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  1. In Topic: I should have dormed

    25 April 2009 - 06:01 PM

    I didn't bother living in the dorms my only year at University. I did however live in military dorms. Yes they are dorms. 2 man rooms with communal bathrooms ect. That was a great time. Too bad some wankers from the year before me had decided to drop a washing machine on some guys new truck when drunk. Kinda made it so that we weren't allowed liquor in the shacks.

    But I would say my favorite part about the time I did spend in the Dorms was watching some of the American students go bug eyed when I bought liquor... hehe legal drinking age of 19 FTW. And in general getting hammered while playing UT3, Smash Bros melee and watching firefly/ serenity.

    Also, University really is the best years of your life. At least in Canada. You meet great new friends, you get to actually chose what you take for classes, and everyone around you is turning the legal drinking age... so it makes for great times.
  2. In Topic: Anime G.I. Joe

    20 April 2009 - 02:57 PM

    Fail. GI Joe is an American show, and should be produced in American cartoon animation. Not the crap known as anime.
  3. In Topic: can this site be trusted and questions about products?

    14 April 2009 - 11:25 AM

    I prefer a 45 grip with anything that is not an AR, or AR variant.

    As for WEVO, one of the better sites for paintball. Horizon paintball is pretty much the same as WEVO, but they are the Canadian counterpart. So if your a Canuck then support Horizon.
  4. In Topic: Computer virus, a good thing?

    09 April 2009 - 10:29 AM

    I liked the look and feel of Ubuntu, but I couldn't get my wireless card to work. So back to the greatest operating system of all, WinXP.

    And I don't know about this problem with USB, I have zero trouble with USB from my extrenal hard drive or my flash drives.
  5. In Topic: My Choice of Tippmann 98 Upgrades

    09 April 2009 - 10:18 AM

    Upgrades for a tippmann marker should look as follows in this order.

    Barrel, J&J, Lapco, anything but the stock tippmann barrel.

    Regulator. If on CO2 I recommend the PPS stabilizer female for the 98 custom. Get the bottom mounting it and it will act as an ASA for you.

    Hopper, Revvy, Reloader 2, Halo, Reloader B2, anything that is not a shake and bake.

    Egrip, APE makes the best tippmann board, and I believe virtue is starting to make tippmann boards as well.

    Zero Kick hammer, less kick

    RVA and a spring kit.

    Other then that there is really nothing that is necessary. I play with the Tippinators, they all use modified tippmann markers for speedball and woodsball, that is pretty much the list of things that they do to their tippmanns. All preformance.


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