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  1. oass/ucl 09 news

    18 February 2009 - 03:09 PM

    new website of oass is launched


    you can get all your oass and ucl news here plus post pic and team bios here

    new this season is prizes for overall winner

    oass will be a haulmark trailer with full graphics of oass 09 overall winner plus team logo and series sponsors www.haulmark.com (if u seen the dypb trailer GZ has along those lines)

    ucl overall winner will be free entry for full oass 2010 season(2500 value)

    great prizes this year for both oass and ucl

    lower paint prices thanks to draxxus (70 a case)

    oass this season will be restricted to 8 teams plz see info on how to secure your spot

    ucl is unlimited amount of teams and no pre reg is need to secure a spot

    oass 1/2/3 will receive 10 man packages as last years but better quality

    ucl 1/2/3 will receive 6 man packages that will be very nice(example 6 tippmann marker/6 wasensor marker packages so forth)

    also will host a pistol challenge 10 on 10 (pistol will be supplied for the competition by WS)

    all team captains for oass please contact a staff member for a gist of the crazy prize pool for this season

    thanks for reading look forward to another great season

    again spots are filling up fast for oass only 6 spots still open, so get in contact with marc asap to get your chance to win great prizes each event and to be the owner of the haulmark enclosed fully graphic trailer at end of seaon
  2. The OASS in 2009 - Press Release - December 2008

    24 December 2008 - 12:03 AM

    Posted Image

    2009 Series Changes and Expansion
    The OASS is going strong for it’s 2nd year, and with it comes exciting changes!

    December 2008 - Kingston, ON. The OASS (Offensive Action Scenario Series) the premiere 10 man paintball series in Ontario is headed into its 2nd year, and with the input of players from the inaugural year many changes are being brought about.

    First and foremost, the rule book is being reviewed and will be made clearer with the input of team captains and from the Ultimate Referee for the series. The rule book will be made available online once it’s completed (which will be prior to the start of the series).

    In 2009 the OASS will be run only at fields within Ontario (possibly the US and Quebec as well, this is still in the planning stages). This will allow us to continue to play at a higher FPS and will also allow the OASS to run alongside the UFO series currently being designed and setup by Ground Zero Paintball. The OASS will also be now limited to eight 10 man teams for the 2009 series, more info will be made available shortly via the OASS website.

    For 2009, the OASS will have a dedicated referee staff and commissioners. Blackthorn Paintball will not be playing in the 2009 series but will be providing complete logistical support to the series by way of Head Referee, Referees, time keepers, score keepers and Mitch Sabourin and Matsau MacDonald have been asked to take over as commissioners of the series. When asked what his vision of the series is going to be in the New Year, Mitch Sabourin stated “With dedicated personnel and a little more organization, the OASS will continue to grow. We’ve developed new ideas and a new rule book for 2009 and I think as long as we continue to listen to the players and implement some of the ideas brought to us by the players, the series will continue to flourish and will remain the premiere 10 man paintball series.”

    New this year, and possibly the most exciting news about the future of the OASS is the development of the Urban Combat League (UCL) which is being developed as a feeder league for the OASS. The UCL is a 6 man, semi-only scenario series that requires team work and the heart to push your limits. The UCL will be held on a different day then the OASS making every event a full 2 day event! More news about the UCL will be announced on the OASS/UCL website shortly.

    We would like to also take this opportunity to thank all the players, teams and sponsors that supported the OASS in 2008, hopefully your continued support will be available in 2009 and together we can make this a series to remember!

    More information about the OASS is available on the OASS website at www.OASS.ca

    More information about Ground Zero Paintball is available at www.gzpaintball.ca

    More information about the UFO series is available at www.theUFO.ca
  3. oass season 2

    08 December 2008 - 06:54 AM

    what would the players like to see

    next season oass will have 2 divisions since we had so many teams and players get hooked

    i was wondering what players would like to see happen

    plz post or send ideas to oass staff or on the website (www.oass.ca)

    nothing is to out there and no topic will be dismissed we want to make oass2 even better then the first season and have some great things going to happen so plz check back and keep up dated on whats to come for season 2

    thanks oass staff
  4. oass end of season standing and eng game report

    02 November 2008 - 09:23 AM

    overall season points

    1 (5of5)Blackthorn 410(1x1/2x2/4x1/5x1)
    2 (4of5)Soldier Gear 380(1x3/3x1)
    3 (5of5)Forlorn Hope 360(3x2/4x2/5x1)
    4 (3of5)GRRG 270(1x1/2x1/3x1)
    5 (3of5)HTO 180(4x1/5x1/6x1)
    6 (1of5)Red dragon 90(2x1)
    7 (1of5)Ktown ballarz 90(2x1)
    8 (1of5) Adrenaline 80(3x1)
    9 (1of5)Drunken Angels 60(5x1)
    10 (1of5)Head Hunters 50(6x1)
    11 (1of5) Wildcards 50(6x1)
    12 (1of5) Lost Boyz 40(7x1)
    13 (1of5) BNB Bananas 30(8x1)
    14 (1of5) Replacements 20(9x1)

    OASS end of season report

    amazing season has come to an end and all i can say is thank you to all teams who played. Every team who played showed tremendous honor both on and off the field and the events and series ran smooth thanks to all the team who competed. Next season look to be even bigger and will see expandion to the US and Quebec.

    thanks go out to Marc of www.gzpaintball.ca and AL of www.soldier-gear.ca for hosting the series and putting on a great show. Thanks to all refs and behind the sense staff you guys were the heart and blood of the series. Also thanks to sponsors of the event for the great prizes and for the support of the series. Please all team captain send us any suggestion to make next season even better and we will try to add your suggestion to the series. Also please keep up to date on the website www.oass.ca for news and info for season 2.

    again thanks you everyone for an amazing season 1 for a new style of paintball
    4sight oass staff

    points break down

    1st 100
    2nd 90
    3rd 80
    4th 70
    5th 60
    6th 50
    7th 40
    8th 30
    9th 20
    10th 10
  5. oass5 press release

    29 October 2008 - 12:48 PM

    SOLDIER GEAR has done an amazing job to make this last oass event of 08 AMAZING. Please come out all to watch the craziness unfold at soldier gear this weekend nov 1 at the field in angus. Direction can be found on their website (http://www.soldier-gear.ca/). Also OASS is just about at the max cap of 12 teams so if any teams are interested call al at SG or Marc at GZ or use the direction to register on the website(www.oass.ca). This last oass of 08 is shaping out to be out of this world so come out anyone and witness an amazing pball event.

    field layout for OASS5

    solder gear have made a huge slaughter house that they are calling the" command center" it will have satellite dishes on the roof and contain a first aid room. This room will be crucial in reviving the chopper pilot that will be recovered from the chopper. Soldier gear has built a 30 ft giant rocket at the 50, it can be entered through a door or you can play the fins....it's sick!

    PICTURE TO BE ADDED SOON (also pic can be found on SG website)

    also the field has sniper towers which are a full 16ft tall....these monsters are key in locking down the chopper!
    SG has also constructed a full size chopper, it turned out wicked as well.

    Story line

    the GOVERNMENT has sent an expert team of special agents to a remote location that contains a nuclear rocket. The rocket is owned by the same drug cartel who's packages were recovered at OASS 4. The drug lord is very upset and wants to launch this rocket in retaliation of the recent drug raids that occured. The nuclear rocket has been located in a farmers field hidden by hay bales and protected by sniper towers. It is set for launch in 10 minutes . GOVERNMENT undercover agent was trying to make his get away in an on site chopper but was injured in his escape attempt. He is the only person ( aside from the drug lord) who has the codes to diffuse the rocket. It is imperative that the GOVERNMENT rescue the pilot, get him to the first aid station in the command center, retrieve the codes and disarm the rocket.

    The objectives:
    1. Rescue the chopper pilot. This is a full sized 160 pound dummy that will need to be dragged across the field to the command centers first aid room. Pilot can be dragged by any team member but must be " revived" in first aid room by team medic. Medic will get the codes, but can pass on this information to anyone.

    2. Revive the pilot and retrieve the rocket codes. The rocket codes will actually disarm the real bomb that SG has built which requires the colored switches be set in the correct sequence or the bomb will explode ( siren sounds).

    3. Make your way out of the command center to the rocket, enter through the door, and disarm bomb using codes.
    Finish all tasks in time allotted for maximum points.

    Plan B. also can be executed (in case medic is dead before pilot is healed)....there is a LAW Rocket launcher located in the second room of the command center. A co2 cartridge can be found in the pocket of the chopper pilot ( demo to all teams can be done prior to start of event) Take co2 cartridge from pilot and insert into LAW Rocket. Fire LAW at power grid located near the chopper to shut down all power to nuclear rocket and command center. Rocket is now disabled and game ends.


    PLAN A
    Rescue pilot from chopper 10 pts ( he may never make it to command center)

    Successfully put pilot in first aid room( on cot) and get codes 10pts ( remember medic responsibilites)

    Exit command center and enter rocket to successfully difuse bomb 20 pts

    PLAN B
    Successfully get co2 to rockert 10

    Successfully fire LAW rocket launcher and hit power grid 15 pts

    surviving players 5 pts each(9)--total 45

    Medic alive 15 pts

    max total plan A 100 points
    bonus plan b max 25 points

    Overall MAX TOTAL 125 points

    pics of field and layout

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Command Center
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Sniper Towers
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    looking down a lane
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Field Layout
    Posted Image


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