanship is to know your marker and equipment. You pulled the trigger to take out the opposing forces general - - nothing happened - - now what? Oh no, it was a perfect shot and you forgot to place the marker to fire! Practice disassembly, reassembly and function checks of your marker until it becomes second nature.

    Practice snap shooting, shooting at moving targets and deliberate targets at known ranges.

    Snap shooting – practice shooting from behind cover. Lean out, get off a shot, and then lean back behind cover. Expose as little as possible. You are showing your arms, legs, or marker so maintain a tight body position.

    Moving targets – Do you have a really good friend? A good exercise here is to have a friend run at different angles, speeds etc, while holding a garbage can lid like a shield. Of course you are a seasoned player, so you know your friend MUST wear goggles! Be careful not to get into the “spray and pray “(full auto) mode. This is an excellent exercise, providing you have a willing partner.

    Deliberate targets – shooting at deliberate targets at known ranges will enhance your self confidence. Put a time limit on yourself to make this more challenging.

    Another one of my favorite exercises is to tie different colored balloons to my son’s remote control vehicle. He will drive the RC, stopping, starting, accelerating, move towards us or away and he calls the shots. Say he is driving the vehicle away from me; he might stop for a second and say “2 shots, red balloon.” This is a great training exercise and it is fun too.


    Ok so you want to go one step further in your training. Please allow me introduce you to a great training exercise. You have a high value target your commander wants removed. The elimination of this target will demoralize your opponents and put fear into them. Your very existence as a sniper has come down to this defining moment. Your commander is smart. He dispatches two sniper teams to infiltrate their base and remove their commander. Here is one way to train for this mission: You and a fellow sniper get in a good firing position. I use a paper plate as a target. You and your teammate are at different angles and distances to the target. Practice by counting down over the radio”5, 4, 3, 2, 1, PULL”. At the command of pull, both snipers squeeze off one round. You want to practice this exercise until only one sound is heard, from 2 different markers. Sound easy? It isn’t. This will accomplish two goals. (1) Makes the shooters difficult to detect and (2) gives a higher probability of an elimination.


    Ah yes, stress shooting. The trainer’s dream, the student’s nightmare. Have you ever heard of the “fog of war”? Do you think it will be quiet and you will have a clear shot when the time comes? No way. One technique is to have the students crawl up to the firing line and assume a good shooting position. In the mean time the trainer has thrown smokes, yells, screams, bangs garbage can lids together, and makes more noise than a 747! Emphasis here is placed on marksmanship. Why would you want to put yourself through this type of training? When the time comes to eliminate your opponent, you will have worked up to nerves of steel. Train your mind to block out all distractions for that one shot one thrill elimination. I remember one game that I played. A man challenged my type of play saying there are no snipers in paintball. It came down to a challenge. I eliminate him and he cleans my gear with an apology. He eliminates me and I throw away my ghillie suit that I had worked on for months. I remember lying in the palmettos, my hands completely covered in mosquitoes. I couldn’t afford to move. After all, I wasn’t giving up this ghillie suit I had worked so diligently on. It was about 20 minutes before I saw him. He was moving quite stealthily. I waited for that exact moment…..time stood still……..my hands were burning………I was shooting for every paintball sniper out there……..and then as he stepped into my sights….I uttered those words no one wants to hear. “Take the hit or its going to hurt.” I scared Dan so bad he threw his marker in the air. As we walked off the field, blood was running down my hands from the mosquito bites. Discipline, that moment was all about discipline and self sacrifice, not to mention bragging rights.

    Observation exercises allow the sniper to practice improving his ability to observe an opponent. It also teaches you to accurately record the results of your observations.
    Have your training buddy place items of everyday use in the woods at different ranges. Don’t hide them under leaves, but don’t lay them on paths either. Thru observation skills and target detection methods find all items and describe them in writing as accurately as possible. Give yourself a time limit.
    Another possible training drill is to have your sniper assume the prone position on the observation line drawing the area. He should focus on one-half of the area for the first 10 minutes and then shift attention to the other half. After 10 minutes of observing with the naked eye, shift to 10 more minutes with a telescope. At the end of the allotted time, the trainer collects the sniper’s sheet and shows him the location of each object. This critique is best done by the sniper staying in his position and watching while a trainer points out each object. This way, the sniper will see why he failed to find an object, even though it was visible. Practice with the naked eye first, then use optics.
    Another observation method is to have your training buddy show flash cards at different ranges. The sniper should record everything he sees on the flash cards.

    Ok, ok, no I am not talking about the kind you will get in trouble for. The purpose of stalking exercises is to give the sniper confidence in his ability to approach and occupy a firing position without being observed.
    Your sniper must stalk for a predesignated distance and time limit. The sniper must stalk observers who are scanning the area with optics, fire twice hitting the target, without being detected.
    Consider the following:
    An area where the sniper must do the low crawl the entire distance would be unsuitable.
    As much of the area as possible should be visible to the observer. This forces the sniper to use the ground properly, even when far from the observer’s location. The stalk lanes should vary in terrain.
    Where possible, available cover should decrease as the sniper nears the observer’s position. This will enable him to take chances early in the stalk and force him to move more carefully as he closes in on his firing position.
    The sniper must begin the stalk out-of-sight of the observer.
    Establish time limits and boundaries
    When the sniper reaches his final firing position, he will fire one round. A trainer in the field (walker with radio) then moves to within 10 feet and informs the observer. The observer then tells the walker to have the sniper fire a second time. The observer is not shown the firing position. He must find it. If the sniper is undetected, the observer will expose a flash card, held directly above or below the observer’s binoculars. The sniper will have a predetermined amount of time to correctly identify the letter or number.
    It is fun to allow fellow students watch the stalks Witnessing mistakes made first hand is an effective way of teaching better stalking skills. When a sniper is caught, he should join the group watching this exercise.

    Camouflage and concealment exercises help the sniper select final firing positions.
    The trainer assigns the sniper a specified area with boundaries in which to conceal himself. The observer turns his back to the area and allows the sniper 10 minutes to hide. At the end of 10 minutes, the observer turns and commences the exercise all over again.
    It is imperative that we stress safety here. Chronograph those markers. When you are on the field of play, always wear your goggles! When off the field, always cover that barrel! I have explained some sniper training that I feel is educational and a lot of fun. I do not proclaim to know everything about our sport, but I hope my knowledge can help you have a safe and wonderful experience.
  3. northern wisconsin players

    24 January 2009 - 07:57 PM

    any one here from around the wausau area? i am new here fromm cali and i need to find players



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